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29-12-2006, 08:18
Well now, what have we here? Another project log you say? Really? There's an original thought. Ah, well...


I now finally have the means to do my own project log, after contemplating doing one for MONTHS now. In other words, I finally got a *******' camera. So now I don't have try to "borrow" (read: steal) my fiancee's camera. It's not a huge, great, uber-camera, but it takes clear enough pictures and has a macro function. The rest I can deal with on my computer :)

Sadly, though, I have no pictures for you just now... I know, I know, if I'm starting the log I should have pictures, right?! The nerve of me...

Well, I only just in the last few hours returned home from a six-day trip to the parental units' house for a Christmas visit, and it's a rather long trek to get there and back (about a nine-hour drive or so). I'm tired, exhausted, in need of my own bed, and my lazy ass has yet to actually install the camera's software onto my laptop. Pictures will come tommorow morning. Well, later this morning if you wish to be technical, as it's 1 am my time.

Now then, I'm sure you wish to know just what it is I'm logging, hmmm?

Well, for starters, I've got a goal of getting 2,500 points worth of Eldar painted, including likely stripping and re-painting the Eldar I painted when I first got into the hobby five or six years ago. To say the least, those models with a few rare exceptions look like old ass. Those rare exceptions just look like ass. The new painting is based on a darkened Iyanden theme for my own craftworld, called Mielnan. The base colors are Shadow Grey and Desert Yellow, which I have found make for a striking combination.

Mixed in with that are a small Tau and a medium-sized IG/DH project. The Tau list army should wind up between 1,500 and 2,000 points, and may wind up being sold depending on how I feel about them (as well as my monetary situation). The paint scheme for them will be rather urbanized: greys, black, and dark blues.

The IG and DH lists will probably be about 1,500-2,000 points apiece, and may or may not be expanded to include 1,000-1,500 points of WH as well. The DH will be more or less "pure" DH, as would any potential WH force, with a few Inquisitors and appropriate retinue/defenders/etc. added on as well.

I've also recently fallen to the dark side of 40k: Space Marines. I'm currently planning and have started to assemble a full company of a chapter of my own design, the Warden Lions. Based off some brief research into my family's history and heraldry, they shall be in whites and blues (the white should rather challenge my painting abilities; as of yet I have difficulty doing a "clean" white) and have as much Lion and Shield iconography as possible.

I should also note that I make no pretensions to being a great painter. I consider myself to be pretty average: better than a lot of painters (especially at my local hobby store...), but worse than a lot as well, especially around here. Part of my goal is to use the advice generated in this log to improve my abilities :)

Should be an interesting ride, and I hope you all enjoy. Pics, as I said, will start to come tommorow, after a good breakfast and a few errands.

29-12-2006, 08:48
Well good luck and now get some sleep so we can see some models painted and all of them tomorow morning!!!

Get to sleep! =p (just jking)

I hope u had a fun time though on the family gathering.

Can't wait for pictures.

29-12-2006, 08:51
Sounds like a great start, look forward to pics.



30-12-2006, 05:55
'Twould appear I have pictures for y'all... a touch late, sure, but they're here anyhow.

First off, the seemingly obligatory workspace shot:

30-12-2006, 05:59
Now, what models I have sitting on my shelf:

My IG army:

My Tau army:

A tiny, nigh on insignificant portion of my Eldar army:

I'd have more Eldar out, but the majority of it is still packed away from taking it to the local Hobby Town for some games Friday before last.

There's also some Space Marines, just shy of 900 points worth, but they're packed away as well... I tried to teach my father some rudimentary 40k when I was at my parents' place for Christmas. That was interesting for sure...

But I digress. Next posts have my recent painting, mostly Eldar with a bit of Steel Legion thrown in as well.

30-12-2006, 06:03
First three Wraithguard, I have yet to do the next two past priming them:

Wraithlord, mostly done except for a few detailing bits and basing:

Eight guardians, have two more and two gunners undercoated (not pictured), and a Starcannon platform very WIP (not pictured):

Bit more left...

30-12-2006, 06:12
WIP Falcon (mostly just the bottom and details left to go):

Eight Rangers, of the old version:

Debating whether or not to strip the buggers... they're probably the best work I did back before my hiatus, some four or five years back. I like 'em well enough, but I know I can do better.

Anywho, the Steel Legion:

Most of 'em are done, but a few are going to get a skull painted on their helmets to use as veterans.

That's it for now... more will come tommorow as I get some progress done. Going to do a test Marine (well, if it gets warm enough to spray I will), as well as finish a test Howling Banshee and Dark Reaper (3rd ed models). Then, it'll be some grunt work... building 15 Dire Avengers to go with the just five I've built, painting up a squad of Fire Warriors (thank crap the scheme I'm using for my Tau goes fast...). Maybe work on some more Guardians. Gotta finish a couple of Farseers and some Warlocks, too... gurk...

30-12-2006, 06:24
Looking good. really like the steel legion, but i think thats because i'm biased towards guard :D



30-12-2006, 07:06
Yeah, I really like the way they came out. They're dark without being bleak, and look very "dessecrated Hive World"-y. Plus, a few of the models, one of which is in that group of ten, had a mis-cast eye (guy with his lasgun held up to his left shoulder), so I did it up to look like it's a bionic replacement. Also figured out a pretty simple vox-caster conversion, so some of the future paintings for them will include vox-packs.

31-12-2006, 06:12
Some progress made today, but not as much as I'd hoped. Obviously, since I decided to make goals for the day, little to none of them happened...

Had to make another trip to the bank, and then drove up to Hobby Town to spend a good chunk of what I put in. More Marines for my Warden Lions, the Battleforce, a Command Squad, a Librarian, and a Chappy. Of course, I had to spend a lot of my remaining time in the day assembling parts of these new models, as well as a Dreadnought I've had half-built for ages, which led to this:

Command Squad, Chappy, and Libby:


I've also got a bunch of half-assembled Tac Marines on my desk.

Finished the Wraithlord:

Hmmm, maybe not as done as I'd hoped. Picture caught some detail fixes I need to do... ah, well...

... and based the Rangers, an example of which is below:

Guess this means I'm not stripping them after all...

Also worked on a couple of test models, that Banshee model I referred to in an earlier post, as well as a Swooping Hawk model. Didn't take pictues, tho, as they're not done and while the Hawk looks decent, the Banshee looks quite hideous.

31-12-2006, 06:53
Really, some of the paint looks thick. Your schemes are good though. The flesh seems very flat. Keep it up though! It takes alot of work to create a good project log. Take advice from the pros and practice. The best logs are the ones where the artist developes as he paints more and more models. Take Deadley for an example, some of the most recent models are some of his best.

31-12-2006, 07:00
The Rangers in specific on the thick paints? Yeah, those were done some four and a half years ago before I knew jack diddly about painting models ;) Taking pictures of it all has shown me a few spots where I let paint get thick, but those are still slightly older models that I've since gotten better technique.

As for the flesh... yeah, it does look flat. My fault for not having inks to do proper washes with, and also my fault for totally sucking at faces, especially eyes.

01-01-2007, 17:05
Nice work. you should try highlighting, there are alot of large areas of block colour, even if you just paint straight lines on these areas it will break up some of the colour

01-01-2007, 21:32
I have done some limited highlighting, but it's not much and the photographs seem to have washed most of it out.

I did jack diddly besides a bit of basing yesterday. Been doing a little bit of work today, mostly just building more Marines.

To be honest, I'm struggling a little bit with getting through this. It's a pretty daunting task I've made for myself with all the purchasing I've done in the last year (everything save about 15% of the Eldar has been bought since March). Add that to some personal real life issues I'm having right now, and it's tough for me to stay motivated to work on it all. That's a big part of why I started the log, to try and get some motivation from you guys. Hopefully it pans out, eh? ;)

01-01-2007, 21:47
Well the way I keep motivated is by looking and commenting other blogs and viewing their pics. It keeps me striving to complete my own. Right now my desk is really scaring me! I have about 20 Terminators, 20 Death Korps, and 70 Space Marines on it! Under the desk is my box of Tau that will one day be complete!
Just keep it up man and you'll get it all done!

03-01-2007, 07:02
Gotten some done since my last update. Built some of the 15 on-sprue Avengers I have lying around, as well as the rest of my Space Marines. Still tryin to work out a scheme for those Marines, but thanks to rain today and cold and snow yesterday, I haven't been able to do any spray priming.

Here's an army shot of my Marines, except for about ten Tactical Marines I think:

Oh, and sorry for the ****-poor pictures thus far. I may be a semi-professional photographer, but I'm used to taking pictures of people and landscapes, not 28mm scale models. I use Macro and all that, but I'm just working out the technique still. I need to sit down sometime soon and just hammer out settings, placements, lighting, and such...

Also finished painting the two bog standard guardians and have a little bit of work done on those two gunners, as well as some more painting done on the Starcannon platform and the Falcon. Painted up my Farseer, too:


Still have a bit of tidying to do on him, finish the gems and such. May do another highlight on the robes as well.

Fiancee is coming home tommorow after being gone for 23 days on a vacation with her family to Rome and Israel, so I doubt much painting will get done ;)

03-01-2007, 07:49
I followed your shameless plug :) Nice to see another Eldar army getting off the ground.

Its hard to tell on some of the pics due to the blur, but I think your models have definite potential. The real trick is to get your contrast up...shading, basically. A lot of the big areas on the WL for example need a bit of shading to make them look a little less flat. You could try a thinned out wash of brown ink on your gold, if you want to to shade that :)

Check out my illustrated tutorial in my sig :)

09-01-2007, 04:54
Thanks for the tip Fear... once I start getting a paycheck again, I'll have to go out and get some inks to try that...

Not a ton of progress... as I mentioned above, kinda jobless at the moment, and my top priority is getting a new one. Finished the Farseer, though there weren't enough visible differences when I took a picture of him to warrant posting one. Started work on that Tau squad, and did this guy:

That, my friends, is the start to my DH army. Shiny, no?

No pics of the Fire Warrior test model yet. May take one tomorrow, especially if I get more work done on the rest of his squad tonight. Should be warm enough to prime tomorrow as well, so I may be able to do that test model for my Warden Lions Space Marines army, as well as get more Eldar, Guard, and Tau primed.

24-01-2007, 05:02
Oh my goodness... an update! The SHOCK! Yeah...

Good news, I have a job again. Bad news, I have a funky schedule that'll limit my painting time. Worse news, I got very little done since my last update.

But, let's get to what I HAVE done, eh?

Quickly, I wanted to show off the Marine I'm going to do for the Warseer chapter. Plain ol' Tac Marine, but I like the way his modeling came out:

I've been working heavily on my Warden Lions Marines, getting the whole army as it stands assembled and getting a couple of test minis done.

The test minis:

They're not totally done. Still need to decide on the highlighting (figure Space Wolves Grey for the blue highlights, and Fortress Gray, POSSIBLY Codex, for the white lowlights) and clean up a few details. And, oh yeah, base the Meltagunner. The barrel on the bolter isn't drilled, I know. That'd be because I don't currently own a pin vise, and I highly doubt that using my 14.4v drill's smaller bits would work well...

More coming.

24-01-2007, 05:06
Just because I like the way these models came out modeling-wise, I snapped a few pics of my favorite Marines in the army.

First, the Commander:

His Command Squad sergeant, who I'll probably use as a Commander in lower-points games:

Veteran Squad sergeant:

Vet squad Lighting Claw man. Didn't have two claws, so I used a chain sword to help get the point across:

24-01-2007, 05:09
Second to last post of the update, I promise.

One of the Tac Squad sergeants. The other is modeled the same way, just with a different pose:

Scout Sergeant, converted to use an Assault Sergeant's powerfist. This was a fun conversion for me:

And to prove that I haven't JUST been doing Marines, here's that Tau test mini I told you about awhile back:

Work on his squad is progressing, though not as fast as I'd like...

Also, a WIP shot of a Devilfish:

24-01-2007, 05:11
Last post tonight, and my favorite pic of the lot.

I practiced on some different highlighting for my Wraithlord, and it looks pretty damn spiffy if I do say so myself. The staff at the local HobbyTown love him.

The highlighting on the yellow is more obvious in real life.

So, any thoughts?

24-01-2007, 05:31
Nice jump into highlights :)

When you do a single "line" highlight, you want to try to get it a bit closer in color to the main color. If you jump up to a too bright highlight, it doesnt look as convincing, so bear that in mind. It looks like you might be having some issues with your paint not covering smoothly, like on the gold/yellow...what brand of paints are you using?

Keep on trucking, you are getting better each time I check in :)


24-01-2007, 05:58
Actually, I let the yellow do that intentionally as I liked the way it looked, although the photo rather exaggerates it. It's a bit more subtle in person, and looks like a natural mottling effect.

12-03-2007, 19:19
Oh.... my... GOD! An update! The marvel of it...


First of all, could a kind mod please move this to Sci-Fi? Thanks in advance.

Secondly, I do sincerely apologize for not updating sooner. Life has been... hectic, at best. I've gotten some VERY limited painting done, and this is the first time I've pulled out my camera in some time.

Now, the PICS!

First, a quick update of the state of my work area:

Currently on it: 19 grunt Cadians, two Cadian Lieutenants, a few other randon metal Cadians, three Autocannon weapons teams, ten Kasrkin, I think 20 Steel Legion (the ten seen painted previously in various stages of converting to red coats for Inquisitorial service, and ten WIP, most just primed black, a few with real work done), a very near done Sentinel, twelve Dire Avengers, a WIP 3rd ed Farseer, three WIP Warlocks, three WIP Jetbikes, my Inquisitor converted from a Necromunda Enforcer Leader, and a few other bits and bobs.


The Sentinel. Probably 85% done; just needs some highlighting and detail work, plus the interior. Blighters aren't fun to paint, I tells ya...


A test Kasrkin, done except for the basing. IG army is currently planned as a 2,000 point Heavy Infantry urban force (Grenadiers, Veterans, Heavy Weapons Platoons, and Special Weapons Teams are my main four doctrines. Not settled on #5, but leaning towards Cameleoline), so you'll be seeing lots more like him.


The Colonel in charge of my IG. Not high-end work on these forums, but I'm rather proud of him nonetheless. One of the best models I've done, IMO.

More next post.

12-03-2007, 19:24

Test Cadian, will probably wind up as an ablative wound in a Special Weapons Team.


The Inquisitor. Need some GS before I can paint him, most notably to give him a rosette and other Inquisitorial markings.


Finally finished that Wraithguard squad that was sitting at three models forever and gave them a Spiritseer.

That's it for now... maybe more tonight, however!

OH! Before I forget, I'm planning on selling my Tau... just not as into them as I thought I would be when I got them. Shame, really, but what can ya do? Anywho, if anyone is interested, feel free to PM me. I'll probably put a post up on the trades forum once I get some pictures as well.

13-03-2007, 03:46
Geeze, don't everyone respond at once :(

Anywho, two updates in a single day! Yikes!

Finished that Sentinel:

... and did all the non-special weapons Kasrkin!

Well, barring a couple of suddenly apparent detail fixes and basing, of course. Looks like I forgot to give Sarge his eyes, too... eh, well, maybe he's blinking...

May be until Friday before I have anything significant enough to update with. Till then...

13-03-2007, 07:42
hi there

it's good to see an update, you asked me to drop by and give some tips. overall your mini's have pretty much got the colours in the right place. what you need to work on is trying to get a bit more depth into you painting(imo depth is key). you can do this by either using ink/paint washes or by black lining. i'd suggest watered down washes with various inks.

also neatness, i noticed from your pics that your using what looks like fairly old citadel brushes. also you seem to have let one in the water pot? maybe try investing in some better brushes, my suggestion would be windsor and newton series 7 miniature however these are fairly expensive, an alternative which are a tad cheaper would be pro-arte brushes, sorry don't know what type as it's been a while since i ysed them.

sorry i rambled on a bit, hope what i've said helps. if i think of anything else that might be of use i'll let you know.


13-03-2007, 15:10
Thanks for the tips mate. I still need to get my sorry ass some inks :p

Yeah, I do need better brushes... just can't afford any right now :( The one in the water cup is my sacrificial glue brush. It somehow got left in a water cup for YEARS some time back, but when I found it I wasn't concerned as it's just that crappy starter brush from years back.

01-06-2007, 22:35
Some really nice models, I love the Warseer chapter marine.

The only thing I can suggest which I know has been said before but I think you need to water down the paint a bit.

I love your conversions so much I am very jealous

02-06-2007, 04:06
Holy crapnuts, this was interesting to see pop up :p Thanks for the complement, Wolverine.

I actually have updates I can post up... haven't done much until very recently due to moving.

Right now I'm concentrating on finishing my Daemon Hunters army. Figure it'll take less work and less purchases to get it to where I want it than any other project right now, and money being an issue, that's a nice thing :)

Also, I sold my Tau (I want to see them looking good Captain Brown ;)) and picked up the BfSP box and Dwarf Battalion box for Fantasy... been intrigued by it for a very long time and finally caved.

I'll try to get some pics tonight or tommorow and post them ASAP.

06-07-2007, 04:35
So, "tommorow" turned into "over a month later"... oops...

Ah, well. Much progress has been made, anyhow!

First of all, the obligatory pet shots:


My babies :) Four and two years old, respectively, although the grey one thinks she's still a kitten.

First model of the update! The Chaplain for my Marines. IMO, the single-best model I've done to date, and I'm totally chuffed to show him off.

Update continues next post... and probably a couple more past that as well... stupid image limit...

06-07-2007, 05:11
More progress on my Eldar army!


Full army shot. Couldn't be arsed to take closeups, but I will if asked for any.

And... *drumroll please...* Since mid-may, I FINISHED MY DH ARMY!

Well, not quite. But the bugger's like 95% done. Just need a handful of models to finish it (BTW, if anyone has Steel Legion Lieutenants to spare, I'd love to trade for at least one...). Once I have those few models, I'll have a nice, solid 1,500 point list to play with, and I already have additions for 2,000 and 2,500 point lists charted.

The army shot:


And my two armies as of now clashing in titanic warfare ;)


I was going to take a couple of posts to put up closeups of the DH, but it's late and I'm about to fall asleep...

Before I go, though, I'm taking part in the Tale of 40k painters with my IG army, so watch for updates on them there. I'll throw up periodic larger updates on them here as well.

21-07-2007, 18:00
You seem to have a knack for posing your models really nicely. They all look very dynamic.

Like most people here have said, water down your paint, or at least put less on your brush. Buy new brushes, seriously. You'll feel bad if you messed up your awesome posed models just because you didn't have the right brushes.

Also, mold lines. Clean up your models.

And out of curiousity. How do you undercoat your models?

21-07-2007, 22:23
Cheers Daniel :)

Buying more brushes is on top of my priority list, believe you me :) But I have to have spare $$$ first, and that has been difficult of late...

As for undercoating, it's varied quite a lot over the last year. All models are spray-primed, usually white but my IG are (generally) sprayed black, as are *some* of my Eldar. After that is what's been changing.

A lot of my Eldar, most notably the Wraithguard, Guardians, and Wraithlord, were fully undercoated in the main color (yellow in their case) and painted from there. However, it's been some time now since I've used that method, as I'm not so huge a fan of the results at this point. With my Marines and Guard, as well as my more recent Eldar, I go straight from priming to putting the colors where they go, no other undercoating.

I also want to mention that I recently played around with a little bit of layering on some Warp Spiders, something I hadn't done before. I'm rather chuffed with the results, and will post 'em up after work tonight or tommorow.

24-07-2007, 15:49
You look like you are coming along a little at a time. I'd like to see a better photo of that Chaplin as it does appear to be the best work so far. I agree with just about everyone else with their suggestions (the best thing to do when folks like Spikyjames gives advice). My thought, which runs along the watering down your paint abit road, is to have less paint on your brush and apply thin coats. Remeber that the look changes as it drys. Give your skills a chance to grow. Don't rush yourself just to get done. I now look at my fire warriors (first models I painted) and then look at my black orcs (most recent completions). Keep up the work and you'll be doing bang up jobs in no time flat.


01-04-2008, 05:02
*sniff* *sniff*

Augh, what's that smell? Oh, that'd be the ham sandwich I left the last time I was here... or what's left of it... oops...

I've finally convinced myself to start updating this thing again (four days before I go on vacation, too. Ain't that brilliant?). I doubt anyone even noticed I was gone, but that's life around here.

I've also changed the projects that I have on-the-go and in the pipes as well. For starters, the question I had about my Space Marines has been solved for now; I'm sticking with a small (1,500 point) force of my heraldic chapter, and will maybe do Imperial Fists down the road, possibly as a Pre-Heresy force if I'm up to it by then.

I've also decided to dump my Cadians (what I have of which are now available for trade/sale for any who are interested) as I fracking hate painting them for some reason. So my guard army is switching to a small force of Steel Legion, of which I have (almost) two platoons' worth. I'm looking for more pieces for them, mostly heavy and special weapons, plus some other stuff. Check the trades link in my sig for details. And for giggles, a pic of the army as it stands (the blue on the tank is getting changed to red to tie it in with the new army):

I'm also brewing up an Ordo Xenos task force. It's constructed by taking a Marines list with Deathwatch veterans as characters and sergeants, and adding in Inquisition allies (taken from the Witch Hunters codex, but treated as Ordo Xenos instead of Hereticus). It's still in the planning stages as of now, but I'm looking forward to executing the idea in the (hopefully) near future.


Orks! :P I have the spearhead and a few more bits and bobs for them right now. The Warboss is the only finished model as of now, but I have more on my painting table. The Boss may also be the single best model I've painted, with the possible exception of Chaplain Lemartes (bottom of post).

My Eldar army is mostly finished for the time being, though I will be adding more to it over time. Pics of it in my new display case:

Not pictured but also finished are a Wraithlord, five Wraithguard plus their Warlock, and a Fire Prism.

In the painting queue for them are another squad of Dire Avengers, another squad of Striking Scorpions (possibly two), a repaint of my old Rangers, and some Harlequins if I can stop hating them (having a bloody hard time painting them).

01-04-2008, 05:02
Oh, and the pic of Lemartes I promised:

Got him from a friend awhile back and had an urge to paint him. Unfortunately, my buddy had no idea where his proper bolt pistol was, so I had to make due with something out of my bits box.

Anywho, should have some updates over the next few days, and as always, C&C is most welcome!

01-04-2008, 23:45
Your painting has improved so frikin much!!

I think that your on your way to wicked minis! :D If you want to learn more techniques you can try searching for articles on other well known sites and try them out. Do you have a local GW?? In just a few months i reached the higher painting around my area from tips from them. But in total around 18 months got me their.

Good luck!,

02-04-2008, 07:36
Thanks Liam :)

I have two stores nearby, each about 45 mins away with average traffic 'round here (which is to say hellish traffic most anywhere else outside of NYC or LA). It's a pain to get to them with my schedule a lot of the time, tho. I'm going to try and start going more that I'm getting my car fixed at long last, however.

bert n ernie
01-06-2008, 14:48
Welcome back.
I noticed you were gone, but then again I was gone too.
OK, I know you've now not updated in two months, but considering how much you've improved you really should update with more closeups and post pics more regularly. It'd be nice to see what you're working on now.
I think the Ork is better than the chaplain personally, but I mean that in the good way.

The Inquisitor
01-06-2008, 17:26
Thanks Liam :)

I have two stores nearby, each about 45 mins away with average traffic 'round here (which is to say hellish traffic most anywhere else outside of NYC or LA). It's a pain to get to them with my schedule a lot of the time, tho. I'm going to try and start going more that I'm getting my car fixed at long last, however.

wow. I had no idea you were that far away from both stores! No wonder its a chore to get over to Tacoma.

I like the eldar! V. Cool. What kind of display case do you use? I was thinking of picking up some Ikea ones, but they are relatively small.

02-06-2008, 14:31
EEK! Not what I expected to see when I looked here this morning :p

Welcome back.
I noticed you were gone, but then again I was gone too.
OK, I know you've now not updated in two months, but considering how much you've improved you really should update with more closeups and post pics more regularly. It'd be nice to see what you're working on now.
I think the Ork is better than the chaplain personally, but I mean that in the good way.

Cheers mate :) I suppose it is rather a tossup. Most of why I was saying that probably had to do with the Ork having been finished for some time, whereas I had just finished Lemartes and was rather pleased with him.

wow. I had no idea you were that far away from both stores! No wonder its a chore to get over to Tacoma.

I like the eldar! V. Cool. What kind of display case do you use? I was thinking of picking up some Ikea ones, but they are relatively small.

Aye, I'm right smack in the middle. Especially with the price of gas being how it is coupled with the fact that I drive a car that only gets about 17-ish M.P.G., I haven't gone much of anywhere besides work for awhile. ($3.98 for regular unleaded last time I tanked up... owwwwwww...)

The case is the Ikea one, actually. I finally broke down and got it when they dropped the price a couple months back. Heck, only reason I didn't pick another one up when my girlfriend and I were there last night is that I don't have somewhere to put it :p

Anyhow, I have this to offer up as an update:

A painted Marine army! Well, mostly. I finally settled on a scheme that I could do, and quickly. I still need to pick up a Terminator squad, and I'm getting a Calgar model in a trade that I'll be converting into a Commander.

What's there, tho (aside from vehicles) only took me about a week and a half to get painted up, which had me all kinds of proud. It's no Spikeyjames or Deadley level of work, but it's a decent tabletop standard.

As for what I'm doing now, I've been working on my Dwarf army, as well as doing bits and bobs of my Ork and Eldar armies, so WIPs of what soonish. I hope...

07-07-2008, 21:25
Wow how did it take you a week to get all them painted? Doesn't look like there's many models but it takes me yonks to get to where I am now. What units did you use and the points total just out of curiosity?

The Inquisitor
09-07-2008, 00:25
Looks good! You coming to tacoma for the release party thing they are doing? If so, you should bring your army and play. I think they might be doing some sort of apocalypse thing, but I don't know for sure. i'm still deciding if I'll go.

09-07-2008, 12:38
Wow so i just noticed Puyalup in WA. Where is that :P I'm from Perth.

Geez a week and a half... I'm struggling to get my 25 marines, 2 rhinos and dready done around Spiky's standard in a month. Can we have close ups? They actually do look very good indeed!

What's next to paint?

31-07-2008, 04:24
Whew, sorry for the long delay folks, I've been away and dealing with life issues. I'm sure you know the feeling...

Wow how did it take you a week to get all them painted? Doesn't look like there's many models but it takes me yonks to get to where I am now. What units did you use and the points total just out of curiosity?

I'd say with those and what I've painted since, there's probably in the neighborhood of 1,800 points, give or take. Rough picture: Chapter Master with Command squad (Master not pictured, modeled and painted since then), Chappy with Assault squad, three 5-man tac squads, a bolter Scout squad, a Dev squad, a vet squad (not pictured, or finished for that matter) with Razorback, and a Dread.

There's been some work done on these, I'll see if I can sort out the progress when I update.

Looks good! You coming to tacoma for the release party thing they are doing? If so, you should bring your army and play. I think they might be doing some sort of apocalypse thing, but I don't know for sure. i'm still deciding if I'll go.

Couldn't make it as I was camping on the peninsula with a buddy of mine. Probably wouldn't have gone anyways, was too close to broke (still am...) and would have been tempted to spend what little money I had ;)

We still need to get together some time, you and I. Much mayhem could be had :)

Wow so i just noticed Puyalup in WA. Where is that :P I'm from Perth.

Geez a week and a half... I'm struggling to get my 25 marines, 2 rhinos and dready done around Spiky's standard in a month. Can we have close ups? They actually do look very good indeed!

What's next to paint?

Puyallup is sort of in the middle of western Washington. If you look at a map, find Tacoma (near the bottom of the Puget Sound, that big body of water that dives into the state) and look slightly north-east.

What I painted is nowhere NEAR Spikey's standard. I'd say it's right around table-top myself. It helped that I didn't have much else to do and found a good assembly-line style to paint them. Just hit a groove and followed it 'till I ran out of Marines. Then I found more to paint... kinda stalled on those... I've got closeups of most of the units, I'll sort something out for you mate.

Since the Marines, I've been plowing my way through an army of Dwarves. Most of the way done there, too. Just a Thane, a unit of "Hammerers" (using Miner models with a fluff adjustment), and a BFSP cannon and crew to do now.

After that, not sure. May work on my Orks, may re-visit my Eldar. I also have a Steel Legion army waiting in the wings, but I want to wait until I can fill out the units to a "proper" army list (i.e. 1 HQ and 2 Troops) before I do much work there, so that'll be awhile barring trading my Cadians for what I need.

I'll try to sort out some kind of update showing what I've been up to in the morning. 'Till then...