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22-12-2006, 13:32
Check these out pics of all the units:


The French also have them:

UPDATE: I missed the Hero on Elephant earlier so I've added it now - snake charmer and all!!


From Top Left:
War Elephants, Djinn and sorcerers (love the Bazaar), Flying Carpets,
Characters, Spearmen, Sultan's Guards
Archers, Knights (Cataphracts no less), Camel Riders
Desert Raiders, Hero on Elephant

I'm Loving these mini's - even better than I thought they'd be - check out that Djinn. Colin's out done himself here. I'll be buying these in February. The current release date is the 17th of February 2007.

22-12-2006, 13:40
I've considered picking warmaster up so many times - I think those flying carpets have just tipped the scales for me!

Good find Dax - although I wish I knew what the hell all the fluff was.

22-12-2006, 13:53
I posted this before but I'll put it here for convenience. This list is still trial.

Trial Araby Army List:
A = Attacks, H = Hits, C = Command

Spearmen .Infantry... A 3.... H 3.. Save 6+... C -... Size 3... Pts. 45... Min/Max 2/-... Note -
Bowmen... Infantry... A 3/1. H 3.. Save 0..... C -... Size 3... Pts. 55... Min/Max 2/-... Note -
Guards..... Infantry... A 3.... H 3.. Save 5+... C -... Size 3... Pts. 70... Min/Max -/4... Note *1

Knights............ Cavalry... A 3.... H 3.. Save 4+... C - ... Size 3... Pts. 110.... Min/Max -/-... Note -
Desert Riders.... Cavalry... A 3/1. H 3.. Save 6+... C - ... Size 3... Pts. 80...... Min/Max -/-... Note*2
Camel Riders..... Cavalry... A 3/1. H 3.. Save 5+... C - ... Size 3... Pts. 100.... Min/Max -/2... Note*3
Magic Carpets... Cavalry... A 1/2. H 3.. Save 6+... C - ... Size 3... Pts. 100**. Min/Max -/1... Note*4

Elephants......... Monster.. A 5.... H 4.. Save 5+... C - ... Size 3... Pts. 200.... Min/Max -/1... Note *5

General............ General... A +2.. H -.. Save -..... C 9.... Size 1.... Pts. 125.... Min/Max 1 .... Note -
Hero................ Hero........A +1.. H -.. Save -..... C 8... Size 1 .... Pts. 80...... Min/Max -/2.. Note -
Wizard............. Wizard.....A +0.. H -.. Save -..... C 7... Size 1 .... Pts. 45..... Min/Max -/1.. Note -

Flying Carpet..... Chariot Mount.. A +0....... H -.. Save -.... C -... Size 1.... Pts. +10... Min/Max -/1.. Note *6

Elephant........... Monster Mount. A +1....... H -.. Save -.... C -... Size 1.... Pts. +65... Min/Max -/1.. Note *7
Djinn................ Monster Mount. A +2/+2... H -.. Save -.... C -... Size 1.... Pts. +90... Min/Max -/1.. Note *8

** no Points have been set for Magic carpets yet but the generally accepted value from playtesting is 100 pts.


1. Guards. The Sultan’s Guards ignore distance modifiers when commands are issued to them. This applies only to Guards and not to brigades that include Guards and other units. Remember that characters are still bound by their maximum command ranges and cannot issues orders to units beyond range.

2. Desert Riders. Desert Riders have a shooting range of only 15cm, however they can shoot all round – i.e. behind or to the side as well as to their front. Just measure the range from any stand edge either front, side or rear. Desert Riders can shoot at enemy charging them from any direction.

3. Camel Riders. When issuing an order to a unit of Camel Riders, or to a brigade consisting entirely of Camel Riders, no Command penalty is applied on account of distance. This represents their fierce self-reliance and their mounts’ instinctive sense of direction allowing them to operate effectively far from their own battle lines. Because Camels are such intractable creatures all orders are issued with a Command penalty of –1, this penalty applies to any unit of Camel Riders or to any brigade that contains one or more units of Camel Riders.

4. Magic Carpets. Magic carpets can fly – they have been rated as aerial ‘cavalry’ as this is the closest categorisation to their type. Riders have a shooting range of only 15cm. However, they can shoot from any edge without turning stands to face their target. Just measure the range from any stand edge, front, side or rear. Note that this enables them to shoot at enemies charging them from any direction.

5. Elephants. Elephants cause terror. Elephants cannot be brigaded with cavalry but can be brigaded with other types of troops including other Elephants. If an Elephant unit would otherwise become confused – for whatever reason – then it will stampede instead. It is not confused and none of the normal rules for confusion apply. Stampeding elephants automatically cease to stampede at the end of their Command phase (note that this is in the same way as confused units cease to be confused).

1 Stampeding Elephants cannot be given orders but must use initiative to either charge or evade enemies where possible – the player may chose which.
2 A stampeding Elephant unit that is touching friends and not touching enemies in the combat phase will fight those friends. Fight the combat with the models as positioned (don’t form the Elephants into a battleline). The Elephants count as charging in the first round. If the Elephants win the combat then they must pursue if possible and will continue to do so each round. Should their opponents be destroyed they will not advance but will halt without reforming.

6. Flying Carpet. This is considered to be a flying chariot mount.

7. Elephant. The Elephant is a standard monster mount except that a character mounted on an Elephant cannot join a unit of friendly cavalry. A unit joined by a character riding an Elephant causes terror.

8. Djinn. The Djinn accompanies its master and can transform both of them into a whirlwind enabling the stand to fly as for a normal flying mount. If the sorcerer has a Dyinn he can also cast the Curse of the Djinn spell with a +1 casting bonus (see spells). Note that unusually the Djinn has +2 shooting attacks – these are added to a stand from a unit that the character has joined and can only be used when the character joins a unit.

22-12-2006, 13:54
And the Spells as they wouuldn't fit in the last post.



SAND STORM, 4+ to cast, Range – affects enemy within 30cm
The spell is cast upon the Sorcerer himself and affects all enemy units within 30cm of the stand.

The spell lasts until the end of the opposing player’s following turn.

The spell affects the opposing army’s ability to issue commands. All enemy units within 30cm of the Arabian Sorcerer suffer a –1 Command penalty. This penalty is applied when each order is issued: a unit might therefore be within 30cm of the Sorcerer for one order but not for a second, for example.

MIRAGE, 4+ to, Range: 60cm
The sorcerer creates the illusion of a huge host of fearsome warriors, bearing down inexorably upon his startled foes.

To use this spell the player will need an additional unit chosen from the Araby list – this can be either infantry, cavalry or monsters it does not matter which. This unit becomes the ‘illusion’ and is immediately placed within 60cm of the sorcerer and more than 20cm from any enemy units. The illusionary unit cannot move or fight – for it isn’t really there! – but is treated as if it were real by the enemy up until such time as an enemy unit charges into contact with it, touches it as an incidental contact during combat, advances upon it, or brings it into combat in any other fashion. This means, for example, that enemy characters are displaced, Command penalties are suffered for proximity, and enemy shooters are obliged to target the illusion if it is the closest target – it cannot be harmed of course! The illusionary unit is also dispelled immediately if the Araby player moves it, or moves any of his units or characters through it. As long as Mirage is in play the caster can not cast any other spell, should he cast another spell then Mirage is immediately discarded and the unit taken off the table.

SUNSTRIKE, 5+ to cast, Range: 30cm
Draw an imaginary line 30cm long from the Wizard’s stand in any direction you wish. Each unit under the line takes three shooting attacks worked out in the usual way. Note that this spell can easily affect several units and will affect all units that fall beneath its path (including you own). Unengaged units can be driven back by Sunstrike as with ordinary shooting whether friend or foe. Engaged units cannot be driven back but carry over any hits that are scored into the first round of combat. Hits caused by the Sunstrike count as having been struck in the combat itself.

CURSE OF THE DJINN, 6+ to cast, Range: 30cm
The sorcerer channels the immense power of the Djinn through his own body and lays a terrible curse upon his foes.

The sorcerer may cast this spell on an enemy unit within range. The target unit must re-roll all armour saves for the duration of the following close combat phase.

If the Sorcerer has a Djinn then he adds +1 to his dice roll when casting this spell, and therefore casts successfully on a roll of 5+.

22-12-2006, 14:20
That is very nice looking stuff, go Warmaster! Let's hope that it is popular enough to warrant a transfer over to WFB!!!

22-12-2006, 14:54
Gosh, if these are on, then hopefully Epic Chaos will be soon, too... :eyebrows:

24-12-2006, 11:07
The Epic Chaos Infantry Sprue is also due in February.

24-12-2006, 19:25
I will pick these up for sure. Warmaster is a very good game and it has got some nice miniatures also!

26-12-2006, 17:06
Well, I'm certainly starting Warmaster now! :D Very nice looking models. Lets hope that they'll still look nice after I've painted them.

27-12-2006, 00:32
I'm surprised more fuss hasn't been made about this, it's one of the few significant backround advanced we've had rescently.

So I guess this means magic carpets are cannon, and big blue djini...seems kinda cheesy to me but I guess it at least looses some of the historical theme to it.

A bit generic but what do you exspect from a first generation warmaster list? (where the many unit types of WFB are oft lumped together)

05-01-2007, 12:57
The UK online store has put the Araby army up this morning:


The Archers and Guard seem to be missing at the moment I'm sure they'll correct this later.

They appear to have put the prices up again its now £7 for a regular unit blister and £8 for some of the other pieces.

05-01-2007, 22:00
I have to say, not wanting to blow my own trumpet or anything, that I painted the infantry spear and archers, including rank and file in white robes (the ones shown are painted black to represent elite guard), and I was supposed to be painting the rest of the army, but that time and other comitments stopped me.

Now, its very satisfying indeed to see an army painted by 'Eavy Metal which follows MY colour scheme and copies MY banners.

Such a warm glow:)

05-01-2007, 22:03
Also, the character pack is incredibly cool.

In addition to the snake charmer, it includes an Emir being sold a fake flying carpet by a dodgy trader, complete with servant hiding beneath the carpet and making it look like its 'flying'. Its shown in the picture, but not very clearly:D

06-01-2007, 13:40
I emailed the webstore about the bowmen and guard and they said they'll be put up closer to the release date which seems a bit strange.

Rang Mail order this morning and ordered everything including the bowmen and guards so they are available.

06-01-2007, 14:04
I nearly got very excited the other day reading WD325... in the back, prices of Araby miniatures....

Then I realised it wasnt WFB

Now I've seen these, wow... :eek:

*heads off to download Warmaster rulebook*

*prays that they become official*

*prays even harder for WFB transfer*

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
10-01-2007, 09:07
Those look really really nice...got my interest in Araby now, If only Epic got new infantry miniatures.