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22-12-2006, 13:31
ok, ive just decided to collect chaos and i wanted to make a army of my own could anyone help me out? what chaos mark am i meant to use with my own army? what do i have to think about?

thanks alot


22-12-2006, 13:35
you not 'meant' to use anything.

Choose something that appeals to you. THink about what sort of army you want.

You want something to go the distance? Scare the enemy while holding them in combat. Go Nurgle

You want rock hard warriors who slaughter everyone... go Khorne

You want amazing magic... go Tzeentch

You want fast hitting, mess you your head sort of perversions (a good mix of all the others really in effect) go Slaanesh.

There no right or wrong with it

22-12-2006, 13:36
You're not 'meant' to use any mark, you can pick whichever one you like. That's half the point of choosing chaos - the flexibility.

All you have to think about is having fun with your army. :p You need to be a little more specific if you're after any more detailed advice really...

22-12-2006, 13:37
Grab a hordes of chaos book and read through the fluff section on the gods. Pick what you like and roll with it. All of the gods are good, just in different ways.

22-12-2006, 13:59
One of the primary strengths of the Chaos army is that no-one can plan against it. You can field a mega slow, rockhard infantry army, or a foddery, manueverable beast army. You can be ultra-magic resist, ultra-spell power, or no spell power at all. It makes it damn hard to begin collecting, because you want to collect everything, but in the long run you will want to have access to a wide diversity of troop types from both the hordes of chaos book and the beasts of chaos book.

22-12-2006, 14:18
It doesn't mean you have to get both books straight away, though. Otherwise the enormous variety could be a bit intimidating. I run a pure Hordes army myself, and it's doing fine.

The best advice has already been given: read some of the background on the GW site, check out the colour schemes, flip through the book(s) if possible, and pick whatever appeals to you most. If you have some more concrete questions about Chaos, of course feel free to ask on these boards.

22-12-2006, 14:22
i think my question was a bit vage so ill go into more detail- i was wanting to make my own army that isnt under any of the 4 chaos gods but make my own. the only thing that gave me the idea was a thread on here ages ago. so can i just make up a chaos god? (with fluff of corse

thanks twilight

22-12-2006, 14:48
There's no reason why you couldn't (although it'd have to be a minor one if you want to stay in tune with the background), as long as you don't make up any new rules for them without your opponent's position. It would work as an undivided army, I guess, with furies as the only daemonic option since the rest of the daemons are already bound to other gods. Guess you'd have to use a nice mix of mortals and beasts to compensate.

22-12-2006, 15:24
Sounds good making up your own fluff is a well estabilished gaming tradition.

For more advice on chaos check out swords of chaos on yahoo groups:

It's a newsgroup style forum so it's a different approach than bulletin boards, but there are quite a few GT regulars on the board so it's a good place to get chaos advice.

Chicago Slim
22-12-2006, 19:33
You can even make up your own Chaos "god" within the scope of one of the Big Four: My Beasts army is an Ancient Greek theme (lots of minotaurs, centaurs, 'satyrs' and 'fawns'), who worship a "god" based on Bacchus. Bacchus himself is represented by a Deamon Prince of Slaanesh (named in my take on traditional GW fashion as Bakkoun), who bestows the Mark of his patron to those who follow him.

So, the beasts don't know anything about this "Slaanesh" guy-- they're following Bakkoun in his decadent revels-- but Bakkoun (being a Deamon Prince) is of course marked by Slaanesh, and grants the powers of Slaanesh onto some of his followers (the Minotaurs, and the finest warriors from among the satyrs-- ie, the bestigors). He even brought up a group of Amazons from the Eastern lands (Deamonettes).

22-12-2006, 20:54
That's the best way to do it, in my opinion. No worries about going against the fluff, and you still get very free hands. It's also very cool, since the fluff talks about the many guises and names of the gods.

22-12-2006, 23:37
I agree with everyone that says making your own fluff is cool and tons of fun. I had a similar idea, and made my own army. I converted sixty orcs into werewolves and used rules for chaos warrriors (although sometimes I proxy them for dryads too). I had a lot of fun converting and writing up a fluffy backstory for them. I should have them painted soon, and useable in tournaments with my "regular" khorne daemon army.