View Full Version : which daemon chaos would have the least amount of figures?

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24-12-2006, 18:09
im looking into getting started with chaos but i dont want anything that will distract me too much from my high elves, so i would like to pick a daemon chaos army that doesnt require that high of a body count, which one would best suit?

24-12-2006, 18:40
Probably daemonic legion from Storm of Chaos - with daemonic cavalry and chariots you can lower down the model count, and bring more variety.

If you are going to stick to the normal HoC list, most of the daemons are in the 15-16 point range - though screamers, nurglings and mounted daemonettes are significantly more expensive. Bloodletters can also take command groups, which would increase their cost.

If you are going for full 2000 points in the beginning, then a greater daemon and exalted daemon will reap close to a thousand points on their own.

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24-12-2006, 19:14
i was thinking of starting with 1000, which of those armies allows their lord to ride a dragon?

24-12-2006, 19:24
Real daemons cannot ride dragons. A mortal chaos lord from Hordes of Chaos can ride a chaos dragon (and he can also become daemonic by picking a suitable magic item). Alternatively, there is a special character called Galrauch who is a sort of a daemon-dragon.

If you are sticking to a pure daemon force, notice that you will have trouble fielding more than one character in a thousand point force if you are using the basic Hordes of Chaos list (the only daemon character counting as two hero choices). Even in a 2000 point force you are pretty much limited to two characters.

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24-12-2006, 19:31
i like the look of slaneesh the most, are they dependent on their characters?

25-12-2006, 01:44
slaanesh is immune to psych, so mostly they're not terrible dependant. However, as daemons they can be somewhat fragile. (Daemonic Ward saves and such.)

25-12-2006, 08:37
All daemons are immune to psychology, so being Slaanesh daemons does not bring that much of an advantage in that respect.

25-12-2006, 12:30
They do have the best cavalry though. The mounted daemonettes are awesome. They have 2 attacks and can march/charge 20", which means turn 2 your sure to be in range and can take out warmachines with ease.
The daemonettes benefit from the aura of slaanesh, which isn't bad.

27-12-2006, 16:26
I have two daemonic legion armies-- Khorne Daemons and Tzeentch daemons (I have some furies too). I really enjoy my daemons-- they were initially going to be support for some black legion marines that got out of hand and developed into a full 5000 point army once I started painting them because they're fun to paint and play. I find that they are small and often character heavy because you end up spending over a quarter of the points on just one in 1000 points.

28-12-2006, 12:35
Slaanesh I think is the way to go, since:

A: They have super-expensive, super-cool cavalry
B: Their Spawns rock
C: Their normal "infantry" have WS4, S4 and 2 attacks, with 5+ ward...good!
D: Their Greater Daemon is wonderful (especialy with the Forge World model!)
E: They have booooooobies! (couldn't resist, sorry)