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30-12-2006, 06:50
So I am officially starting Necromunda...But i am still undicided as to which house/gang to start.

I have narrowed it down to 3.


Van Saar

OR House Delaque.

I love the Enforcer models and rules, Like the look of Van Saar and love the fluff about Delaque House.

does anyone have suggestions so i can ease my suffering mind...?

Cheers Mulchie

30-12-2006, 09:33
I wouldn't recommend Enforcers until you are a little more experienced in playing Necromunda, most of the time you will only have five models on the table and you'll miss out on the post game sequences.

I've not played Van Saar or Delaque but it depends on what style you pefer, both are fairly close but Van Saar are more shooty and Delaque more sneaky.

Quin 242
30-12-2006, 09:46
Play with which ever models you like more.
As you get playing alot you'll end up playing them all anyways.. it'll suck you in till you have every gang and have played them all :)

30-12-2006, 10:45
I prefer Van Saar - Techno skills are awesome and Shooting is always useful. The models aren't as good as Delaque but with the Van Saar style you could use plastic Cadian parts to improve them.

30-12-2006, 12:52
If your gaming group let you, you could try the "Unknown Warriors" article on the Specialist Games site.
(The above spelling error in the web address is GW's fault, not mine!)

You get all the joy of creating all the fluff you want and can use any models you choose. You can choose the gangs skill tables as well.

I'm currently converting up an entire gang from my bits box and green stuff and it's load of fun and I have a unique gang. Yay!

30-12-2006, 23:14
As stated above Enforcers whilst looking very nice on paper don't really make for a brilliant gang, (more a GM thing).
I've played both Delaque and Van Saar in my time (amongst others) I found the Van Saar a little characterless to play, though they might make a good gang for beginners. I like to get into the gritty intrigue side of things with side deals, bribes and devious methods (photon grenadier and photovisor combatant anyone?) which makes Delaque more suited to me. Looking at the skills list I can go shooty, or with a little more thought start mugging hapless individuals using my stealth whilst Van Saars just do shooty really.

Slaaneshi Slave
30-12-2006, 23:46
I've thought about putting myself a new gang together. I think its going to have to be Pit Slaves for me this time, just so I can make use of my 12 Servators! :p

31-12-2006, 07:39
Well I really like the Delaque models and there background, and as i said the Enforcers look good but i read the rules and a little to impersonal for me if you get my meaning.

The Van Saar I was thinking would be easy to play as I am a complete Noob at Necro.

But at the moment Delaque is looking very positive at the moment. Anyone have any suggestions on building a Delaque gang?

I also like the look of the Ratskins.


31-12-2006, 11:17
Ratskins are a very powerful gang, eventually it'll prove almost impossible to stop them.

My current Delaque starting gang consists of a Leader with plasmagun and stub gun, Heavy with Heavy plasma gun, 5 gangers with shotguns and manstopper rounds, 2 Juves with auto pistols.
The plasma weapons open the way for High Impact shots, though they are expensive. The main problem with Juves is that they can't hit the side of a barn, and with most pistols you get a -1 at long range but not the autopistol.
Shotguns with manstoppers get strength 4 without a penalty for firing more than 4" and knockback.
A lasgun is general weapon of choice because of its ammo roll, I equip any ratkin scouts with lasguns because they can't get manstopper rounds for shotguns and autoguns have no real advantge.
You'll see a lot of heavy stubbers because they're cheap, but they're only S4 A heavy bolter is good but you have to forgo rare trade to get one.
Scum should be armed with a plasma pistol unless they have the gunfighter skill.
Work out howmany of the enemy you have to shoot to start them taking bottle rolls, once they start taking tests you can hide and let the dice do the work for you, organise a hit on the leader if you want to make sure of the result.

31-12-2006, 13:01
I would agree with a Plasmagun on the leader, coz BS4 is nasty.

I don't rate the Heavy Plasma as a starting weapon. You can only get one wounding hit per turn because of the errata on template and blast weapons. Go with a Heavy Stubber because it has long range and lots of shots. It's also a lot cheaper. Save up for an Autocannon or Heavy Plasma for when your Heavy is BS4 or 5.

While Shotguns are great, I would recommend a couple of Autoguns or Lasguns just for the longer range. With Lasguns you also get great reliabilty.

I'd definitely agree with Darkhorse on the Hired Gun stuff though. Ratskins can get you free territory so hire one early and the Lasgun is a good choice because it's free and reliable.

01-01-2007, 20:49
I'll post a couple of sample gangs with comments afterwards:

Vanilla Orlocks;
Leader + bolter - 155
Heavy + Heavy Stubber - 180
Heavy + Heavy Bolter - 240
6 Gangers with lasguns - 75 each
Juve + autopistol - 40
Juve + stubgun - 35

This gang has 11 fighters, that means you need to drop 3 of them to force a bottle roll. The Juve with stubgun is harmless unless he charges a ganger, The Heavy Bolter is nice but unreliable, same for the leader's boltgun.
All in all this what you should expect to face, there are better weapon options to arm the leader but the gang itself is fairly solid. Heavies will inevitably occupy the highest point they can deploy on, don't get drawn into a brawl.

Tough Nuts;
Leader + Bolter - 155
Heavy + Heavy Stubber - 180
7 Gangers + Lasguns - 75 each
4 Juves + Stubguns - 35 each

This gang has 13 members which requires 4 models downed before it takes bottle rolls it's designed to be tough to break but this means it doesn't have the firepower of other gangs.

Juve Army;
Leader + Shotgun - 140
8 Gangers + Autoguns - 70 each
8 Juves + Stubguns - 35 each

17 memeber gang needing 5 fighters downed to force bottle rolls, it may not have the firepower of other gangs but it is tough and this sort of gang usually gets banned in a GM campaign.