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20-12-2006, 18:31
I just picked up the new empire book. It's pretty good cause there are many cheap units.

Im not to fond of the rare choices thought. The hellblaster volly gun is no longer in my army (kinda sucks). The tank is good and the flagelents are ok. The new (I call it) missile launcher is nothing that id consider taking cause I don't really think its so effective.

I might be wrong cause I havent actually used the army yet. But these are my thoughts on the Rare choice.

Core are awsome great cheap units with awsome knights :)

I love the peigon bomb idea pretty funny stuff. Not to big on the robot horse though :rolleyes:

Great swords are cool to bad they can't get a magic standard though :cries: love those new horse riding gunmen (with repeater guns) to bad they can't move and shoot thought but in any case real cool concept. Cannons are always a good thing ;)

special character are ok nothing to crazy except for the grand theoginist he's wicked!!!!

Id like to hear what others think.

20-12-2006, 19:53
I think people are overreacting against the Helblaster. I mean, play a few games before passing final judgement. And finally there is a reason for me to buy a Steam Tank =D. Yes!

Greatswords can´t get magic standards now?

20-12-2006, 20:03
I agree the HBVG still needs to be played with a little more.... But now that it needs to roll to hit Id probably pass on using it. Human BS is not the best espically when the range of the HBVG is 24" they usually need 5 to hit......

Yeah the Great swords can't get a magic standard.... sucks :cries:

Im not to big on the new missile launcher either.... need to roll a scatter dice once and if you don't missfire needs to rol another scatterdice and artillary dice.... kinds sucks also...

The tank is ok.... only thing is I don't understand how a cannon has T of 7 and the tank T6? kinda weird..... they might as well make the tank out of the same material they use to make the cannon :D

20-12-2006, 20:12
i dont have the new army book, but i am quite interested in what this "missile lancher" is, i have not heard about anny thing like that


20-12-2006, 20:15
It's nothing to crazy. A funcky machiene with some missiles attached to it. Im not to big on it don't really like the idea of missiles in fantacy But thats just me.

20-12-2006, 22:58
Greatswords can get a magic standard. Since they still count as State troops (as described in their rules), you can give them a magic standard if your army general is an Empire General.

The Helstorm rocket battery is basically a big fireworks launcher that works like an odd combination of a cannon and a mortar. Effective if it hits, but almost impossible to really aim properly.

Crazy Harborc
21-12-2006, 01:14
Well, I guess fantasy world rocket launchers work(ed) no better than their counterparts in the real world do/did/whatever.

Grand Warlord
21-12-2006, 02:28
the Helstorm Missile Battery is really the same thing as the Chaos Dwarf Doom Rocket ... very unreliable ... depending on how you roll the artillary and scatter dice. Not worth the chance of hitting your troops, atleast thats my opinion.

The HBVG is a little less effective going on BS but hell i use handgunners I am use to rolling 5+ most of the time, atleast with the HBVG i can get up to 30 shots per turn.

As a lifetime empire player i dont see too many overall changes ... but the return of the OUTRIDERS OH YEAH! and the pigeon is funny, and the war altar is good espeically if you add it to a arch lector.

I field an infantry based list so all my units got bigger by about a rank and i added the BSB+Griffon banner, I was going to add the stubborn banner we used to have but it is gone... +cry+

21-12-2006, 09:05
I spent a good hour reading through the New Empire book yesterday, and my word its great. GW appears to have managed to get the right balance in an army book!

Anyway, as far as Rare Choices go, I would say stick with the Volley Gun. While you might think BS to hit is a bit unfair, I would argue that point by saying essentially you still have 3 pieces of artillery that stand a bloody good chance of hitting them if you are any good with guess ranges. The HBVG just steps away from this a little and gives you something else to work with when you realise that you want an alternative to worrying about the thing blowing up in your face.

Flagellants are cool, but realy REALLY need a plastic model set for them. Seriously, I would not consider them unless they were plastic. The unit itself is hard as old cheese and being a possible core, I wouldn't argue with them, but the units weight annoys me. The same is true of the Steam Tank.

The MLRS (Multi Launch Rocket System) that the Empire have got is like trying to let a group of frenzied blind cats out in an igloo full of mice. If it gets one of the mice, its going to be dead, otherwise you're going to be more likely to crash into something else, normally each other. The MLRS is well thought out but just appears to be another comedic unit for the Empire.

21-12-2006, 19:22
I think it's pretty good, yes, the Helblaster isn't the uber killy thing it was before, however, it was overpowered in it's previous life. If you want decent firepower from it, just stick an engineer with it so you can use his BS.

21-12-2006, 22:50
The new book is wonderful

The warrior priests got a real boost and are actually worth taking, other than for fluff now. An Arch Lector makes for a colorful lord choice and will allow some real religious fanatic empire lists now.

The steam tank is not worth taking, neither are ost of the rares. If you want to play your army as the suicide martyr kind you could load up on the engineer things, otherwise they are pretty useless as well.

Orky, the new weapons are orky. Adding an artillery dice to a guess, then adding another artilley dice and a scatter dice? That should make most people dizzy, and it cmay never hit anything. Pigeon bombs? Orky again, there is no limit to the number that you can take so you can load up on them and watch the fun begin.

I highlighted some of the bad things, but the truth is the book rocks. Teh rest of the army got some real viagra, either by reducing points costs or removing restrictions.

Very cool.

22-12-2006, 00:31
Unfortunately I will have to wait with the majority for the book to be released. From what I have read about it, it would appear they have done a good job. The toning down of the hellblaster is not bad as it was far too powerful. I'm hoping the Skaven ratlling gun gets the same treatment.