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02-01-2007, 09:20
Here is my problem.

I am an English teacher in France, and I would like to work with my pupils on the scene in the Two Towers where Smeagol talks to himself and finally banishes the "Gollum" part of himself ("leave now, and never come back!").

What I would like to know is if this scene is in the book, or if it is Jackson's invention. I have the book, but I don't know it enough to be sure. I think it is not, but I would like to have the opinion of the real LotR knowers...

Dr Death
02-01-2007, 09:33
If i remember correctly it does not actually feature in the books. There are a couple of scenes where Gollum has extended peices of dialogue with himself but none that come to such a resolution as depicted in the films. Rather the 'Gollum' aspect of his being more closely relates to 'smeagol' and so rather than 'good vrs evil' it's more a case of 'pathetic evil vrs strong evil' and the result is not nearly as sugar coated as the films depict.

Dr Death