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17-12-2006, 18:40
Ok... so, the old (ish) cold one models being used as a 'primitive eldar' themed war walker.

I am doing an odd force chart thing, so going to have about 12 of these guys.

So, how can I make or what can I use as scatter lasers and eldar missle launchers? I have seen sprue for Wave serpant (cant find others) but it would cost too much to buy loads of these.

But hey, the concept is out there as it is, what would look good as weapons?

17-12-2006, 19:09
Maybe conversions of plastic Tau weapons. Many Tau players who donīt build their Suits with interchangeable weapons seem to have loads of surplus bitz.
With some conversion they could easily be made to look Eldar (not too sure what you mean by "primitive").

17-12-2006, 20:00
I think he means verry early Eldar where they did not have all the spiffy toys they do now.

17-12-2006, 20:07
When speaking of "primitive" Eldar, you mean in fact Exodites, right? In that case, just use the eldar weapons. They had their weapons for ages and Exodites usually are equipped quite similarly to their craftworld brethen.

17-12-2006, 20:53
I was thinking origins:

Eldar transport crash lands (or something)
"Oh no! Out guns are broken! What can we build that will funcion exactly like our normal guns but look different?"
"I am a bone singer, and sure I can-"
"SHUT UP Jeff!"

You get the idea. I was thinking a bunch of spear shafts with some kind of bit at the end would make a nice scatter laser. Any other ideas?

17-12-2006, 21:03
Turning the technologically most advanced race in the universe into an army of a lower tech level than kroot mercs is quite a hard task to achieve...

17-12-2006, 21:08
Well...I can't help you if you want to do heavy (Almost orky) conversions for your weaponry...but you said you were going to have 12 walkers? Assuming you get an even split of 12 EMLs and 12 SLs...is $48 USD too much? Because...I mean...that's what it would be if you Bitz ordered the Wave Serpent Weapon sprues from GW direct...

And I thought the new Warwalkers came with 2 of every weapon?