View Full Version : Is Lord of the Rings a better skirmish game the WFB?

22-12-2006, 10:28
Not wishing to start an argument here, but do folks think that Lord of the Rings game is a better skirmish-level game than Warhammer Skirmish? To me it seems like it could be, but I'd like other opinions on the matter.

22-12-2006, 10:35
Compare the rules. The Warhammer Skirmish is just a Warhammer Battle in a hurry. LotR is a real skirmish game, therefore a better skirmish game because its meant to be one.

22-12-2006, 10:38
First off, I've never played LotR and just saw a few minutes of people playing it but I agree with Siam-Tiger. LotR's whole concept is skirmish-level combat, so it better is the superior system for skirmish battles, shouldn't it?;)

22-12-2006, 12:03
It is impossible to compare these two. A more likely comparison would be Mordheim and Lotr. I personally prefer Mordheim as I finf Lotr a bit simplistsic.

22-12-2006, 13:09
Mordheim is a much better fantasy skirmish system than LOTR.

Not only are the basic rules better, but the campaign rules are what makes it fantastic.

Oh, and it doesn't have the stupid "Boromir rolls a six so can't be beaten in combat by 500 goblins" rule.

Dr Death
22-12-2006, 13:46
Well herein lies the rub. Lotr isnt nessercarily a skirmish system, it just deals with models on a skirmish level but the rules are simple enough to be applied to any kind of game. It isnt strictly a skirmish system.

As to which is better, they provide different things. Lotr provides a very cinematic gaming experience when played on a skirmish level. It's light, campy and fast. Mordheim is far more gutsy and is designed for the skirmish, going into quite fascinating detail. It also has a glorious campaign system and the setting is superb. However without lotr's priority rule mordheim is leaden sticking with warhammer's clunky detached turn sequence.

I like them both for different things. Lotr is so adaptable that it's almost an insult to call it simply a 'skirmish system' and can cover all the various leaden themed modifications warhammer does (naval combat, skirmish, siege the lot) all without changing an inch of the basic rules, however it is 'detail lite' and so the thrill is in the actions you can do rather than in the nuts and bolts of doing them. Mordhiem on the other hand is detail overdrive and is absolutely stunning, a true work of art in that capacity. Comparing them is interesting but pointless because as similar as they may seem on face value they're a world apart in their goals.

Dr Death

Parka boy
22-12-2006, 13:47
I total agree with ZomboCom and the others Mordheim is a much better game.