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24-12-2006, 23:15
The Christmas Cup

The Christmas Eve Cup
'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except for a mouse

A small furry rat
With a red spikey ball
Was running the pitch length
Trying to score all

But waits, whats that sound
A trampling of hooves?
Is that our friend rudolf
Who trots as he moves?

No, tis a Centaur
All scay and strong
Because skaven teams winning
Is so very wrong

And so with a thunder
A block and a POW!
The poor rat was blitzed
And died with an "ow!"

And the Centaur did win
As he does most his fights
So Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night!

http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/4908/cupft6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Thanks to Autobot for his lovely verse.

25-12-2006, 00:16
wo0t wo0t... we are the champions my friend....

25-12-2006, 00:48
Just a quick report on the games and eventualy I will get up a bit of a skit.

Talons of Ulthuan vs Naggorite Nevermore

This was a really rough game with the talons keeping t n the ground and pounding it out hoping to cause casualties and make it easier defending. This worked with 5 casualties being inflicted. The resulting ball control led the game to a slow 2-0 win for the Talons.

Talons of Ulthuan vs New Zaggarund Quakes -Cup Match-

This was a match I was dreading. However the Talons stuck it out wit some good timely blitzes and dodging in order to dance away and score. However the real story of the game was the Centeur's who kept defying all logic and dodged repeatidly (some times through tackle zones) and scored two TD's. When the game went to overtime the Talons were short handed but stil managed to dodge out of harms way and score a TD. The slow witted CD team could not react quick enough to the HE kick off and the HE's nvaded the backfield. Eventally the Elves knocked down the hobgoblins in the backfield and were able to get the ball scoring late in the OT period, leaving the CD with 1 turn to score two TD's. Great game with only 1 HE being killed, and 3 being badly hurt. The Talons were not availible for comment after the game as they were running away... Hopefully we will be able to get an interview shortly....

Edit: Link for anybody interested....


25-12-2006, 03:41
Tom- Welcome sports fans, to another addition of sports center!

Harry will not be joining us tonight as he has been eaten by the 10th Street Ogre Bullies after there disappointing lose in the XFL League. Disappointing, however on a positive note we welcome a new member to the team Gh’azgull!

Ghaz- Oi, Gh’azgul like smashy football….

Tom- Right you are Ghaz, let’s get into it with an exclusive interview with General Manager and player Azreal of the Talons of Ulthuan.


Ghaz- Why are you so puny and weak?

Azreal- We come from a long line of nobility which builds are agility and gracefulness not brute force, Orc.

Ghaz- Orcs crush Elves.

Azreal- ….

Ghaz- Why did puny Elves leave game without party?

Azreal- Chaos Dwarves do not take losing lightly and we thought it would be best if we just got out of there and as far away from the stadium as possible. After we got back we had one drink, man were we ever smashed.

Ghaz- During your first game, elf foul elf. Noble?

Azreal- We certainly did not. I think if you look at the tape you’ll see that the blitzer was taken down with a legal hit, at which point his groin area fell on Athena’s foot. Blood Bowl is a rough sport, I’m sure the league will agree with me on that one.

Ghaz- Elves don’t like you before, what about now?

Azreal- Before the Christmas Cup, I’d heard the rumors but I think my performance today shows that I am the rightful captain of this squad.

25-12-2006, 10:16
Tenpole Tudor vs New Zaggarund Quakes

A shame this game could have been so much for the skaven but thwarted by a compination of bad luck and the usual frailty of av7 armour.
Double skulls were predominate on both teams. A potential match winning opening blitz by the Rat ogre failed with two skulls, Frank got taken out very early, Von scott brave dash for the ball failed a last go for it, has he passed a touchdown would have been scored and worst of all my precious Gerald was SI with a niggling injury.
Events were not great for NZQ either as Tenpole Rat ogre killed the star player Rugg hero of the winter season B games.
The second half failed miserably when Elvis still not comprehending the idea of the ball was handed the ball but threw it back saying he did not want it. After this the NZQ were in a position to surround the TT and eventual break then down and get the ball to score the only touchdown of the game.