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23-12-2006, 09:40
Talons of Ulthuan vs Tenpole Tudor

I had a christmas friendly with Thors team and dispite my higher team rating I had a hard game beating him. For his handicap Thor got Greatest and Iron man. Greatest was redundant os Frank whom was out this match anyway was off. The first Touchdown was a messy affair after the elves took down my Gutter runner so Eddie stepped in to spike the ball with his claws and get the touchdown.
The elves equalized in to turns showing of their passing and dodging flair.

The TT were prevented from getting a second touchdown by the lion warrior catcher making a long blitz on my GR. I was ablt to retrieve the ball but could only get to the square before the touchdown.

The second half starting going badly for TT with three BH's by turn two including the Rat ogre. A lucky failed block by the elf ball carrier saw the ball placed in the hands of Columbia who then sprinted to the endzone followed by Gerald. Gerald overtook and Columbia handed off the ball to score the touchdown.

The last four turns ended up with a squabble for the ball. TT now outnumbered had to rely on block skill to hold the elf tide back.

End result 2 - 1. This was a recovery game for TT and it went well with no more injuries however on Eddies skill roll he got an aging injury of -av. His career will end shorter than expected especial with teams wanting revenge for that claw.

23-12-2006, 15:32
This was a well played game on Tenpole's part and he gave me a lot of trouble moving the ball. Mostly I couldn't hit the enite game due to my players having no skills, however I feel I definitly made a game of it. In the second half I was actually on the go ahead drive but a bad decision on my part, 2d blitzing with the ball carrier (who had block) gave me double skulls no reroll. This ended up going the other way and eventually the Skaven scored. Then with time running out I made a mad scramble down the pitch but again could not get the ball in the endzone (even had a player free).

Other notes include despite the fact that I had no skills and Tenpole had claw and mb I ended up with 3-4 bh and a si and no casualties myself. Not a bad showing for the elves. Also the "noble" high elves proved to be a little dirty shoving the Rat Ogre into the crowd early in the 2nd half (had to get rid of him). I ended up skilling two players with block and geting enough money to buy a Dragon Warrior.

So all in all a great game that left me a feeling a bit empty at missing out on a potential upset. Thanks again to my opponent for a great game and hope to meet him on the pitch again... we in the HE nobility never forget....

23-12-2006, 18:46
Elftown Lions vs Talons of Ulthuan.

I see you played a quick game, well done Elftown lions. Any comments from the coaches on their game?