View Full Version : Movement tray size for VC?

29-12-2006, 17:18

Not sure if this is really a M&P question but felt it was general.

How many ranks deep do VC players tend to make their Movement trays? I was thinking at least five ranks but wondering if six would be better.


29-12-2006, 17:56
I took one of the larger movement trays and glued it to one of the smaller ones. So it fits something like 7 ranks, which is often what you'll get with a zombie unit in 2 turns. I'd rather have too much movement tray than have to move an extra 16 free standing zombies when I raise them.

29-12-2006, 18:26
Well, I have several smaller and bigger ones around I can just fit behind the unit as it gets bigger (yes, I have some gw trays left from the times plastic box sets came with movement trays :eek: )...

29-12-2006, 22:59
i still have my movement trays from 4th ed box set!!
however, i have 3 skellie units that start 5x5. i have several smaller trays to add on the back with newly raised models. have a few trays spare for newly raised units too, make them at least 5 wide of course!

29-12-2006, 23:02
(Slaps self in face) D'oh didn't think of that. I've got both large and small trays lurking around.

Thanks for the replies.