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25-12-2006, 19:29
ok, ive been thinking about starting a chaos army for a while now and ive finally came to start a cult slaanesh army featuring dark elves and chaos, has anyone ever made one? and if so, whats it like?



25-12-2006, 20:56
Of course "somebody" did a CoS army before. :rolleyes:

Basically, it's Dark Elves combined with very hard-hitting units (Chaos Knights, Daemonettes, eventually chaos knights, ... hitting harder then regular druchii) and a magic lore which is considered better than Dark Magic. Many people will tell you "ZOMG, it's not tournament legal!!!!!!1:eek: :eek: :eek: " but ...whatever. I mean, do you really want to participate tournaments? No, indeed.

If you're looking for more in-depth information, I suggest a visit at www.druchii.net which is a formidable database for knowledge about everything concerning CoS and DE armies. Just use the search-function there and loads of tactical/background/modelling musings about cult of slaanesh will open up to you.

25-12-2006, 21:36
You might just wanna check the Cult of Pleasure army list which was published by GW two years ago. To me you sound like you kinda missed the Storm of Chaos during which it turned up.

*click* (http://uk.games-workshop.com/download/download.htm?/darkelves/cultofslaanesh/assets/slaanesh-cult-armylist.pdf)

26-12-2006, 18:10
I'm pretty sure that's what he means by Cult of Slaanesh anyway?

It's a very fun and brilliant army to build.

26-12-2006, 20:46
I'd say to beware, SoC lists are no longer tournament legal, which is fine when you're playing with friends, but I think in a couple of years time when the new chaos book comes out, the list will be obsolete and you'll end up with half a slaanesh army and half a dark elf army

I'm probably just being cynical because it's christmas

26-12-2006, 21:41
You might just wanna check the Cult of Pleasure army list which was published by GW two years ago. To me you sound like you kinda missed the Storm of Chaos during which it turned up.


yes i have seen it. thank you for your concern though

26-12-2006, 21:44
but what im trying to say is: is it a waste of time or money? (so i should do a straight up chaos army) or is worth doing and a lot of fun?

26-12-2006, 22:07
Worth doing.
Besides, if you don't like it, most of the Dark Elf units can be used as "counts as" Chaos Slaanesh units or Dogs of War, like here (http://www.warmongerclub.com/articles/2004gt/jl_slaanesh1.html).

26-12-2006, 22:28
true, your units of warriors could 'count as' marauders, cold one knights as chaos knights, annointed could be exalted champions....although you'd have to re-base them all.

you'd still have no place for RxB warriors and RBTs however...

personally I would say to do a pure chaos army, but that's my opinion and shouldnt really influence your decision, you should collect what you feel is the most enjoyable army (both playing and painting) I personally think that the cult is a bit of a jack-of-all trades type army, they have good magic, good fighters and good missile troops too, however they probably wont be as powerful in combat as a pure slaanesh army, as you cannot upgrade knights and warriors to chosen, plus you can only have a single unit of knights. You also lose access to exalted champions and daemon princes, both of which are handy options

good luck with whatever you choose!

27-12-2006, 09:04
SoC lists are no longer tournament legal

I guess you meant GW Grand Tournament legal, since all other tournaments can have their own rules (eg. only allowing chaos dwarves and requiring everyone to wear a pink skirt).

That said, with the cult of Slaanesh list you should have the opportunity - should it grow big enough - to eventually field it either as one big CoS list, or as two separate forces (regular dark elves and regular chaos Slaaneshi).

27-12-2006, 09:22
This sacking of the army comes back to the neo obsession people have with GW Tournament lists. I would go for it and buy the units you want to buy as the chances are, even if the new army lists do come out, you'll still want to do something different from time to time and the SoC list is a nice bit o variety. That, and you will be able to engage which bits of the list you like and which bits you dont like, thus leading you to the bigger army you actually want to be playing.

27-12-2006, 14:37
why is everyone saying that COS is not a leagal list anymore? both Chaos and DE codexes are unchanged since the SoC book came out. anyway, back to the question.

yes, I played with a CoS 2500 point list last year in a local 10 game tourney. If you know what you are doing, it can be devastating, but being I am not all that a great tactician with DE's I would get my behind handed to me in most of my games.

I actually had 2 games that I should have won, but the coldone's stupidity in the last 2 turns made me lose! it was so sad!

The pros:

1. THe annointed one is one of the coolest characters in the game. I even think with some luck he can rival Vamp Count lords.

2. Shades count as core! This comes in handy.

3. You get to use Chaos Worriors as Special

4. the 0-1 witchs in CoS are better than the witches in normal DE army, but still have no armor and a T3

5. take 4 bolt throwers (2 for each rare choice). If you have good dice rolling skills and luck, this WILL be devastating.

6. You can use furies (for war maching hunting)


1. High point costs, so your army is pretty small

2. THe annointed counts as a lord choce, though he is NOT allowed to be the general. SO then that leaves your general to be a low level mage. THe CoS general MUST be a mage. Unless you are plauying 3000+ games, this is a draw back.

3. Chaos knights take up 2 rare choices!!! So if you use them, you can NOT use ANY bolt throwers.

4. No exceutioners allowed! too bad.

5. Dark Riders now a special choice.

So prettyy much the DE's with the help of CHaos make them a little harder hitting. Imagine Chaos Worriors, Knights, COld one knights, dark riders, along with DE light infantry running around doing battle. Its great when it works for you, but terrible if the plans go wrong.

hope this helped.

27-12-2006, 15:20
my point about official tournament legality is based on the fact that unlike myself, many people here are big tournament players.

I just think that the SoC lists arent as balanced as they should be, the daemon world army and cult of slaanesh are both overpowered, making up for many of their respective disadvantages.

27-12-2006, 17:05
4. the 0-1 witchs in CoS are better than the witches in normal DE army, but still have no armor and a T3


I'm sure you mean the 1+Devoted of Slaanesh here, rather than the fanatical, Khaine worshipping, Witch Elves.

27-12-2006, 21:25
The Cult of Slaanesh is an excellent combination of the hardhitting Chaos models and the ranged skill of the Dark Elves. The cult has good magic as your able to combine Dark magic with Slaanesh. The models choice is great and the daemonettes, mounted ot not, are devastating. They are fast (20" charge range) and have two strength 4 attacks each. I personally leave Chaos Knights alone as there are far better choices in the rare slots such as the repeater bolt throwers. I would personally go for a Dark Elf High Sorceress as the Lord choice as the Anointed is great, but far too expensive.
I love this army and couldn't care less if it's tournament friendly or not!