View Full Version : grudge of drong for download (in de.)

darren redstar
23-12-2006, 15:31
whislt idly surfing the gw web sites I saw that the german site has the old warhammer campaign packs available for download on pdf.
http://www.games-workshop.de/warhammer/voelker/zwerge/artikel/drong/index.shtm (http://www.games-workshop.de/warhammer/voelker/zwerge/artikel/drong/index.shtm)
is there anywhere where these ar available in english?
I was bidding for this on ebay earlier this year for a present for a dwarf playing pal, but was outbid
I feel some what anxious that If I write to gw in the uk about it they might realise that these are on the german site and take them down

Finn Sourscowl
23-12-2006, 18:03
Ooooo... That'd be great if they did post them in English! :)

I don't think they'd take them down if someone wrote to them... if they've got them up it's cause they want them there... i hope!!

23-12-2006, 21:19
Heh thanks, I'll read it in german. Es ist wichtig, sprachen zu kennen...