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New Cult King
01-01-2007, 15:17
Talk to me about the Lost and the Damned. I have a bunch of unassembled IG and zombies laying around, and read the battle report in the latest WD, which got me thinking about building a small Nurgle force and seeing how it goes...

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the army? What makes them fun to play (my main concern)? What are your experiences playing with or against them?

01-01-2007, 15:20
I like the list for its counts as potential - it has enough variety to counts an alien army list, genestealer cult etc etc.

Also, to me it is the truest chaos marine army list, because it consists of chaff and elite marines, rather than whole armies of just marines.


01-01-2007, 16:05
Also, to me it is the truest chaos marine army list, because it consists of chaff and elite marines, rather than whole armies of just marines.
Exactly. LatD are what the hordes of chaos are supposed to be by the background: the witches(tzeentch possessed), the mutants(mutants, big mutants, spawns) and the heretics(fallen guard, fallen urines, cultists). Supported by the demons their "miscreant" dark prayers/magic have summoned and sometimes even by the "horrid" elites of the dark gods ( chaos space marines, blood pact, greater deamons, defilers ).

Also LatD allows/requires some nice conversions. More than any other race, in fact.

EDIT: It's also the backgroundwise best list to fight witch hunters with (although all their flamers are surely gonna hurt)... or their aahhh what so uber righteous space urines brethen.

Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
01-01-2007, 16:22
I agree with xebo and hellebore. Plus it has zombies, what more can you want?

Lord Humongous
01-01-2007, 16:48
Its pretty much about the models. Lots of different ways to make lots of cool gribbly stuff, evil chaos stuff, apacolyptic tank stuff, etc. Lots of different models on the field, because you can have lots of small cheap units of different types. The army just begs you to make up a theme, and gives you the means to play it.

As for actual game play.... well, they are a horde army with tanks and elite HtH stuff. Sort of like orcs. They can be very tough (due to sheer numbers), they have some nice fast units (hounds, leaping mutants), and they have a pretty cheap infiltrating shooter / scoring unit (traitors). But its not a power-gaming list, or one that seems to do anything uniquely well so really, it comes back to the models.

That's not to say they can't be competative, not by a long shot. They certainly can win games, mostly through sheer horde tactics.

01-01-2007, 17:25
FOr me, LATD are what Chaos is all about in 40K. Traitors.

And it gives you so many optoins about building and construcion...

01-01-2007, 18:14
As the man said... ZOMBIEEEEESSSS! Supported by Russ Battletanks )_)... Jus wish that they had the Demolisher option so I would be more inclined to advance them with the squads...

01-01-2007, 18:21
I use a lost and the damned army and it's just a nice army to use, of coarse it can be cheesed out, but any list can have that done to it to a certain extend.
I use a large ammount of mutants with a few traitor squads for antitank and a couple of tanks with it, it's quite effective so far, and most importantly of all, it looks good.

The Wraithlord
01-01-2007, 19:14
I play a LatD list that is led by a strong Khorne Marine base backed up by a horde of Traitors and Tanks. I love the way the LatD list allows you to make wildly varied lists with tremendous conversion potential built right in. It really allows me to go with the way I feel Chaos should be, ie: tons of Traitor Guard/Blood Pact type troops led by an elite force of Marines who use the peons as expendable fodder. Once I grab some Ogres to use as big mutants, I will be all set with the list.

But then, you could make a list without a single traitor or marine in it and it would still be just as viable. Great list to build armies with for sure.

01-01-2007, 19:50
i agree w/ all the comments above, i use the LATD list to represent a genestealer cult (see sig). the list can be very varied and allows every player to "do their own thing".

01-01-2007, 23:06
I read Sabbet Martyr by Dan Abnett, and decided I wanted some Infardi.

01-01-2007, 23:55
I'v got a LatD army which i'v resently desided to expand with a large unit of Beastman Mutants with firearms :)

normaly my army has 2 units of Trators with some Obliterators, Zombie mutants a Lemun Russ tank, a Hellhound and a unit or two of Word Bearers CSM :)

the Hellhound I'm peticulary fond off

I beleave my foes enjoy playing against it more then playing against power armor armys, as everyone enjoys blasting low armored units without a 3+ save