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26-12-2006, 15:52
Quick intro, my bro and I are brand new to WH40K, we don't know anyone who plays, so you guys are our "go to" guys.

Several questions about the SM BF MKII kit that my brother bought. The box says it includes:
5 combat squad
5 space marine scouts

1. There were instructions for putting together the space marine scouts. At the beginning of the instructions it lays out all "plastic piece sheets" needed for construction. None of these seem to be in the box. Is this an oversight on our part (i.e. can they be put together from pieces included in other sheets) or is the kit incomplete?

2. There are no instructions for putting together the combat squad, further when checking the codex, there is no mention of them either. Looking at the box, they seem to look exactly like the tactical squad. So, WTF?:wtf: Are they the same? different weapons? how are they different?

Thanks for any help

26-12-2006, 15:55
All the components to assemble the Scouts should be in the box, probably on one or two sprues. I haven't picked up the new plastic scouts yet (I still have 20+ old metal ones!) so I'm not sure.

As for the combat squad, it's just a Tac Squad with 5 less marines and no command sprue (no heavy/special weapon or Vet Sgt bits).

26-12-2006, 21:52
I have not looked at the newer boxed sets but the sprues I got before the 4th Ed models had the sprues numbered so you knew what went with what. I bought the Battle for Macragge set and it was that way as well. My 'Nids all had numbers for each model to show what arms and legs went with each base model. I betcha that the new marine sets are the same.

Did you get the codex as well? If so, I recommend you read thru the squad armaments and see what you think would work best for you; before cutting and glueing together.

If you want a friendly suggestion, play a couple of game together with your models unarmed or proxied. That way you can see how certain weapons work, that way you can mod/assemble your models to your way of play.

Correct me if I am wrong folks.

26-12-2006, 21:56
i think ur wrong, as my brother collects space marines and i am soon to get a battleforce, but pieces should be recognisable and look in the Codex for weapons availiable for the squad as, when i got my first box of catachans, i gave them 2 flamers per squad becaus i hadn't checked the codex:chrome:

26-12-2006, 22:32
CG, I fail to see why anything you said makes Nappin' wrong. Dry-assembling models and playing around with different proxied kit is a good idea.

27-12-2006, 00:47
Well personally I don't see this as a noob question, a newby one maybe...

Anyway combat squads are just tacs with lesser member in it, ie 5, if you're really dareing try giving them a ravorback (i think that's it, the rhino with lascannons)

scouts should be in thier, they are the barly armoured marines with the box like heads, lol. If you are srtuggeling, try going back to where you bought the box and ask a staffer to hlep you, if they can't find it exchange it for another.

Also what race does your bro play, if he is thinking of nids, get the maccrage box, gives you another squad of marines and some nice terrian.