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23-12-2006, 23:18
I picked up an unopened LOTR:ROTK box for $20. So now I am hooked on the game. I am going to expand the Mordor and Gondor forces in the box to represent the battle of Minas Tirith. I was wondering what you recommend outside of the starter box...what should I add a Ringwraith..etc.

24-12-2006, 00:06
The best way to expand either army in my opinion is with the relevant Battlehost box. You get get a good force in each, and it gives you options to further expand the army in different directions.

With characters, have a look through your rulebook to see which characters you like the most. Boromir is always a good buy for Gondor, though you may prefer to expand using Faramir and his rangers.

With evil, I can't go past the Mordor trolls and troll chieftains. Gothmog is also a good buy.

Sniper Kelly
24-12-2006, 01:05
I would go for 1 or 2 captains/lesser heroes for each side first, and then add some mobility in the form of cavalry

24-12-2006, 09:41
That's the best idea. Get a command group, and maybe a named hero for each side. Then, get some cav, and start to play larger and larger games.

Try to push the point limit up to about 500 points, and you should be in for some good games.