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02-01-2007, 23:46
Hiya, I just started playing Blood Bowl again after 15 years and I started a Dwarf team cause I play Dwarfs in all the GW systems I can. I have only played two games, both against an Orc & Goblin player and IŽd like some tactical advice on whats worth buying when you start a team and on any potential tactics as to how to play them defensively and how to play them offensively.

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help me out!


08-01-2007, 05:41
Well.... make sure you have 2 runners, just for someone to be able to pick up the ball. Other than that, lots and lots of stunties!

Dwarves are tough because of the crap movement, but there's really only one thing to do offensively - smash your way down the field, stomping your enemy along the way, and then make a last-ditch run for the end-zone on turn 7-8.

Defensively, just get tackle-zones on anyone you can. As you build your team, concentrate on Guard, Pro, and Stand Firm. Stand Firm is especially good for runners, as you can dodge out of a tackle-zone to make a run for the end-zone, and if you fail, your turn is still going!

An experienced dwarf team should be the ultimate immovable object. It should be able to play pure smash 'em down offense and be just plain brutal on defense.

08-01-2007, 10:29
I played my Nuns (Amazons) against Dwarves last week - improved strength and tackle were a big thorn in my side. Ended up 1-1, but he would have won if he hadn't fumbled on the line on turn 7 in 2nd half...

12-01-2007, 19:25
The first skill your runners should pick up is Dump Off. The first double roll is Nerves of Steel.

This should ensure you can score without too many problems...

12-01-2007, 21:16
The main strength of Dwarfs is that they make their enemies die before they do. The main weakness is not to get where they need to be on time. To get a good team in the long run, you need to work with both of these.

Make some players deadly fighters (various offensive skills), and others capable of standing in front of the nastiest opponents and live to talk about it (stand firm, dodge, jump up, guard).

Also, make sure that you have some mobile players, to counter your weakness. Your blitzers and runners need to be positioned where they can move about. Resist the temptation to throw your blitzers into the thick of the fighting unless you really need to.

13-01-2007, 02:52
Definately stand firm and gaurd. This way you can move your box down the field with your runner in the middle. Defence...make use of your tackle skill and be sure to use attrition on your enemy. The more players you can take off the field, the more chances you have of winning. Dwarves are a smash-em-up team, youi need to play that way.
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13-01-2007, 10:10
I find that even with dwarfs, you need to have some flexibility.

It's alright forming a box and slowly marching up the pitch, or a war of attrition, but if you are facing a team who are better at it than you (and there are some), you are going to struggle.

I once had a Blitzer with Ag 4 and Leap, and in the BB final, you should have seen the look on my opponent's face when I announced, after being surrounded by opponents, that I was leaping out of the box to score (I failed the roll, but the look on his face was priceless)...

Autobot HQ
15-01-2007, 17:27
I'm sorry, somewhere early in this thread I'm SURE I saw someone say playing dwarves is tough...bless.

Dwarves, with their seriously seriously underpriced ReRolls are one of the most reliable teams out there. With just about everyone coming with block, thick skull and Av9 they will be the ones who are still standing when the game is over. They can afford to take more chances on the offensive in regards to hitting people to start with as not alot of other teams have block, and by the time they do, you have guard so then it becomes academic. And if you do risk it and fail, just use one of those 80K rerolls that any other bashy teams pays 140k for.

People will assume that you don't have any agility in you team, yet you can start (and should start) with FOUR Ag3 players. Now, some people would say here "But thats only four players, and humans can use anyone!" Yea, they CAN but most human teams I see start scoring with blitzers or catchers, and when you start you'll only have four of those too, so really you're on par with those teams, and once again by the time you get up to the level where they have like seven or eight guys handling the ball, you'll have seven or eight guys killing anything they come near so they CAN'T handle the ball.

Dwarves are not an overpowered team EXCEPT for the fact that their RR are too cheap. I play all races in BB and I do believe they should be 60k or 50k cheapest. 40k is simply too low.

16-01-2007, 10:57
I agree dwarves are not at all dificult to use, they are in fact very simple, in my secound game I tied with a skaven team whos team had not been beat or in fact tied with in two years. In your first few games with dwarves Block is an absolute lifesaver, and of course the cheap re-rolls help out alot to. The best tactic for using Dwafs IMHO is just hit anything thats silly enough to get anywhere near you and keep your runners and blitzers close together so they can make a dash once the enemy has been thouroughly beaten to a pulp.

03-02-2007, 16:40
I pass with my dwarves at least once a game. I scored 5 td's in a game a few weeks ago. Pass a few times to keep your opponents on their toes. The cage and stall technique is boring, I do use it. Mostly in the second half if holding a lead, or against a skilled opponent. There is nothing like the look on a coaches face when a Dwarf blitzer catches a Pass following a hand-off and scores on two GFI's. :mad::cries::wtf: And remember guard is your friend, get it first. (With some exceptions)

09-02-2007, 13:18
never underestimate the ability of your troll slayers frenzy to push players into the crowd.

I usualy have my slayers patrol the flanks unless there is really somthing huge and nasty they have to deal with in the centre and used frenzy to push 4/5 players off(with a few being KOed/injured) the field in my last 2 games alone pretty much devastating my opponents plans due to lack of numbers. Even if your opponents get smart to this it still works in your favour as they will be terrified of the wide zones leaving you gaps to exploit.

The other thing to say is as dwarves you need to dictate the pace of the game, dont feel rushed unless you really have to score in a turn or 2 an just grind your opponent down

12-04-2007, 22:44
I'll jump on the Guard bandwagon. I almost always give every Longbeard Guard as my first skill. The other thing that helps my Dwarven squads are one die blocks. With access to cheaper rerolls I will often throw one die blocks as long as I have block, especially if my opponent doesn't.

Many coaches I've played against are leery of one die blocks but when you have a reroll handy and Block I say go for it if it will open something up for you.

Good Luck.