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23-12-2006, 00:11
I'm thinking of starting a Tzeecth chaos army. I'd like to start slow and get a small force moving first (like around 500 pts.). I like screamers but I'm not too keen on Horrors.
In terms of Core should I go Marauders or Warriors?
any and all comments would be helpful. Thx!
p.s. what is some worthwhile gear for a aspiring Champ?

23-12-2006, 01:31
A small force is actually impossible to do with Tzeentch, since the mark is so bloody expensive on characters, and you need multiple characters in your list to really make it work. My personal opinion is that Tzeentch only becomes a viable choice at 2000 points or more. Don't worry about expenses, since a horde/daemon army (I don't play with Beastmen, so I can't give you any advice on this) will still probably contain 60 or so models max. If you want one or two of my own lists as a starting point, just drop me a PM.

And the best equipment for an aspiring champion is an upgrade to exalted :D
Most chaos players only take an aspiring champion as a battle standard bearer. For all other purposes, and exalted is the better choice for a measly 20 points more. Try and find a magic item that gives you all those bonuses for 20 points...

Finally, this kind of thread really should be in the tactics section. Would you mind posting it there next time? It keep fantasy general from becoming even more cluttered than it already is :)