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22-12-2006, 20:16
Hi, I recently started gaming with a new group and the way they do character selection is different from any group I have played with in the past.

The games was 2150 and his characters selection was.
Vampire lord (Lord & Hero choice)
Vampire Thrall (hero choice)
Necromancer (hero choice)
Necromancer (hero choice)

His reasoning is that he is allowed 4 characters; 1 lord slot and 4 hero slots. Which he has used.

However, the way I have always played it and the way I have always seen it played is that the vamipire lord took two character slots leavng only two more hero slots available.

Can some one chim in here and tell me how you handle this and please reference specific rules if possible so that we can come to a concensious on this for our group.


22-12-2006, 20:21
First, this should be in Fantasy Rules, not General Discussion.

Secondly, to answer your question: You are right.

At 2000 - 2999 pts, you are allowed 4 characters, of which up to one may be a Lord. Taking a Vampire Lord also eats up one of your remaining Hero choices as you say.

EDIT: To clarify, there are 3 restrictions. One is "Max. Total Characters", one is "Max. Lords" and one is "Max Heroes". The important thing in this case is that "Max. Total Characters" is referring to the maximum number of character slots, not actual models.

If this were not the case then there would be effectively no penalty at all for taking Lords which also used up a single additional Hero slot (at any points cost).

22-12-2006, 20:23
You are correct and he is incorrect. He is allowed a total of 4 character slots, 1 of which can be a Lord choice. The important thing to look at is the total # of characters (which is 4 at that points level). I understand how he could come to that conclusion, but if you ask around, you'll find he is (and his group) are quite outnumbered in this interpretation.

22-12-2006, 23:10
I just second everything the others said, you are right, he is wrong. He may NEVER have more then 4 "choices" in 2000+ points...

*edit* Yeah, unless you play 3000+ or something of course, sorry...

23-12-2006, 01:00
Thanks for the confirmation. Sorry I posted it in the wrong section. :)

23-12-2006, 08:33
There was a lenghty discussion about this in the rules section just last week.

In essence, a model that counts as multiple lord/hero choices also counts as multiple character choices, even though it is actually just one physical character model. Unfortunately the wording on the books for these characters tends to be a bit sloppy, which combined with the rather redundant number of hero choices listed separately leads to these misunderstandings every now and then.