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18-12-2006, 19:12
I am starting a new Tau army and I dont have the instructions on how to assemble the new Tau Stealth Suits. Is there any website with instructions or a really good closeup of how this look exactly?


18-12-2006, 20:12
not that i am aware of, but they aint that difficlut to build either

18-12-2006, 21:35
Yeah just wing it, but aren't the instructions on the back of the box?


18-12-2006, 22:17
They are, but I agree that it is a bit tricky to assemble them without any instruction. Have a look at a box in a store, if possible.
Anyway, here is a big photo for guidance:
(some hints: keep the right orientation of the shoulder pieces, take the legs with the knife, the big lens face, the drone controller and possibly the fusion blaster for the Shas'vre).

18-12-2006, 23:52
My advice: Do the normal things you do with pieces like filing and trimming the flash and then try ramming the bits together softly - use very small amounts of blu-tack to stick it and try it until you get something that looks good. Then stick with polystyrene cement!

19-12-2006, 04:31
I only put one together, but the two halves of the head/body didn't fit very well.

19-12-2006, 14:04
Thanks for the tips guys. I put together the first one and it looks ok. Hope I do ok with the new Tau army. I was getting tired of the Ultramarines.


19-12-2006, 19:10
BTW, if elmo really loves the Kroot, he should ask me for Index Kroot and the unofficial Kodex Kroot (PM). They are a bit difficult to find on the web and provide some good info on these "big birds".

21-12-2006, 12:30
I just got my second tau megaforce, and the stealthsuits were a breeze! lol!