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knight of ne
29-12-2006, 18:58
is Babylon 5: a call to arms a good game, and would you recommend it?

im looking at starting a space game like battlefleet gothic or B5 i just dont know wich one to choose.

knight of ne
30-12-2006, 10:45
i take it no ones going to reply!

30-12-2006, 11:35
Go with BFG...more players ;)

31-12-2006, 03:41
Go with BFG...more players ;)

If you can't get anyone interested in ACTA then play another genre because BFG is really a bad game. WWII naval combat in the 40th Millennium. And the core fleets are quite good but the expansion fleets are quite unbalanced.

Its not really worth playing in my experience.

There should be a new version of ACTA out soon and there is a starter kit available that has a small set of counters that you could always use to demo for people

Further to your question, I like the game but I really dislike the miniatures. Its a fun system and it ships with a full set of card board counters so you can play it without minis.

The core system is being used, with some modifications, for the Victory at Sea WWII Naval Combat ruleset and that is also shipping with cardboard counters as well.

Wing Commander
31-12-2006, 11:04
Well, in my experience I can't find anywhere near as many BFG players as ACTA players. I do enjoy BFG but unfortunately it is very much a dead system, no new releases, no support, no growth, hard to get whats already out there....
B5 on the other hand, is an awful lot faster to play, more dynamic, has wider choice of fleets, you can buy it in many Independent stores over the counter, even if you want to just try the game your local store can get it in for you, you try getting a BFG fleet in....

knight of ne
31-12-2006, 12:45
because even with your help, im going to collect both but ACTA will get more attention from me, although i dont know what sort of fleet i want.

knight of ne
31-12-2006, 18:52
do they have a point system to limit how many ships you can have in a fleet like bfg or is it a different system?

31-12-2006, 20:15
Its a different system.

Fleet sizes are based on size of battle.

Ships fit a category, where 2 of a smaller category are worth the cost of one of the next larger category.

There are approximately 6 size categories of ships.

I love the alternating activation of the system, it makes for a very engaging game for all (or both) players in the game since you can't just walk away and wait bored while the your opponent does all his moves/activations. This makes the game seem to move faster than BFG.

Of all of Mongoose's games this one seems to have the best LEGS of all of their systems and continues to provide a steady growth in spite of occasional neglect from Mongoose (while they focus on their 25mm 40k competition game).

So, my vote, go for B5!! (BTW there are some alternative rules using the B5/ACTA rules for Star fleet battles - you know Star Trek, if you are interested!).


01-01-2007, 00:36
There are approximately 6 size categories of ships.

5 basic, but a 6th is being added with the Armageddon supplement.

01-01-2007, 03:59
The Pak'Ma'Ra fleet was just released too, wasn't it? that right there is reason enough to play ACTA.

knight of ne
01-01-2007, 10:58
does anyone reccomend buying a certain fleet?

Wing Commander
01-01-2007, 12:12
For beginners, Centauri are very forgiving, rock hard as well. If you are a fan of the series go with your favourite race, otherwise avoid ISA, Drazi, Non aligned worlds, Ancients, etc as a new player as they are more challenging to learn with. If you enjoy a challenge, feel free to go with them but if you want to focus more on learning, select 1 of the main races.

knight of ne
01-01-2007, 12:38
i think ill go for earth force because the ships are cool and i like the fact that they have babylon 5.

01-01-2007, 14:50

The system is great. Easy to learn. BG just isnt supported. I HATE playing someone and finding out the ship they are using they downloaded from a BG fansite.

EA isnt bad at all, I started them and Narn.

I played and demoed the other B5 game when agents of gaming had the lisence, this is a much better game.

01-01-2007, 17:09
I too would reccomend ACTA its a great system, really easy to pick up and great fun too. I personally have an EA fleet and I'm getting an ISA fleet soon too though the ISA and Raider fleets really are for experienced players but they are cool. I would say go with EA as they have a great range of ships and as of the armaggedon supplement they have 3 different fleet lists from 3 eras

knight of ne
01-01-2007, 17:24
thanks for all the help evryone, just one question, is it expensive to play and is buying the EA fleet worth it?

01-01-2007, 19:10
its a lot cheaper than BFG with the most expensive ship being the Posiden carrier and if you buy the boxed one it works out that you get the carrier for free as the fighters it comes with are worth more than the cost of the box.

The fleet boxes are definatley worth it and now the EA have 4 fleet boxes I would roccomend getting Armageddon and seeing which era you want to play with before making a decision.

But on the whole I would say that it is worth it

01-01-2007, 19:12
I would just get the rulebook and build the fleet you like. I have not found the box sets to be a good value.

knight of ne
02-01-2007, 13:30
is the armageddon rulebook a replacement for the original rulebook?

if so, will i only need the armaggedon rulebook?

02-01-2007, 18:34
no the armageddon book is an expansion you will need the rule book as well to play

03-01-2007, 14:58
is Babylon 5: a call to arms a good game, and would you recommend it?

im looking at starting a space game like battlefleet gothic or B5 i just dont know wich one to choose.

Hi knight of ne,

I tend to lurk around here on and off. You kind of made me actually get around to registering an account. :)

Personally, I would recomend ACTA over BFG. Owning and having played both, I find I get more enjoyment and have to think a lot harder, tactically, to play ACTA and the rules mechanics are dead simple to learn. ACTA/BFG are quite similar in that respect. However ACTA Revised Box Set offers most of the ship counters to play 9 of the 16 or so fleets straight out of the basic box (there are a couple missing from a some of fleets).

What do you need to play? You can play the game with just the Revised Box Set. Everything else just adds on to this. The two supplements, Sky Full of Stars adds a load of extra rules options, particularly improving campaign play and loads of extra ship variants to choose from. It also splits the League of Non-Aligned Worlds into its seperate playable factions. Armageddon revises the Earth Alliance fleet into three distinct earas and makes the Shadows/Vorlons as powerful as they should be. It also revises a few rules. The Drakh and Dilgar books contain the ruels for playing those particular fleets

The Mongoose website has an ACTA forum, on which is a player locator (http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=335830#335830) so you might be able to find out if anyone in your area plays and try and get a game or two to see what it is like.

06-01-2007, 20:58
I would also recommend ACTA as a great game to play. EA are a decent choice as a beginners fleet with plenty of variety. The game is not too expensive and you can usually put together a decent fleet for around 100.

The initiative based system is miles ahead of GW's IGoUGo system and encourages some real tactical thinking. It also provides a good reason to take small ships, even in big games.

The game is not flawless. The fact that all ships are lumped together in Priority levels makes it a bit coarse. You do not have "points" in the way you do in GW games so it is hard to make subtle distinctions between the power of various ships. Also, in practice not all ships in a given Priority level are really equal in power.

On the plus side, Mongoose actively encourage player participation in the design process. Several of the updates in the latest supplement "Armageddon" were suggested and playtested by people on the Mongoose boards. They also produce a free online magazine with periodic updates if you do not want to wait for the next supplement to try the new rules.