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26-12-2006, 23:37
Reports are flooding in of NZQ taking on significantly weaker elf teams to build up their players. Zhazrak has become a deadly opponent. Hobgoblins caught up in the mad push for SPP have been caught in the crossfire and elves and hobgoblins litter the fields in blood

Elftown Lions have been so badly beaten they have retired from the league and been disbanded.

The Greyseer warlock of the Tenpole Tudors made a statement that the dwarf team is nothing to worry about. Faced with stronger opponents they crumble.

27-12-2006, 02:03
I suppose if I was beaten badly by High Elves, I would want to build my players up too ;)

I think whats happening here is some coaches don't have the experience in dealing with bashy teams like this. I've watched more then a few games now and I do believe I'm right.... I mean CD are hard to beat at the best of times; then you give them a good coach and there going to do what there meant to do, which is bash the opposition so they can't score while allowing them to walk TD's in with leasure.

I hope Gres is just making another team and not actually leaving the league.

27-12-2006, 08:04
Gres IS NOT leaving the league, he has a premiership team, a very good premiership team.

Now some our teams are as strong as the premiership ,maybe we can join all teams together.

Autobot HQ
27-12-2006, 08:10
Breaking news just in, we go now LIVE to the Thunderdome, homeground of the New Zaggarund Quakes, where Chairman of the Board Lord Iscariot prepares to make his statement:

"We were defeated by the High Elves in the Christmas Eve Cup, which we reached by defeating the Tenpole Tudor who last time we checked WEREN'T Elves. We offered those same High Elves a repeat game, but they refused us, after already beating us once! We seek out games, regardless of who they are. Is it our fault that the leaders of our Division, the Xini Warseers, slink and hide away? Is it our fault that Crymson Thunder or Marvel Zombies are not available for these warm up games?

We here at the NZQ openly challenge any team online when we are available. We make no allusions to the fact that we bring the pain train baby, woo! We play hard and if the elves can't hang with that, then they should do what the Christmas Eve Cup winners did, and run for the hills, because the next stop for this pain train is the Division One Title!"

Back to you guys in the studio...

27-12-2006, 08:48
I suppose if I was beaten badly by High Elves, I would want to build my players up too ;)

Oh yes you beat him in the Christmas Eve cup. You must have had a higher TR than NZQ to get beat him so badly. AV8 isn't it?

27-12-2006, 13:45
Nah actualy I had lower TR. Also, just for the record I did turn down a game with the NZQ, because I need certain skills in order to deal with his players (mainly DP....).

27-12-2006, 13:59
Not sure if this is where you getting "pain train" from but here you go....


Autobot HQ
27-12-2006, 14:46
I'm at work so can't confirm what that is, but unless it's 'Terrible' Terry Tate, it's not the Pain Train I'm thinking of lol ;)

27-12-2006, 14:48

"You can't come into my house and steal a box full of ball point pens, your %$# must be crazy"

27-12-2006, 17:15
Hey hey, welcome to Oldworld News, we are here again with Xini Warseers team coach Riddy, how does it feel to have won the Div1 winter season

"Ribbity ribbit, croak croak, ribbit?"

Um....yeeeaaa and do you have any reply to the allegations made by the NZQ that you "slink and hide away"


Er....um...i...um...i dont...emm...er...what?

"Fine fine i'll speak you're low language i was just enjoying the look of horror on your face when you realised i was croaking and not talking heehee, anyway we are not slinking and hiding, we are celebrating a mighty victory with a week long feast and the team are enjoying a few Xac Xanielz and pool water, we would never turn down a challenge even from the NZQ, although we dont like having to play like pansy elves we will just have to against them, Titch and Wixhy look forward to running rings around them again and someone gave Setra a cool aid fountain for his christmas"

Oh, anything else you would like to add for the fans out there

"Yea, Global Warming for the win"

Er...ok, see you next time folks.

27-12-2006, 17:47
Quote:Autobot Coach of the Cherry Pickers " Right that's it, enough of the cherry remarks ratboy. You, Me, tonight. The Pain Train is pulling into Skavenblight Baby, Woo Woo!"

If I get get in front of the queue, the premiership teams want a crack at you to put you in your place.

Autobot HQ
27-12-2006, 19:51
Another breaking news story Grosh'nGeorge, we go live now to the Eye In The Sky Garrik The Dwarf in his gyrocopter:

"...Oh my ... Oh my oh my ..."

Seems like the now retired skaven team Tenpole Tudor felt the full might of the Pain Train after all.
When you back it up, you ain't bragging. So much for the grey seers predictions.

28-12-2006, 18:54
Looks like we have a public enemy no.1 team to replace the Foul Peak Frenzy gutters who do have the decency to actually die occasionally.

28-12-2006, 18:58
I guess were going to have to pick on the hobgobblins to make ourselves feel good hehe. Browny points to anyone who kills a centeur (fouls are preferd!).

29-12-2006, 13:04
Word is not coming in that the Grand Necromancer Gres has raised Tomb and Gloom (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=319822) to counter the growing Chaos Dwarf threat through sheer terrible punnery.

29-12-2006, 15:59
I guess were going to have to pick on the hobgobblins to make ourselves feel good hehe. Browny points to anyone who kills a centeur (fouls are preferd!).

Already have done, if it wasn't for that damn apoth

Might just have to do it again next week when i get back into playing again.