View Full Version : [NECRO] Rulebook alterations

28-12-2006, 14:53
The printed rulebook and the online version have differences, most notably pages 78 & 79 (Goliaths don't get lasguns...:p get boltguns instead???:wtf: )
I'll assume the Orlock leader only weapons list is a typo.
Is there any definative list of the changes and does either version take precidence?

Lord Humongous
28-12-2006, 16:11
The online version is more current, having undergone a yearly rules review and revision. That's why its called the "Living Rulebook"- its always the most current. The printed version most likely is the version they had when they originally re-issued the game.

(And yes, Goliaths don't get lasguns as a house weapon. They don't focus on ranged combat, and so get either simple weapons, or noisy, impressive ones. I think autoguns work well for them, as it saves cash for more pistols and ccws. Also, many, many players simply IGNORE the house weapon rules, as they were never a part of the original pre-reissue game.)

28-12-2006, 18:17
And Specialist Games has a downloadable document of what changes were made from the original version to the current one.