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23-12-2006, 18:55
Talons of Ulthuan TR/Str 121/117 High Elf vs Elftown Lions TR/Str 118/94 Elf

This game hurt...

Talons start the game off in typica fashion and knoc some elves down and stunning them. A good sign, however they would not be able t inflict a single casualtie all game. They quickly score but each team loose a player due to ejection.

The Lions were able to hit the Talons hard inflicted a niggling injury and a badly hurt. This combined with the ejection short changed the Talons all game. Despite the best efforts of Azreal to coordinate his team to defend the Lions skillfully dodged away and were able to score.

Defining moment of the mach was at the end of the 1s half when the Talons could have went up 2-0 on the Lions but it was not to be. The HE needed to dodge out and pick up the ball and then throw to the endzone with a quick pass a 2+,2,2,2 play. However a failed dodge roll caused the player to get BH.

Two loses in a row have the Ulthuan faithful calling for Azreal's head. Many question if he has the troops behind him after he failed to get the job done in the 2nd half, when he recieved the ball and failed to score after a drawn out scrim. The Everqueen gave Azreal a vote of confidence, but if the Talons performance doesn't improve during the upomming tournament they may be looking a a new general manager.

23-12-2006, 19:06
I watched the game replay and could not believe that second touchdown. What a loss. And against commoners.

23-12-2006, 19:17
I think anyone watching that reply and seeing the major choke job my elves did anytime they got near the ball can definitly understand my frustration level right now with these guys. They play like those low class ag3 teams :) Need another game to redem myself lol.

24-12-2006, 13:17
Talons of Ulthuan 1 - 2 Elftown Lions

On a bright winters day a friendly between the Ulthuaners and their low-born cousins turned out to be anything but friendly.

Receiving, the Talons blocking proved effective with the first three blocks resulting in two stunned and one KOed Lion but an application of boot to the Lion's catcher was spotted and the offending Talon banned from the match. Eager for revenge the Lion Blitzer well and truly blitzed, seriously injuring a Talon lineman. The Talons then quickly moved the ball down the pitch to their catcher. The Elftown catcher then snake eyed a dodge to allow the Talons to take a turn 3 lead.

The Lions then began their reply but an early return foul was again spotted by an eagle eyed ref. The Lions tried to break with a lineman who was quickly taken down by the Talons but they failed to recover the ball. The Lions swarmed and tried to knock the ball free but the bounces favoured the Talons and gifted them possession. The Talons again broke down the pitch but the Lions were able to fell the ball carrier with a suicidal blitz. The Talons again proved incapable of recovering the ball but had many tackle zones on the spilled ball. All the Lions could do was mark as many players as possible and hope for a failed roll in the absence of re-rolled. This came to pass with an unfortunate Talon BH himself on a failed dodge. The Lions then managed to knock the ball free, run back up the pitch and pass between the Talons to score a turn 8 equaliser.

The second half started with 9 vs 8 in the Talons favour with the Lions aiming to retain possession, something they had failed badly to do in the first half. Things started badly with their blitzer KOed. The Lions pushed up a wing but the superior Talon numbers allowed them to mark the ball carrier. Some badly thought out blocks made the task difficult but the catcher was able to dodge through the Talon line and sprint the Lions into a 2-1 lead.

The next drive started with the Talons caging, looking to break an opening through the Lions lines. With the Lions reduced from parity with two KOs and the Lion catcher again snake eying, this time on a GFI to mark the Talon ball carrier the Talons sensed an opportunity with time running out. However the Lions were able to fell the ball carrier and luckily recover the ball. With the Talons only able to push back the Lion defender broke free and passed to a free Lion with the other player forming the best cage they could. The Talon blitz again failed and the Lions had managed to hold on.

26-12-2006, 11:32
Naggorite Nevermore vs Tenpole Tudor

Played another friendly recovery game With Naggorite Nevermore.
Again Elvis still cannot catch a ball. mind you the elves could not pick up the ball very well as it was raining.
TT got two touchdowns in the first half.
The second half was dominated by NN Boldheart thwarting TT scoring plans and enabling a touchdown for NN.

Final score 2-1

29-12-2006, 16:55
Marvel Zombies TR/Str 129/120 Undead vsTalons of Ulthuan TR/Str 135/130 High Elf

Quick update on games around the league. First we got the zombies vs the talons in friendly play. Look here as the zombies are sustaining a drive here and the only ghoul gets knocked down by a knee on knee hit by the high elf, he had to be taken off the field on a stretcher and was taken to the hospital for x-rays with whats being called a "lower body injury". The talons would lead on in typical fashion and score. The Zombies try to come back late in this game but a bit too late and the Talons take this one 2-1.