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Dasqueek-Master Assassin
18-12-2006, 02:51
ok so im gonna try to sell my old templars from 3rd edition and probably most of my 5000pts of necrons. my question for yall is what type of army should i start up with again? i have a few idea and they are all over the spctrum, but im looking for feedbackon which army idea yall like the best.
i place a big emphasis on modeling and i love converting, but i also like for a list to be somewhat competeative.
so here are the possibilities:
Templars- i have tried the new odex and it think it is alot of fun, but i can think of endless modeling possiblities for these guys including a witchhunter inquisitor and a 20 man foot squad along with some drop pod squads. i love the templars and their fluff, i also love how they play
Dustwing- honestly i think this army is totally hardcore. an army of 2 wound terminators is sweet. the only problem is i cant really think of a fluffy/efficient/fun army list. i mean units in 9s and enough anti tank and stuff. i have kind of solved this in a list that had 1 squad of tzeentch terminators and 2 squads of horrors/flamers and two squads of undivided termis, and a lord of change,+ a couple of oblits. but people asked me why i just didnt go strait dustwing,bringing me back to square 1
Kult of speed- like 2 squads of bikers, and three squads of wartracks+, a squad of warbike outriders, and a command squad of nobs and a warboss, all on bikes, maybe some guntrucks and stuff for fun
slannesh biker cult- like two or three squads of 6 bikes,a lord on a bike, 3 squads of deamonetttes, and a few preds, pretty simple.
tau suit army- basicly use minimum fire warriors and 2 squads of crisis suits, a squad of stealth suits, 2 independent suit commanders, and 3 hammerheads
eldar harliquin themed army- use maxed out harliquin squads, a few Neophyte harliquins( combat guardians) i wave serpents, a few bikes, vypers, farseer modeled as a great harliquin...
slannesh-i love slannesh probably the most out of all the chaos gods, and i would love to build a list from these guys. probably combat oriented with a little fire support. the modeling possibiities are endless with these guys!

these are what i can think of at the time, but i would love yalls feedback about whatever.
on ur marks... get set... go!

18-12-2006, 02:55
Why not get the basics of an Ork army as from what everyone's heard they're almost certainly to be re-released at the end of next year so with some of units unlikely to be replaced you'll have made a good start by the time they've been released.

I think a pure Witch Hunters army could be quite cool too, Pentinent Engines!!