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31-12-2006, 01:12
This year (mid January) Black Library had a sale, now i missed out on some of the stuff because i was late finding out about it.

Anyways due to my misfortune last year i just looked at the BL website, to see if i could "sneak" a look at this years sale, and i found the Special offers (http://www.blacklibrary.com/specialoffers.asp) page, now i dont know if this is a standard feature of the BL site, and ive missed it before or if its their new january sale section.

If it is their sale section they havent got much this year, you might also want to look at last years sale page (http://store.blpublishing.com/storefront/store.bl?do=Odd&odd=BLLayout&_do=List_Models&code=300514&c=300514), which has got five or six items that are at a reduced price, but not on the new "sale" page (which may or may not be out of stock, or at that price)

02-01-2007, 12:35
A thread (http://forum.blacklibrary.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10256)has bobbed up on the BL boards asking if they're doing a January sale this year, to which Marc Gascoigne has responded:

Sorry to bring this down, but there won't be a January sale this year.

On the other hand, you might already care to note that BL was founded on 4th April, 1997. Which means we're soon to be ten. Are we planning anything groovy for then? Erm, could be,,,

02-01-2007, 12:44
i to was hoping for a january sale like last year

which admitatly thanks to this board i was made aware of it and bought many books

02-01-2007, 18:14
yup, i took advantage of the special offers section, got 4 books for £8 not complaining

03-01-2007, 00:31
maybe they have deferred it until April

that second link i gave to last years january sale has now been updated, so that items they dont have instock/different prices have been removed

as i ordered two items from that page that where at different prices, and are not in stock, i was thinking i might get a phone call/email from black library saying, what a naughty boy i have been :D, but as ive heard nothing and the page has changed maybe i might actually get the stuff :D

03-01-2007, 09:29
Yes the special offers bit is a permanent feature, but bear in mind you pay a fixed £3 for p&p, so you'll have to buy several to get the value.