View Full Version : The Critical Hit Podcast #2

20-12-2006, 21:48

On Monday we recorded our second Podcast. We got the bandwidth issues sorted out, and improved the layout. The podcast is not exclusive to Games Workshop games... and Warhammer isn't discussed until about halfway through.

Some topics covered include:
-Plastic Black Orc Rumours
-GW Sneak Peaks - Dark Angels
-Summer Campaign Rumours
-Codex Eldar
-Dwarfs to Chaos Dwarfs

Lastly, I give a call out to all Warhammer/40k Fans about a Warhammer/40k Exclusive Podcast. If you want to contribute, I'd love to get two other hosts to join me in a show that solely discusses GW Product. Please email me: davidjclarke@gmail.com or PM me if interested.

Warhammer really lacks an exclusive podcast, so help me fill this Niche! :)

21-12-2006, 01:51
Nice, Good to see a wargamming/warhammer/40k podcast :)