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Necro Angelo
17-12-2006, 18:03
Now, I'm in the process of organising a Fantasy Wood Elf army (my new Eldar 40,000 army being almost complete), and I'm having a few financial problems- that revolve around Eternal Guard. Some Wood Elf players say they never leave without them, being the only combat unit in the list that can rank effectively (though I can imagine, you might not use them in smaller games). And why not? They are the same points as Glade Guard (though you may argue that you need more of them I suppose) . Anyway I hate to sound like a miser but seriously, I have very little income at the moment and the models though they look cool are very expensive (40 for a unit of 20 on the online store, I think- about $75, probably more). Anyway, I was thinking of a conversion- even though the High Elf spearmen models are really dated and look fairly awful I was wondering if I could use some of them with spare Wood Elf sprues to make some Eternal Guard conversions- has anyone here seen anything like that before? Thanks.

10th clancannach rangers
17-12-2006, 18:11
I faced 1 wood elf army with eternal guard modelled from glade guard plastics (maybe with a few bits from the glade rider sprue.

But I don't know how he did it.

Necro Angelo
17-12-2006, 22:15
Wow, thanks for that detailed account. Maybe you could say what they looked like?

But yeah, using the glade guard with spears from the glade rider sprue sounds like a good idea.

17-12-2006, 23:29
hey now, don't get all sarcastic and biting on us :P

Decent Eternal Guard conversion that looks good:

Take the armoured torsos from HE Spearelves. Attach them to Glade Guard legs. Put on the Spearelf arms. Use some of the excess Glade Guard heads. For a shield, the HE ones are too froo-froo, so cut out a rectangular piece of plasticard and attach it, probably toning it with a checkered-pattern (looks really good), vines, or some other woodsy decoration.

Now, since you're on a budget, the entire Spearelf bodies would probably look ok. Thing to note, though, is that the chainmail coupled with the breastplates looks VERY HE since it's most of the given model. The WE legs look better since they have the partitioned leather/hide bits.

Necro Angelo
18-12-2006, 20:25
That sounds like a very good idea actually... thanks. I guess I could always just paint some of the High Elves green if I could'nt find any spare legs...

18-12-2006, 20:55
Or you can also look around Bartertown and Ebay for the actual models. I guess they aren't as popular of an item as some of the other WE models. My cousin recently got 2 boxes of them for 50% off each from the mentioned sites.

18-12-2006, 22:23
Glide Guard w/ tooth picks or bamboo kaboob picks and plasic card shields?