View Full Version : So, what can you tell me about Confrontation?

23-12-2006, 21:58
A couple of people have express interest at my local shop, but I am not sure what it is..

29-12-2006, 01:38
Rackham's skirmish/fantasy game. Nice figures, about GW price and come with the basic rules in the pack, think mordheim/necromunda scale so you don't need loads to play although there is a WFB equivalent game available using same figures/factions.

There are mixed opinions on the quality of the rules, some poor translation on the finer points probably doesn't help, so possibly not a quick n easy system.

29-12-2006, 01:50
I got a rulebook and figs cheap and they are on the way. Some guys in the shop are intersted in starting it.

30-12-2006, 12:38
Think Mordheim in size. Cost for a warband is about half a GW army.

The big difference is that itīs not a fight to the death game but scenario driven. Itīs harder to discuss 'cheese' in this game since not much is always useful in all scenarios. Beginners tend to clutter up boards with whinging over models rampaging through their own ranks and then has no answer to the question to what scenario he or she usually plays.

Fighting is basically that you add WS to a die vs opponents WS plus a die (highest wins) and you get one attack per model plus one per model that it is fighting. Further you can use an attack to parry with instead of trying to kill.

Armour and toughness is one stat that is compared to the attackers strength. The difference is added or subtracted to a roll on a damage table. Every model basically have four hit points but they can get hurt for one to killed outright on the table.

The system is much more scaled in power than GW's "kill or nothing" approach. There are few times when you really can take it for given how a fight will go.