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20-12-2006, 18:43
Hey everyone, I recently purchased a Dark Eldar fleet off of E-bay and I was hoping people could help me out. I can't tell which parts are launch bays, lances, torps, etc. Is there some way to identify which are which?

Ozymandias, King of Kings

20-12-2006, 18:47
My flatmate has dark eldar and from what he says it seems to be guesswork. Sorry. The fleet thrives upon so much misinformation that not even the admiral knows how his ship is armed...

20-12-2006, 21:58
Hmm... So I'll just make it up then....

Ozymandias, King of Kings

20-12-2006, 22:05
Use common sence is what I say. I'm pretty sure a lance will look different to a launch bay

Zhai Morenn
21-12-2006, 08:28
Well some bits are better for portraying certain loadouts better than others

Generally what I do if Im not converting a DE ship from scratch is this:
-that double barreled gun thing is the Phantom Lance
-The thing with the spike on it is an Impaler
-the thing that has lots of little holes on the front is the torp launcher
-Launch bays I always convert- adding a lot of spikes and fins to a CWE launch bay bit works quite well.
-Battery escorts either have little extra gun barrels glued onto them in random intervals but lack the weapon bits that come with the ships as standard.

Though that is largely open to interpretation so knock yourself out! If you add enough spikes and fins to the ship in random asymetrical places you could just decide which configuration you want it to be from battle to battle (takes a little extra work to get them like that but its usually pretty and worth it)

21-12-2006, 17:25
I'm surprised there is no 'official' set of bits, but I'll just be consistent and maybe make a note on the base so I can tell.

Ozymandias, King of Kings