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26-12-2006, 23:39
So, this is what I got on ebay recently:

(all in blisters)
3x Ork Savage Gunships
4x Ork Ravanger Attak Ships
3x Ork Brute Ramships
3x Ork Terrorships
3x Ork Kroozers

Do you think this is a good start to an ork fleet? what more should I add to it?

(I might split it in half with my Brother, who actually HAS an ork army for 40K ;) )

27-12-2006, 12:53
don't know much about Orks but all that looks pretty handy. you must have quite a bit there. Depending on the fleets you face up against, you'll probably want to change it around a bit as needs change. If you do split it with your brother make sure you have a nice "all round" fleet to field or you may get stomped...

27-12-2006, 16:25
Thats plenty for a good fleet, You'll have easily over 4000 points in ships there.

I advise you to read firebase #1 for more info on building an ork fleet...since I wrote the article ;)

27-12-2006, 17:03
That's 3 blisters of each escort, not 3 models of each escort right?

If it's just 3 models of each, then I'd grab a few more to help you reach 1500 points.

If it's 3 blisters of each, then I'd say you look pretty balanced.

Good luck. Orks are a tough fleet to play with.

Goq Gar
27-12-2006, 17:51
After reading the codex, I was convinced they'd be easy to play. Tons of brute ram ships and kill kroozers to support them! :D

27-12-2006, 20:46
After reading the codex, I was convinced they'd be easy to play. Tons of brute ram ships and kill kroozers to support them! :D

You'd be wrong. Poor leadership, lower maneuverability, spontaneous effectiveness and low turrets and shields will leave your fleet very vulnerable to every other fleet out there.

28-12-2006, 00:08
those are all in blisters, so its like 12 of the basic ships , 9 of the larger, and 3 of the terror and kroozer

** goes to download FB1

29-12-2006, 11:19
No Onslaughts?
You have a lot (maximum) of Kroozers with relatively few escorts for an Ork fleet, that translates to less firepower in combat.
My typical skwadron consists of 4 Onslaughts and 2 Ravagers, I take as many of these as I can fit in the fleet.
My Brutes are used in skwadrons of 3 or 4, very good at disposing of enemy escorts if you get to ram.
These are backed up with Terror ships, always have a warlord aboard. I don't use the Kill Kroozer as carrier ability is more important than flank 'eavy gunz.
If you face Eldar or Space Marine fleets fit them with mines.
In big battles my flagship is a Hammer class battlekroozer.
Roks are easy to make and are brutally efficient at disposing of anything that comes close. Stick a blob of green stuff on a flying base, then use standard milliput to produce the cratered asteroid by wrapping it round the GS and pushing the blunt end of a brush into it, add a few random bits of debris/glyphs and turrets and there you have it.