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Sir Phobos
27-12-2006, 18:46
I was thinking of doing a map based campaign that would incorporate all of the elements of the 40k Universe, well most of them at least. The campaign would have a Battle Fleet Gothic component, with a twist of fighting out some of the boarding actions on specially made 40k boards. The attackers would have like 300-400pts(basically like a squad of terminators or 2-3 squads of storm troopers stuff like that) and the defenders would have like 200-300 pts or so to defend. These boarding actions would have a turn limit to complete their objectives to make them quicker and more real like. It would also include, depending on how many people wanted to Epic scale planetary invasions, 40k battles and skirmishes and stuff. I think the best way to do it would be like an turn based strategy game across a solar system of space, making up a little story about why each race would be there, and then having like 8-10 planets of varying sizes. You would have to defeat your enemy in space before you could mount an invasion and depending on the amount of ships you have left would dictate how many troops you could land. Then each planet would be broken up into continents, which people would have to fight to control. Continents would also give you small bonuses, then if you control the who world that would give you an even bigger bonus. Anyway if you sat through my rant than I would like your opinion on whether you think this could be interesting, have a lot of people already done stuff like this? If so how did it turn out?

27-12-2006, 19:32
I think it a nice idea. 200 points however is too few for 40k, and necromunda's ruleset is much better for smaller games.... necrons couldn't even be getting 2 troops choices at that points...

27-12-2006, 20:15
I'd think Combat Patrol and Kill-team are already good ways of representing boarding missions, on the GW site there's even a Space Hulk style Killteam game.

As for planets/continents I'd cut down on the number of planets, keep it to 3-4 at most, otherwise your campaign may be too big/overwhelming to be interesting, with people having trouble to engage each other for a fight. Unless you're hosting 100+people, of course...

Golden Rule: keep it simple, but fun. Otherwise people will drop out halfway.

I like the idea of giving a bonus for ruling a particular continent/planet, but will these bonuses affect the campaign or the games? I remember the Eye of Terror campaign used cards that allowed people rerolls or units in their games, but some bonuses also applied to the effect the game had on the campaign itself...WD 291/292 contained these for club-size EoT campaigns, as well as help on how to organise it...could be useful.

Why not share some more information, and develop your system on the forum? May have to move this thread to Rules Development in that case though...

Sir Phobos
27-12-2006, 21:22
What do you think of having different objectives to a campaign, so it’s not just wipe everyone out? I thought to keep it simple and since there are defiantly more imperial players than other races and its kind of hard to think up real reasons for ultra marines to fight blood angels and imperial guard on a grand scale you could have small 40k engagements or BFG battles dude to sensor malfunctions or faulty intel or something. The imperial players would therefore have to re-conquer all the planets in the system same with the tau, cause there are a lot of tau players as well. Where as say the eldar and dark eldar will have to conquer only small continents to get clues to try and find a special artifact, haven’t figured out what the will be though. I want to kind of make a story to go with this campaign but the last one someone did for fantasy had to much role-playing involved for a lot of people which is why I think it kind of fell apart. There needs to be structure to a Campaign I think to make it more like a game and keep it going, rather than ok what do you want to do now. Plus this way there will be a winner and not just a never-ending thing.

27-12-2006, 21:43
Different objectives can be difficult to achieve. It needs to be balanced, so it may need playtesting. You could, however, take a central objective. A sacred artifact that is wanted by every faction. To keep it balanced try to form teams. Eldar and Tau would ally, as would Chaos and Dark Eldar (possibly).
Trying to find reasons why blue fights blue can be difficult, but far from impossible. Perhaps the artifact warps the mind of the Blood Angels, changing them in blood-crazed nutters, attacking their allies in their lust for blood.
Imperial Guard can always be traitors. As can Smurfs.

max the dog
28-12-2006, 05:07
Why such small battles? Is that all you guys can put together or is there a desire for quick battles?
You guys could decide to modify the Warband Rules and Skirmishes for Warhammer Fantasy to a 40K campaign. This past summer a few buddies and I put together a 4 man map campaign with the Warband rules and managed 9 battles in one very long day. My Wood Elves took a close 2nd place to Dark Elves but still beat out Skaven and Dwarves. It was probably the best time I've had playing fantasy in years despite the fact that no battle was over 500pts.
Here's an idea for a 40K map campaign using Kill Teams that's similair to the Warbands campaign I fought in; use a Risk board game for the map (we used the Lord of the Rings Risk map) and assign each territory a minor Kill Team rule.
Each territory owned allows them to take an extra 5pts above the 125 in a standard Kill Team.
The Kill Team list that holds that territory gets to break the rule on it without penalty. If a player holds all territories in a continent they get to break one of the big immutable Kill Team rules with any Kill Team list they own.
Each player runs 1 Kill Team list for every 2 territories they have and they can't be changed once the game starts except when that Kill Team captures a new territory and the change must reflect the territory captured (but it doesn't have to).
Every second territory lost eliminates a Kill Team list and it must be the Kill Team that lost the last battle.
Every second territory won creates a new Kill Team and it must be identical to the kill team that won the last battle.

Sir Phobos
28-12-2006, 14:13
The small battles are only for the boarding actions for BFG, just to simulate a small boarding party going to a single spot on the ship. There will be full scale 40k games as well. Thanks for the ideas guys/gals

max the dog
29-12-2006, 03:49
There's nothing wrong with small battles. You can play a heck of a lot of them in one night rather than one big battle. Some of my favorite battles are only 500 points on a 4x4 board. Things move very fast and game turns flip between players quickly.
You could say that the first battle will start at 500 points on a 4x4 board but grow 100 points per round. At 1000 points the battles are played on a 4x6 and grow by 200 points. At 2000 points declare a winner take all mega battle on a 6x8. It would take 10 battles to get to this point so you'd be looking at some decent game time.
Ya know I'm starting to get some idea's for starting a 40K campaign with the guys I game with. Let us know how your campaign turns out and I'll fill you in on mine.