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18-12-2006, 18:57
I started playing 40K about 4 months before the new Eldar codex came out, so I was in a bit of stasis about what I wanted to do, army-wise. I have now decided on my army and can start painting my minis, yay!

I have come up with the following campaign idea to draw up some background of my army as well as give it some nice, fluffy opening missions for the new rules.

Any feedback/suggestions welcome!


Before The Fall of the Eldar, when the gods still walked the stars, a war broke out between Vaul, the smithy god, and Khaine, the god of war. During this time, Vaul made many swords in his attempt to forge the perfect blade that would destroy Khaine. He eventually succeeded in making the Dawnlight blade, Anaris. Until that point, each successive blade was given to other gods and Eldar that sided with Vaul in his war against Khaine. Some of these blades were hidden throughout the galaxy in the event that another war against the gods ever happened again.

Army background ...
600 years ago, an Alaitoc Eldar by the name of Edrahil left the path of the Seer behind and willfully became an Outcast in search of these hidden swords. In his travels as an Outcast he came across the Harlequins on many occasions. With their knowledge of the Black Library, the Harlequins were able to help Edrahil separate myth from reality, and confirm the actual existence of these blades, some of which have never been used at all. Edrehil then returned to the Alaitoc craftworld to complete his training. Edrahil knows he will never reach his full potential as a seer due to his time away from the craftworld as an Outcast.

Each blade of Vaul can only be unlocked by retrieving 12 psychic keys, each one located on a different maiden or crone world. Now in command of an army of his own, Edrahil is retracing the steps outlined in long forgotten, esoteric texts in order to locate the first series of 12 keys, and his first Blade of Vaul.

Now, onto the campaign …

The scene opens on a maiden world currently under Imperial control. The Eldar have arrived because there is a marker stone upon a mountain pass that will reveal the coordinates of one of the keys, hidden on this world. The marker stone has been laying dormant for time out of mind. A new Imperial outpost, however, has just acquired a powerful psykker in the form of a Librarian. Though not knowing about the marker stone or its purpose, he is drawn to the latent power of the stone in his dreams, which are becoming increasingly strong as the Eldar approach.

The Librarian takes a small force out, following a powerful dream, and is led right to the marker stone just as the Eldar arrive, having infiltrated to the planet undetected.

Final Notes
The campaign will chronicle the Eldar, Imperial, and other armies, as their purposes cross: The Imperium in a race to unravel the reason for the Eldar’s appearance, the Eldar to secure the key before they can be stopped, and a few other twists added to make if a fun challenge. This campaign will last an estimated 6 missions.