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20-12-2006, 17:20
1: What is the minimum number of allowed players in a team?
2: Is it possible to have one-man teams?
3: Is my team good?

"Lahmia Dragons"
Owner: Vampire Lady Claudia Neferina. (My WFB undead general)
Re-rolls: 2
Silvio de Silva #15 blooddragon, vampire.
Claudia Neferina #1 Lahmia, vampire. (both player and owner in background).
"The Juggernaught" #8, blooddragon, vampire.
Emilio Barosso #9, Lahmia, vampire.
Unnamed, #5, blooddragon, vampire (Female, need name, please help).
unnamed, #33 strigoy, vampire (Male, need name, plese help).
5 thralls (Don't expect to survive)

Are they good?

20-12-2006, 17:25
Minimum number of players is 3 coz u have to set up 3 on the line of scrimmage but you really want at least 12 to be competitive! Take more thralls! I'd drop down to 4 vamps and take as many thralls as possible to fill out the ranks and to keep the team playable when the vamps eat some of them...

Autobot HQ
20-12-2006, 17:46
Actually to start with you need minimum 11 players.

Your team is over-loaded. If this is a LRB5 team and you're playing with the free FF rule then this wont matter, but a LRB5 or 4 team needs FF or you wont make much money to replace those Av8 Vampires when they die (and they will die). Also, 6 Vampires and 2 RR means that your team will probably eat itself over the match, with your vamps having to bite your thralls or use your RR to stop it happening.

Your best bet would be I'd say 4 Vampires MAXIMUM, fill up to the rest in thralls, then get as many RR as you can. I'd personally say something like 3 Vampires, 8 thralls and 4 RR (I think).


20-12-2006, 17:54
Vampire teams burn up re-rolls quickly so you want more than 2 and more Thralls to sacrifice to inevitable "off for a bite rolls". As mentioned 11 players is the minimum for a starting team. You will lose thralls regularly but remember that with a couple of skills they can add greatly to a Vampire team's effectiveness (Just don't get too attached to them).

20-12-2006, 18:24
Thank you for all the friendly help.

If I sell #5 & #33, and buy some FF, re-rolls and thralls, is the list good then, or should I also sell #8 and maybe use #1 as crowd/ background owner only?, and buy more Thralls/ff/cheerleaders/rr? And Make Emilio and Silvio a superstar duo with side-show thralls?

Should I use bought thralls or freebooter thralls (because I don't think they'll survive long)?

Heres an other team. (Thinking of having multiple teams, I.E. for borrowing to other people)

"Snotlingville Wildcats"
16 snotlings,
1 cheerleader troupe
Fan factor 9
Bloodwisser Babes (If possible)
6 re-rolls.

Any good?

20-12-2006, 19:53
The words "good" and "Snotlings" doesnt really mix. They are an insanely fun team though.

the anti santa
21-12-2006, 19:53
Don't bother with cheerleaders or assistant coaches, they are not worth the money.

Freebooters aren't worth it either as in LRB5 you can have journeymen for free if you have 10 players or less.

I'd take as many re-rolls as you can afford with vamps and maybe only 1 or 2 vamps and lots of thralls, who will die pretty easily, but they are cheap.

The snotling team is lots of fun but will win you very few games, you'll want the maximum of 16 players and plenty of re-rolls, but expect to get pulped, so maybe use them for a fun 1 off game rather than a league.

The Dark One
21-12-2006, 21:09
my vampire team started with no vampires in it. 12 Thrall and the rest on re-rolls. it has done very well, i eventually got 2 vampires

24-12-2006, 13:28
High FF and rerolls are important. FF will get you the all important cash to get extra players and the rerolls will really help with a Vampire team.

24-12-2006, 14:45
High FF and rerolls are important. FF will get you the all important cash to get extra players and the rerolls will really help with a Vampire team.

Except if you are playing LRB5 where it is nowhere near as important.

22-01-2007, 11:39
Actually, the poster that said you have to have a minimum of 3 players is incorrect. You can have a team of zero players if you want. Of course, you're not going to compete as well, but there you go.
Under LRB5, it's a way (not a good way, but a way) of getting exactly the Stars and Mercs you want, but I doubt you'd ever win a game.

Under LRB5, AC and Cheerleaders are (almost) as important as as FF, and I'd highly recommend getting at least 2 of each.

Also, there are no such thing as Freebooters under LRB5 rules. If you have less than 11 players for the next match (either dead, injured or just not brought them) you can take free Journeymen, or use Inducement and/or Treasury money to pay for Stars and Mercs, but the old "pay half cost for a player for the game" rule is gone.

Finally, Autobot HQ is correct, the team must start with 11 rostered players (so no Stars, Mercs or Journeymen), but after the first game, you may have between 0 and 16 rostered players, depending on your whims.