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knight of ne
29-12-2006, 20:00
is battlefleet gothic worth playing, is it fun and what do you find good about it?

29-12-2006, 20:15
it's worth giving a shot.

I'm pretty satisfied with how it plays. I really enjoy how clean and simple it is(compared to 40k), and you cant get any grander than gigantic space cruisers fighting around planets and stuff.

the game feels more naval than you would expect. Which gives the game kind of a classic feel to it. It feels oldschool, but still have lasers, aliens, and teleporting ****.

29-12-2006, 23:32
BFG is the best GW game I've played.

-It's got clean, simple rules that give it a lot of tactical depth without being burdensome, vague, or self-contradictory like you see in 40k & Fantasy.

-The models are awesome and reflect 40k's gothic feel very well. Heavily armed cathedrals in space? Yes please!

-Much less expensive to play than the core systems.

-Much less-obnoxious GW support (online rulebooks, responsive message boards, reasonably priced models, & such).

-The rules allow for different races to play in fundamentally different and flavorful ways while still keeping a simple ruleset.

-The models are such that even novice painters can produce a good-looking result without taking forever to paint them.

I may add to this list as I think up more things. :p

Tanith Ghost
29-12-2006, 23:35
Any game where you can get yourself into a winning position by ramming your own ship into an asteroid feild is worth playing imho.

29-12-2006, 23:58
What I think makes BFG a good game is that tactics really do matter in it since players are rewarded for getting their ships into an advantageous position. The core rules contain enough scope for giving players tactical options without having to resort to acres of clumsy special rules, and the winner of the battle is more likely to be the better player rather than the player able to produce the better army list.

Note that a new version of the rulebook will be out in January which will integrate the FAQs and errata plus a bit more so it is probably best to wait for this to be released before learning the rules ( it will be downloadable free online or purchasable as a book ).

30-12-2006, 00:08
The current boxed set is, however, still a good deal because of the ships, markers, & special-orders dice. The boxes will be going out of print with the release of 1.5, so it might be a good idea to pick one up now.

30-12-2006, 00:33
Just got the boxed set myself before they disappear - very much looking forward to getting a game going at the club

knight of ne
30-12-2006, 09:22
thanks for the help everybody, i think i will collect batttlefleet gothic.
to the cathedrals in the sky!

30-12-2006, 15:14
... you're a rotten apple who's gone plum bannanas?

anyhoo, glad to see your getting into BFG. So, what fleet are you thinking of playing as?

30-12-2006, 17:01
Battlefleet Gothic fanboys unite!

sorry, good luck with collecting BFG though. Its really fun the first time your enemies fleet split to avoid your incoming torpedoes and run into your bombing wave >.<


knight of ne
31-12-2006, 13:44
im going to collect an imperial fleet, something with a battlebarge!

31-12-2006, 14:53
there are several imperial fleets but only one allows you to take a battlebarge, which is a SM ship
you will find that there are betterships from the imperial roster

knight of ne
31-12-2006, 15:03
ill look at the rules and rosters and see what i want to do.

31-12-2006, 15:51
It is worth pointing out that Battlefleet Gothic is a game system where the fleet rosters really are there in a capacity such that you can play fine without them.

Of course, it does skewer game balance playing with six Battleships and nothing else, but not to the point that it makes it a boring game. So long as the points values and scenario objectives are in a rough balance, it is worth noting you can playing with almost any combination you like!

Certainly, I don't object to folks fielding a BB or some Strike Cruisers alongside an Imperial fleet, even if they are using other fleet options that aren't present in any of the Rosters!

Given the simplicity of the game rules things like 'game balance' are easily preserved by players simply talking about things beforehand!

Otherwise: everyone else is correct! Good to see you're getting into the game. Best of them all IMO :)


01-01-2007, 13:46
The current boxed set is, however, still a good deal because of the ships, markers, & special-orders dice. The boxes will be going out of print with the release of 1.5, so it might be a good idea to pick one up now.

when does that happen

01-01-2007, 14:46
when does that happen
Some time this month, as a free download or in book form to buy.

01-01-2007, 15:06
Make sure there are players near your location to play against. Falling that you will need to buy two fleets and convince a friend to play

01-01-2007, 20:41
Some time this month, as a free download or in book form to buy.

Both will be happening, AFAIK.

02-01-2007, 00:36
BFG is by far the most rocking game ever. I used to be very bad at it but now I'm very good, which goes to show how much I've been playing it. I've been playing 40k for years and I still get stamped on on a regular basis.

static grass
17-01-2007, 09:20
How many points do you take if you are going to play a game over 2-3 hours?

I think that some of the Gothic ships are simply great minis ad I would like to start but no one here in norway ever wants to play anything except 40K or WFB so that is a real negative :(

17-01-2007, 11:32
If I had 2-3 hours to fit a game in, I'd take 2000 points. 2500 is possible but more risky.

static grass
17-01-2007, 15:42

I might just buy the gothic fleet bundle and add on a squadron or something. Then I can drag it around and see if anyone will ever play.

17-01-2007, 18:29
Im from Norway and have just started BFG! im not in Norway though.

Where are you based in Norway. If you are within traveling distnace of oslo you can go to the GW there, in Møllergata. Talk to the staff there and im sure they will help you get a game togethere. I do think a acouple of them play BFG as well but i dont rember

static grass
18-01-2007, 15:14
I have been going to GW Oslo for many years and in all that time I have never see one single game of anything except the three core games which is a pity. Oh well I might pop down tomorrow and see what they say.

18-01-2007, 22:33
Im back home in two or three weeks, and I get my fleet next friday (not tommrow next friday). I can take it down to gw oslo and give you a game no problem;)

Just ask the staff im sure they will be happy to have a bfg game on a vets night:D. I have seen epic been playd ther so why not BFG.

Edith: just remberd They even had a Mordheim leauge last year

static grass
19-01-2007, 22:26
Alrighty then, you are on. I will shuffle off to the workshop and mail order meself a fleet. Send me a PM about when you can be oslo. Vets night is prob a good night for it.

I knew that they had a mordheim league I just wasn't sure that any games were actually played. I am just abit put off as my warmaster army has been in abox for four years now.