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01-01-2007, 15:20
in my local GW there is this guy who i wont name for reasons to follow
i find him so annoying he just keeps braggin about his 1000pt guard army sayin how great it is and how he'll beat anyone who challenges him. im not namin him as he knows me. he averages 1 games every wednesday agaisnt completely new players, and he just takes the mickey out of them and u dont see the new players again. wat do u guys and girls think the other guys in the workshop should do? :mad:

Slaaneshi Slave
01-01-2007, 15:23
Well and truly crush his army into the ground. :p

Lord Hjamlar
01-01-2007, 15:23
Wrong place man!
Go to General Forum...

01-01-2007, 15:25
1. Why do you even care so much?
2. How does this affect anyone in any real way?
3. If a player is annoying, there's a simple solution: don't play them and/or ignore them. Again, why does this even matter, espcially to the level that would merit a posting on the forum?

01-01-2007, 15:56
Please try and type complete words rather than "u". Please post in the appropriate forum.
Moved to 40k general.

The Warseer Inquisition

01-01-2007, 15:56
Did you really read the post, yankeeboy? If he 'scares' away alot of new playersfrom the store, he's probably costing the store money so the store manger might want to have a word with the guy.

If you just want to "crush him into the ground" like slaaneshi slave suggested, post his armylist and we'll help build the best army to counter him ;-p

Slaaneshi Slave
01-01-2007, 16:01
He's Imperial Guard, so podding Marines with Cleanse and Purify, most squads with 2 flamers, some with 2 meltas for dealing with armour. That will make short work of his army I think, because if he is only picking on the new players, he can't really be a very good general himself.

01-01-2007, 16:03
Tau should deal with him. Fire warriors can shred his guardsmen whilst a Railhead+targetting array should not only be able to deal with any armour but also ordnance template his guardsmen. I'd also recommend a healthy dose of burst cannons.

Goq Gar
01-01-2007, 16:08
1. Give us his name so we can look out for him.
2. Get GW staff to watch him, then if he starts rambling on at you in front of them, repeatedly tell him to leave you alone, and if he doesn't, they should kick him out of the store, or at least warn him, and of course he'll do it again and eventually kick him out of the store. REPORT UNSPORTSMANLY BEHAVIOR!
3. Confront him. Obnoxious players need to be put in their place occasionally.
4. Number 1.

01-01-2007, 16:22
horde guard is a big problem at 1000 points. however i guess its more a tank/tuned guard, so bikes/trikes/assault marines/land speeders might hurt him plenty. Or hawks and falcons, serpents, banshees, ... or broadsides, raptors, oblits, flying possessed, deamon princes, gozilla nids, darklance druchii, or every cron list or ZZZzzzzaaapppguns and inmob-bazoookas, or of cause horde guard with insquad lascannons/missile launchers ;)

01-01-2007, 17:13
If he brags that he can beat everyone who challenges him, then ensure that there will be every Wednesday popping up some experienced player ready to really challenge him, and giving him a real run for his money. If he beats this person and keeps on bragging, make sure that next time he will be facing another player who gives him even bigger challenge.

Once you have him occupied and away from the new players, make sure that there are some more sporting players left who can go and have a good game with those new players.

01-01-2007, 17:34
Flyrant w/goodies

8 spinegaunts
8 spinegaunts

12 gargoyles
12 gargoyles
12 gargoyles

carnifex w/VC & BS and +1BS
carnifex w/VC & BS and +1BS

That list is an absolute nightmare for 1,000 point guard armies of any flavor. It can certainly be tweaked around a bit against what he bring specifically, but you get the general idea.

Go eat 'im!

Stella Cadente
01-01-2007, 18:37
Well I could get my nice Friendly Guard Army to ummm.....have a "friendly" little chat with him, I`m sure my commander could show him how to behave, since it is an armoured company, he might shut his gob then lol

01-01-2007, 18:44
Well I could get my nice Friendly Guard Army to ummm.....have a "friendly" little chat with him, I`m sure my commander could show him how to behave, since it is an armoured company, he might shut his gob then lol

pffff my guard has already eaten armoured companies for breakfast... :D

I agree with Griefbringer. Make him stomp/get stomped by some more experienced players

Angelus Mortis
01-01-2007, 18:50
Well I could get my nice Friendly Guard Army to ummm.....have a "friendly" little chat with him, I`m sure my commander could show him how to behave, since it is an armoured company, he might shut his gob then lol

Oooh! 1000 pt Armored Company! How many tanks that get you? 5? :wtf: Wonder how many lascannons you can fit in 1000 pts foot slogger list? Ummm...15 w/sharpshooter doctrine to boot. Seriously though. I would just punch his balls.:evilgrin:

Maxis Lithium
01-01-2007, 18:56
It's the fact that he prays on new players that's the problem. He's amienated almost all of the experienced plaers in the reguler groupe. Honestly, it probobly dosen't matter if you pants him with a good list, he's looking to trounce noobs because it puffs up his ego. He know that he's not as good as he says he is, otherwise he would be looking for bigger challenges. he just want to pad his win record.

I agree, talk to the manager, and watch who he talks to. Seek out the noobs youreself, and talk to them before he does. If nessesary, offer to help the noobs againt the experienced player.

Honestly, there's a guy in Windsor who has the same problem. he's a jerk and thinks himself "teh best" in the store. He's a real jerk, and not many people like playing with him. He teds to "shift" the rules to his advantage, defining obsticals as he likes though out the game, some times changing the definitions as they go. He mantones some rules when they are advantagous, but neglects them when they would be disagvantagous to him.

At least our guy dosen't always hunt noobs, just week willed, meek players who he can bully.

01-01-2007, 19:28
Wait til no one is looking and eat one of his kidneys. Tell him if he doesn't play nice with the newbies you'll eat the other one just like the calico colored guinea pig would do.....................

01-01-2007, 19:39
i got a "brilliant/not-so-brilliant" idea (maybe). if he honestly thinks he can beat "anyone" in a game. then get some guys/girls and challenge him to a 3vs1 or something along those lines. his 1000pt guard against three 500pt or so armies. then completely annihalate his army. or just use the most anti-guard army you can think of against him. personally, id eat his models.

Slaaneshi Slave
01-01-2007, 19:44
3v1 and 2v1 always favour the player on his own, as the smaller teams cannot afford to take much of the good stuff in their lists.

01-01-2007, 20:34
3v1 and 2v1 always favour the player on his own, as the smaller teams cannot afford to take much of the good stuff in their lists.

That's assuming the 2-3 people all use their own force organization charts...

If they use one however, you could have Space Marine or Necron basic troopers creating a fielding screen for Tyrnid fast attack and HQ with Eldar Elites and Heavy Support...

Without a whole lot of points you could work together to build an army that says Mozerella, Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone!

01-01-2007, 20:54
We have actually told the manager the manger is quite annoyed at him aswell he was banned for a month not that it stopped him so one day wen he came in and hi any1 wanna 1000pt game we all just went ''uhh'' and he started painting beside me he looks and goes how many guard do you have i told i had about 500pts and im only startin he goes wanna game and i said no he said why and the manager came over and said ''because we dont like you shiftin ur weight around on new players, we told you, i dont think any1 wants to play you'
I haven't seen him for a while now :)

01-01-2007, 23:05
Destroy it under a hail of bolter fire.

Then do something about it's army.

02-01-2007, 00:29
Mellowrage: Here's an interesting rhetorical question for you? Why do you assume that I have not read the initial post, simply because you dislike my response?

Again, it's really a non-issue for any player re: this guy and his alleged behaviour. Simply don't play him. If the matter is of grave concern to a store, they'll generally take these types of matters into their own hands and appropriately correct them. They're are plenty of ******** in the world; beating them at a game of toy soldiers isn't going to make them any less obnoxious.

Again, why is this even an issue worth discussing in any depth?

02-01-2007, 00:34
Its an issue worth discussing because people like him ruin the game for both new and old gamers.

02-01-2007, 00:44
Really? You would go as far to say that is ruins the game? That's a bit of a stretch. Annoying? Sure, but ruins?

Again, I fail to see how this is different than any other poor sportsman in any other endeavor. We have simple choices with people like this. Talk or don't talk to the guy. Play or don't play. But it's certainly not a real issue, or weighty topic. It's an annoyance. Big deal.

02-01-2007, 00:47
No it ruins the game because those people chase away other people from a game that has a rather small following, comparatively, to other games/sport that can afford to lose players.
People who chase away players are limiting the number of people who in the future you may play.

02-01-2007, 01:31
1) Take Lord w/ res. orb.
2) Take 47 warriors
3) ?????

47 Necron warriors is pretty brutal vs anything that isn't in power armour.

Prince Facestab
02-01-2007, 01:37
Well, it sounds like something has been done about it, so, hurray! Everything worked out all right in the end.

It's pretty unpleasant when someone aggressive like that gives a gaming locale a bad atmosphere.

02-01-2007, 03:02
Well to put in my two cents on the matter. The guy in your store, is an a##hole..pure and simple. Just a new kind of bully, but he preys on the inexperienced and new in a game. Most likely because he's a sad, empty person inside.

Just let people like that know what they are doing, let um know its not appreciated. If they keep trying to make themselves feel like big men picking on new players who don't know any better, step in. Let the noobs know exactly what kind guy he is, and why he wants to play um. If they still want to play him, thats their choice to make.

Why is that an issue worth talking of ? People are a community based creature. In anything you do, anywhere you might go, if one person, or group of persons are negative to the groups purpose. They should be dealt with, and its the responsibility of every person to not tolerate injustice and a**holes.

Sometimes ya just have to deal with people like that, not however in a hobby. Be polite, even to someone like that, but be stern and serious. You want new people coming around. Theres nothing wrong in standing up for people who don't know better, and making steps to keep your gaming group on the right path.

Often times people will judge things on just the first time they try it. If someones first time in warhammer is playing some sad guy who completely gets his rocks off by crushing them. Then gloating on how badly he crushed them, thats not a very positive experience. As well it leaves the imperrison all players are like that, which we are not.

I've met alot more genuinely nice people in this hobby then awfull ones, though I consider myself lucky with that.

02-01-2007, 03:05
I prefer the honest and direct approach.

First, tell his opponents what he is like, if they still agree to play him, so be it.

Second, tell HIM. Many people honestly don't realise how obnxious they are (I, on the other hand KNOW how obnoxious I am, so that won't work on me ;)). Confront him, tell him bluntly that you don't like his attitude, and that he doesn't need to be so arrogant when playing with small soldiers.

Tell him that his attitude is going to make it hard to find new opponents, and that it really isn't necessary to enjoy the game.

If he still insists on being a ****, ignore him, and get others to do the same.

After all that, if he still hasn't changed his attitude - group ostracism. If everyone calls him weiner boy, and laughs at him when he asks for a game saying things like "I don't play whiny bitches" and then goes and plays another person, it should puncture his ego.

The point is to give him a chance to redeem himself, learn the error his ways. If that fails - ABJECT HUMILIATION! :skull:


02-01-2007, 03:20
The direct approach is always the best approach to things like that..agreed hellebore. Afterall sometimes people can be saved, and it would be a shame to not give someone the chance.

02-01-2007, 04:15
option 1) vs him and destroy him

option 2)get a soccer shoe and kick him in the nuts then stop him while hes down it will hurt more if you have metal studs in your shoesor get a fat guy to jump on him while hes down

Brother Antonios
02-01-2007, 07:45
Wow! One guy says another guy is kicking major n00b all over the store and everyone else here gangs up on him? I say good for him, I can practically count on one hand the number of good games I've played outside of GT's, and the private club, maybe this guy who is such a bully to show n00b's how much they suck is doing a service for the game! It's not his job to make sure the GW he plays in makes money, it's the mangers, and they took the action they thought was best, and allowed more n00b's to get high self-esteem and buy more minis and think they are great only to whine when they get slaughtered by real players.

I feel the rage a'rising. The blood God is craving that delicious n00b blood!

02-01-2007, 08:05
Wether or not the store makes more money because of the guys actions wasn't my real care. However in a casual game both players having fun should be the goal. Just because someones a noob doesn't make them less then any of the more experienced players. We all had to start out as noobs didn't we ?

They should be taught and allowed to learn by example, not trounced without mercy then told how lame they are. Thats very childish, and not the way a man should act to people.

Why shouldn't they enjoy some of their games ? and why shouldn't they be allowed to have fun in the game they are paying for ? What right do you, I or anyone else have to try and make someone else feel crappy just so we can feel good ?

02-01-2007, 08:13
Why is he beatting everyone? There is bound to be someone better then him. Have you checked whether he is using an illegal army list exploiting inadequate inexperience player's knowledge? Or is he cheating?

All you actually need is for someone to beat him. The marginal the better, and throw a celebration inviting everyone including him to the party.

Even better, the person who defeats him must be equally a jerk and brag. That will cause him to burst into epilepsy.

If there is really nothing to be done, ask a female player to seduce him or even better take a few of his models for safekeeking until he humbles. :D

It's ok to use unsportmanship tatics unsporty people.

Brother Antonios
02-01-2007, 08:41
How do we know this was a casual game? How do we know the n00b mutha-killa' didn't warn his n00b opponents he would crush them? People love to jump to the aid of the guy with a 500 point half-painted army who says "woe is me, what should I do, that 8 year old has crushed me so many times I'm gonna go complain to the manager."

So many people fell into the OP's ego trap it's unreal.

BTW I have every right to make anyone I play feel crappy and so do you, we just have to live with the consequences, easier for some, people who think they are helping and are really giving people a false sense of how good they are, are not helping, they are selling something. I've said before I think a little seperation of the chaff from the wheat is a good thing, eat your chaff bread and grow hungry, the strong know not this hunger.

02-01-2007, 09:08
Giving someone a false sense of ability is very different from just downright kicking them around and laughing about how inadequate their playing skills are.
Yes beating bad and inexperienced players is fine, after the game maybe offer some support in what tactics to change, or tell them what they did right/wrong.
Just making fun of them isn't a useful or particularly sportsmanlike thing to do.

02-01-2007, 09:23
i agree wit what most of you are saying. he is the only obnoxius stuck up pig in my local gw. I live in dublin and there is only two gw's one is 5 miles away and the other 10 miles and alot of noobs have actually gone to the one further away because of that guy and we've all lost friends. Also travelling ten miles into town in rushour traffic is bad enough but then it is hard to find parkin, so thats why i only go to the one that is closer, my brother and his mates have beaten him ten or more times yet he still does it. :mad:

03-01-2007, 08:42
I guess I'm sorry if I disagree on someone having the right to treat others poorly. If they are bad, you will beat them, however you should at least be trying to tell them how to better themselves. Just lowering the beat down on them then saying what crap they are. It's the act of a low person. If you know your good, that is all that should matter. Needing to beat on noobs to prove it is weak.

You won't know who is good or bad, until you give them the amount of time you had to learn, then test them. No one gets better without practice, and finding a good mentor can really make that alot easier and quicker. Why should people go out of their way to help their fellow man ? Probably just because its the right thing to do.

Though ya don't learn much at all if someone is just beating you down, offering no aid. and just saying how bad you are. If you had to learn from someone like that, I honestly feel bad for ya.

Slaaneshi Slave
03-01-2007, 22:06
Are you being for real? :wtf:

Its polite, its easier to read, and it makes you look like you have more than 2 brain cells.

Slaaneshi Slave
03-01-2007, 22:25
Some people just find it irritating to see "ur", "1337", "roxxor" all over the place. I know I do.

03-01-2007, 22:34
It's forum rules. If you don't like them, well, you're on the wrong forum.

03-01-2007, 22:37
Hate to say it, but: the rules (http://warseer.com/forums/faq.php?faq=rules#faq_posting_guidelines) say no 733t speak (or whatever you call it).

03-01-2007, 22:43
Why not challenge him yourself? Get together the biggest anti-guard army possible and thrash his dumb ass.
Personally, I'm thinkin' lotsa scatter lasers and the occasional pimped-out falcon...

05-01-2007, 16:46
I've removed a quantity of off topic posts from the thread. Please keep it on topic.

The Warseer Inquisition

05-01-2007, 23:13
now there are 2 things you can do... take a hammer and smash his army up and say one of 2 things.. "what army?" or "there, i just beat it" (get it, beat it... :p)

or just play him yourself with an uber list that will own his... suit it to taking down his infantry and his tanks... not that hard i wouldent think...

06-01-2007, 02:26
To be honest, I see where Brother Antonios is coming from. That's how I learned to play.

Think of it this way...if someone really wants to learn the hobby, what's the best way to do it? When I learned how to play, I didn't even open the rules book- I watched games and learned that way. The first game I played the guy completely thrashed me. Instead of going to the next store over because I got beaten, I stayed there, thought about what I did wrong, asked other players there what they thought, and amended my list and tactics.

The next week I played him again. I still lost, but he congratulated me on playing him again, and doing it much better this time. I proved to myself and the other players that I wasn't just in the hobby to win games right from the start, but I wanted to learn, play, and have fun.

Maybe him thrashing these "noobs" (hate that word) is a blessing? I, for one, don't like when every table in the store is full of 10 year old kids who think bikes have armor values. I think by beating these kids badly for there first game is a wake up call. It will teach them to play better (if they really want to play the game, not just win).

Admittedly, just destroying the kid, and then packing up and walking away is wrong. If I was in his position, and I have been many times (kids unwittingly asking me for games, I agree, and kick their ass) I would point out their glaring mistaked after they made them, and payed for them. Because that way they remember not to do that again. At the end of the game, I kind of coach them through what they did wrong, and how they could improve, and challenge them to a game the next week.

You'd be surprised how much better a kid can get in the space of a week.