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03-01-2007, 14:12
I'd like to hear about other people's homebrew chapters, hivefleets, tomb worlds, clanz, regiments, kabals, Orders*

I'll start the ball rolling with mine.

From a start point of my 1st Ed SM figures I'm restarting my Souleaters Chapter. haven't played them since 2nd ed, so I'll be starting with units I don't have and then going back to replace my core units with newer models.

Our motto: Blood for the Emperor.

Below is my colour scheme with some of the fluff explanations. What do you think?

Main colour is black. When I was younger I actually painted them very dark grey. So dark, in fact, that you could only tell they weren't black under a strong light. Highlights will be done with a dark blue.

Chapter Badge is a solid red triangle. THis is because at the time I didn't have the skill to paint anything else. Any suggestions for alternatives suitable to the 'Souleaters' would be appreciated. They're a successor to Blood Angels.

Kinda harking back to me being an old school SM player the chapter badge will be on the right shoulder, with the squad type on the left. Also the ridge/band around the left shoulder will be a colour to denote the particular squad.

Devastators will have yellow fists - this is derived from a local god of their original planet who threw lightning bolts at the demonic gods of the chapters first 'recruitment world'.

Assault troops have their right shoulder pad reversed out. So a red shoulder with a black triangle.

Again harking back to my original SM army, Veterans will have a red stripe down the middle of their helmet.

Sarges have white helmets, officer (ie Hero) ranks have gold helmets. Although the later seems a little austentatious.

The 'Death Co.' are going to be known as the Lost or the Untouchables, not sure which yet.

Specialists will have the left side of their armour painted a different colour. The right side (with their chapter badge) will remain black.

Techmarine - Steel/iron with industrial hazard markings.

Chaplain - Red to tie him to the Untouchables.

Librarians - Blue is traditional for Libs, and can't think of anything better.

Sanguinary Priests - will use Dark angels robed model with some conversions. Armour all black but with a white robe.

Honour guard will have their left arm gold.

I like the idea of each company being able to fight on it's own. Thus the Souleaters have scouts and termies (potentially due to Veterans) in each company. It also explains how the 3rd Company (that I'll be painting my army as) have termies with them.

So tell me about your homebrew chapter.

* Yes, I left out Craftworlds deliberately. Hurry up and die so we can have the webway to ourselves. :D

03-01-2007, 14:23
My fairly new DE kabal-

[Warning, lack of originality may follow]

Kabal of the weeping Eye.

They are a relatively small kabal and are basically social outcasts by DE standards.

They do not grow because the Lord (and his followers subsequently) take a little too much pleasure in killing and not capturing slaves, so a such they don't hold much power.

My lord, [Name pending] is around 6,000 years old and only recently came to command the kabal ( after he retired the pevious archon).

Because of their small size they do not have the resources to afford some of the rarer equipment available to the larger kabals (i.e grotesques, mandrakes etc) so he has a mostly raider force.

He does have a long standing agreement with a wych cult, who send him a few wyches in payment for some debt [reason pending].

The main colour is black (i.e all over) and only the helmets and "stripes" on the raiders are red gore.

Very simple, threatening scheme that also helps them, sicne they are small they often striek at night maximising their sruprise, so a such bright colours would hinder them.

03-01-2007, 14:30
We have the
151st Carentani Guard. "The Wolf Cubs"
Grey Fatigues, Black Body Armour. After many battles along side the space wolves during the Medusa Campaign they accquired the regimental nickname the "Wolf Cubs" after they were congratulated and referred to as little wolves by a Wolf Lord Kjarl Stormclaw, for fighting as fiercely as the wolves to hold the planet as long as was possible.
Doctrines. Light Infantry, Grenadiers, Veterans, Iron Discipline Hardened Fighters, Camleonine. (Yes I'm aware thats 6. That os because of a deployment style favoured by the Carentani. Either the heavy infantry attack surrported by light infantry [Grenadiers and Light Infantry] or the force stays light and uses stealth and misdirection to achieve objectives [Light Infantry and Camleoline] the other doctrines remain constant)

03-01-2007, 14:31
==My== DIY chapter is a Dark Angels successor called the Angels of the Lion.

In a nutshell, the AotL came into being when Lion el'Jonson and the DA Legion were heading back to Caliban from Terra. Jonson was crushed that he could not save the Emperor, so he decided to give command of the DA to Luther when the chapters were split. He left a chapter-sized force on the planet Ariel, comprised of his most trusted veterans. He would return to Caliban, reorganize the chapters as dictated by the Codex Astartes, then return for the AotL and launch a crusade into the Eye of Terror to hold his traitorous brethren accountable and exact some vengeance. Unfortunately, the Lion never made it back, so the AotL sat and waited for a century until they resolved that the Primarch was testing them and they had to prove their worth by protecting the Imperium. They met up with the current Dark Angels and explained their origins. After being tested by the Chapter Librarians, the AotL were warmly welcomed as lost sons of the Lion. They were told of the Lion's fate and the fall of Caliban and they vowed to find their Primarch and take vengeance upon those who betrayed him. They were officially recorded as a 3rd founding chapter and have served ever since.
Recently, after the chapter suffered grievous losses fighting the Emperor's Children on Dune (roughly 40% of the chapter lost, including the chapter master) Asmodel became Supreme Grand Master. To rebuild the chapter, he put great emphasis on training and recruitment processes. Many new recruits were drawn not only from Ariel, but planets under the chapter's protection. Each was trained extensively, often by veterans of the 1st company. Asmodel's motto, which soon was adopted by the chapter, was "Ducere Ab Exemplum" or "To Lead by Example". With this new program, the chapter was rebuilt in mere decades and with its newfound strength and devotion, played a key role in repulsing Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, particularly in the Agripinna system.

The color scheme is simple: green with golden yellow shoulder trim and chest eagle

Combat Doctrine is very flexible and tactically sound. They can adapt to any combat situation and thrive on challenging opponents.

Due to the relative youth of the chapter, no battleforce will not have at least one group of scouts working with it. Before scouts can become full brothers, they train with battle companies until they are deemed worthy. So Scouts are a 1+ choice.

I had played DA for a while and wanted something different and unique, but still with plenty of DA flavor. After having the AotL for years, I can't get enough of them:D


god octo
03-01-2007, 14:33
My 1500 points Witch hunter list is diverse, so ill have to do everythign seperately:

Order of the sacred blade:

The main colour scheme for the sisters is midnight blue for the armour and blood red for any cloth. All iconography is in gold. However, all my vets carry a hand weapon of some kind on them (chainsword, sword) and have more gold on them.

The inq has black armour and red cloth, with her stormtrooper bodyguard having black cloth and red armour.

This ties the whole army together quite well. Here are some relly bad pics, before i had a bit of a repaint:

Slaaneshi Slave
03-01-2007, 14:41
This is mine. I am currently writing fluff for the SoB who appear in this passage.

== Index Astartes : Sons of Sinfire ==

++ Origins ++

Founding : 25th, M40.
Founding Name : Chapter was founded as the Scions of Ultramar. Name changed after the Betrayal of Faith incident.
Homeworld : Berien (Destroyed)
Geneseed : Novamarines (line of Gulliman).
Founder : Captain Liathon, Novamarines 3rd Company.

++ Base of Operations ++

Region : Segmentum Ultima.
Home System : Beriem System, one planet (also named Beriem).
Recruitment Worlds : Not currently recruiting until penitence is complete.
Notes : Chapter home world is unhospitable, after being subject to an Exterminatus Bombardment. Chapter is now fleet based.

++ Command Structure ++

Chapter Master : Master Tethius.
Rank Structure : Codex Astartes standard.
Company Organisation : Roughly Codex Astartes standard. In recent decades heavy vehicles are being exchanged for faster choices, as dictated by the style of warfare they are being forced to employ.
Note : The third and fourth companies of the Chapter were all but annihilated in their recent compaign against an unknown Xeno race. The remaining marines from each company have been intergrated into other companies, because they cannot rebuild the companies while they are penitent.

++ Chapter Traits ++

The Chapter is forced to fight a style of warfare not intended by the Codex Astartes. Fast rolling battles are the order of the day, with their heavy, slow vehicles being left behind as the fighting moves in their persuit of Jerard (see Incident : Betrayal of Faith, in Background section). For this reason they have the following traits.

Fierce : No Mercy, No Respite
Take The Fight To Them

Disadvantage : Flesh Over Steel

++ Chapter Background ++

The Scions of Ultramar are a successor Chapter of the Ultramarines. Of course, they are not directly decended from the Ultramarines, but as with many other Chapters with great pride, they claim it still. Even though they stand in the shadow of the Ultramarines, they have a long and illustrious history of their own.

Naming the now sterile agricultural planet Berien as their homeworld they have launched many crusades against heretics and the dread forces of the Chaos Gods. They have fought in campaigns spanning the galaxy, from the Defence of Actar against the Orc Waaargh! of Warlord Nagathrul; to the extermination of the traitor Imperial Navy fleet "Emperors Blessing", where Brother Solstus of the Third Company single handedly brought down the fleet Command Vessel at the cost of his own life after all the other boarding craft were destroyed before they could land.

Incident : Betrayal of Faith

The most notable event in their history is the Betrayal of Faith, one of the bloodiest and most henious crimes since the Horus Heracy itself. The Scions of Ultramar were in a period of downtime after their most recent campaign agianst a mysterious Xeno race. The fighting had gone very badly for the Scions, with almost two entire companies wiped out, and the Xeno force escaped. The Inquisitor Jerard IV approached the chapter with an opportunity to redeam their honour. He showed them evidence of a planet wide Cult to Khorne on the Hive World of Sinfire, a world on the edge of the Chapters zone of protection. Sencing a chance redeam their honour and pride the Battle Barge "Pride of Ultramar" was dispatched with eliments of the second and seventh companies to irradicate this threat.

It was deemed that the planet was too unstable to use an Exterminatus bombardment, as the high Plutonium content of the planets core would react violently with the shells and causing a nuclear reaction on a massive scale, destroying the planet and any fleet in orbit. This left little choice except an assault on the planet. After the initial campaign against the planetary defence force, it was a simple matter to overload the reactors of each of the Hive Cities in turn. After 9 days of fighting the Pride of Ultramar had destroyed all human life on the planet, suffering only 7% casualties themselves.

The entire campaign was thought to be a complete success. Whilst the fleet was in transport back to Berien a communication was recieved from Exhalted Sister Miriam of the Order of the Crimson Tide, Adeptus Sororitas. The "complete success" of the campaign on Sinfire, was in fact an attempt to allow a Daemon Prince of the Blood God, Khorne, to pass into the Mortal Plane in an orgy of blood, orcastrated by none other than the Inquisitor Jerard IV. Fortunately for mankind, the Daemon Prince was not able to cross the barrier between the material universe and the Immaterium.

After being shown an Inquisitorial Warrant for Jerards execution the Sister gave the Crusade commander the ultimatum - help them track down Jerard, or be destroyed. Whilst painfully obvious the Order would break themselves trying to assault the Chapter Fortress, their great pride, bottomless shame, immense sin left only one option. Brother Colonel Aradon transmitted the truth of their betrayal of the people of Sinfire, and Jerards manipulation of the Chapter to his Chapter Master on Berien. Unable to stand his dishonour, he then commited ritual suicide by extracting both of his Progenoids glands, using only a scalpal.

Upon recieving the proof of their folly the Chapter Master ordered the entire Fortress Monastary abandoned, the entire chapter, all its followers and civilians from the only settlement were to move to the fleet. In an attempt to begin to atone for the destruction of Sinfire the Master ordered the Exterminatus shells to be targeted on Berien. The ancestral home of the Scions of Ultramar was destroyed forever.

Upon joining with the rest of the fleet the chapter undertook a long period of meditation and reflection. Several weeks later the fleet was on the move again. Only now, instead of the Scions of Ultramar, the fleet now flew a banner depicting a bloody hand, reprisenting the blood of innocents on their hands, and the Chapter took the name of the Sons of Sinfire.

In respect for the Adeptus Sororitas, who had risked destruction at the hands of a potentially rogue Space Marine chapter, the Chapter Master granted them the use of one of the Chapters Battle Barges for use in tracking down the Inquisitor. The Order of the Crimson Tide and the Sons of Sinfire track the Inquisitor to this day. Many times they have had him within their grasp, only to have him vanish again in some unknown way. Some suspect he has aquired some ancient Xeno personal teleportation technology, while others protest that it could only be a Chaos God could provide that sort of power. Whatever the reason for Jerards disappearance, they will not help him forever. Eventually he will rue the day he crossed the Sons of Sinfire.

It is unknown when the Chapter will think itself atoned for its sin, but whilst tracking Jerard the Sons of Sinfire have many times fallen upon the enemies of mankind with a dreadful fury, seaking redemtion in death.

Captain Micha
03-01-2007, 14:55
wow everyone has me beat but okay, my Tau Shaso. (the shaso for my area lol)
is named Shas'o Elysier Ores Malcour. Commanding the Tau force known as Firevalour. The commander does not use crisis suits. Due to the lack of resources at his disposal and instead favors pirhana, devilfish, hammerheads.

His Ethereal was killed during a battle with the Bone Eaters chapter (friends chapter based off the das) in which the Ethereal in a vain attempt to save his cowardly life turned on the fail safe detonator of the Shasel below Ores's command. The shasel took out most of the teleported marines with her. And the Ethereal was killed by the Librarian. Who was in turn shot by a lone rail rifle in the hands of Ores himself. *his crisis suit was damaged. was a path finder that shot the libby in game. but this is much funner fluff wise no?* The rines teleported out. And the Tau left Medusa V. Getting caught in the warp storm they were flung to the far reaches of the eastern fringe where they currently are. They began colonising a miniature 4th expansion. Ores feels disenchanted completly by the Ethereals and the Tauva. He has seen cowardice in the Ethereal. And he was further disturbed by the Tau deciding not to use the information that was so valuable as to sacrifice so many fire and earth caste. and now he is begining to hear voices in his head. Terrible voices. that are slowly driving him towards Choas. He rejected the heavy restrictions of Tau society as they were implimented by the Ethereals to better maintain control over the race.

He has a Kroot shaper as a close friend and body guard as well as a Gues'lava (human helper) commanding the humans that joined the Tau.

My crons I have some fluff done but not enough to post it here.

My Ig has too much and can be its own thread. (and I have not even bought a mini for them yet lol)

Eldar still working on it.

Space Marines. I have enough done but I think the Tau fluff is enough for now lol (I would be flogged for "violating" fluff I bet if I posted my rines up)

03-01-2007, 15:12
Ah, a thread were I can elaborate on my home brewn chapter, the Storm Dragons (again!).

Chapter Motto: Honour can only be won through victory

The Storm Dragons chapter is stationed on Ilex II, a forest world near Deliverance. They are a ?th founding chapter, descending from the Ultramarines chapter. This is remarkable, as the chapter is opposed to the teachings of the Codex Astartes, believing that war is not something you can summarize in a book. Instead, they prefer to fight instinctively, using their own experience to win the day.
Their name is derived from the dragon-like, carnivorous lizards indigenous to Ilex II. These beasts are also used as steeds by the highly elite Dragon Riders, Marines with a unique psychic talent to form a mind-bond with these voracious reptiles.
The chapter is very proficient in stealth tactics and close range warfare, tactics that have found their way into chapter doctrine because of the native population from which the chapter draws its neophytes.
Battlebrothers fight in one of the six Battle Companies, and quickly master the art of infiltration and personal combat. This leads to them quickly joining specialist squads and eventually becoming Veterans. A Marine that rises to the rank of Veteran may choose to join the Veteran (9th) Company, or become a Veteran Sergeant for one of the Battle Companies' squads. If he chooses the former, he can no longer rise to a higher rank than Veteran Sergeant of a Veteran Squad. If he chooses the latter, he can eventually join the Terminator Company and/or even become a Captain.
The chapter hides, however, a terrible secret (which doesn't?:p ), one that can lead to their utter ruin should the Imperium discover it...

The chapters symbol is the same as the Salamanders' one.
The chapter's colours are: black armour, dark green rim, red shoulder pad. Veterans wear a dark green helmet.

I also have a "home-brewn" Hive Fleet but they don't have any fluff, they just eat things.

03-01-2007, 15:58
Hive Fleet "Oni" (for lack of better name -_-)
Tyranids obviously.

Red Carapace, black "skin", scorpion green tubings, purplelish flesh (mouth area mostly), white teeth (original isn't it), and purple or yellow eyes. (depending on the model) I'll probably repaint most models to have yellow
eyes as it stands out a bit more.
And they're currently without any fluffyness.

Then come my Dark Angels, which aren't to be considdered an homebrewn army, save for the fluff I'm writing for them.

Mr Zephy
03-01-2007, 17:31
My Tau are the defence force for a Tau orbital city orbiting one of the new planets in the empire. Because of the colour of the government buildings and habitation blocks, they use Enchanted blue armour. They also are prepared to conduct operations on the planet but because there are so many different areas of the planet, they keep their blue armour. The commander is Shas'O Wel'Es Lye.

Slaaneshi Slave
03-01-2007, 17:34
Does anybody read more than a post or two in these threads, or just post their own? o.O

03-01-2007, 17:39
I read them.

Wait, maybe its because i'm special >_> .......

god octo
03-01-2007, 18:07
i do too....

Your fluff is very good Slaaneshi Slave, i take it you use Sm with sisters allies?

Goq Gar
03-01-2007, 18:14
== Index Xenos: Orkoid Clan - Da Konkaraz ==

+Clan location and history+
Spawned on Fenris in one of the remote forests, decimated the countryside before kill teams, sent by the Space wolf residents, wiped out what they thought to be all orks in the area. In the forest, thousands of orks were preparing for a massive attack on Fenris. Using captured Space marine weapons, armour, and vehicles, they launched a completely unexpected WAAAGH! on Fenris. Initial engagements were futile, guard regiments overrun in hours, the few space wolves in the area had no chance to stop so many orks.

Space wolf response was swift. Soon the Ice Islands of Fenris were the sites of titanic battles. Massive hordes of orks in thick lines harrased lines and wore them down, all defenders were eventually crushed. Pushed back into a remote fortress, space wolf defenders held out for merely 2 days before orks broke into the fortress and ahniahlated it with massive explosive devices. So many orks were present in some battles that noone knows how many were present.

Through a series of Warbosses, the Konkaraz are now in control of nearly 7% of Fenris, but of course under heavy assault at all times. They spread from island to island in massive conquering crusades. At one point, it was thought that Space wolf garrisons would be unable to control the spreading threat. After the battle of Kerhas Valley, however, through the application of massive prelimenary bombardments, the orks were ahniahlated before forces even engaged. This tactic has been employed wildly lately against the Konkaraz.

+Clan leader history+

Warboss Grishnakk mag uruk Dakka
--- Led Waaagh! on Fenris, decimated Space Wolf Populations, caused irreperable damage to Fortresses.
--- Killed on Fenris by suicide assassination mission carried out by Space wolf Operatives.

Warboss Grug rug mag uruk Thrakka
--- Grishnakk's second in command, assumed control of Fenris battle after death of Grishnukk.
--- Killed very shortly after taking control by sniper fire during siege.

Warboss Grashrakk mag Thrakka-dakka
--- Took control during siege after Grug rug died, ordered full retreat, returned with stolen artillery and destroyed most of the fortress.
--- Reputed as best warboss ever to lead clan, clan caused most damage under his rule.
--- Died in landing accident during deepstrike into heavily defended Fenris territory. His troops fought well without his guidance, proving he had trained them well under his command. Their mission was still a success.

= Current Warboss = Warboss Skragga
--- Considered Insane. Sends his troops in mindless waves of violence against the enemy. Relentless attacks wear down defenders, at the cost of thousands of his own troops lives. Rumoured to go mad if he doesn't kill something every five minutes.
--- Reported to suffer multiple wounds at battle against Space wolf Hunting pack in Forest engagement.

+Tactics used+
Da Konkaraz have recently taken on tactics where troops are mindlessly sent into the enemy in wave after wave to weaken defenses and probe for weak points, then strike with full force where lines are weakest.

Mostly use foot troops as little technology is available on the Icy planet of Fenris. Spend much time preparing for Crusades and Sieges against Space wolf fortresses and Islands.

+Estimated Army List+

Warboss Skragga.

Elite Nob Body guard, known as "Skraggaz Bad Boyz". Numbering up to 200. Heavily armoured, well armed, and highly unstable*.

Up to 100,000 Basic troops, mostly lightly armoured and armed. Mostly led by one central Nob Leader for every 1,000 or so Boyz.

Approximately 1,000 Mounted boyz, using primitive bikes and usually not armed with the classic big shootas, preferring to reach combat all the more faster and with more attention to close combat. Up to 300 Warbuggies, wartrakks, and other light vehicles.

Artillery support approximately 400 captured artillery vehicles. Usually used to destroy defenses from afar or to slowly destroy fortresses.

Heavy walkers numbering nearly 1000, support troops in advances, usually adorned with heavy weaponry to support troops who are usually lightly armed.


High threat level. Space wolf forces crippled. Surrounding space weakened as space wolf forces focus on this threat. Space wolf command has repeatedly refused any assistance, claiming to be capable of dealing with the ork invasion. Extremely violent clan bent on domination. Have already been reported in manufacturing Anti-Titan weaponry, showing they intend to stay on Fenris until it is theirs.

== Report ends ==

03-01-2007, 19:10
7th Rubican Strike Force:

Isolated by intense localised warp activity in the Ultima Segmentum for thousands of years, the colonists of the Rubican Stormworlds developed a culture far removed from that of the wider galaxy, and so it was perhaps unsurprising that their re-unification with the Imperium during the 36th Millenium lasted briefly and ended bloodily. Using unique warp-modulating technology to reignite dormant warp storms, the Rubicans managed to seal themselves off once more, but not before a savage and devastating assault from Imperial forces had reduced many of their worlds to little more than radioactive rubble. The Imperium declared the systems Excommunicate, but with their ships unable to penetrate the storms, no further sentence could be carried out.

Four millennia later, the warp storms rippled, and the Rubicans emerged once more, fleets of rapid strike vessels striking simultaneously at Imperial outposts, obliterating defence stations and dockyards, divisions of well-equipped infantry landing on worlds and destroying anything of value to the Imperium before moving on. Where once had been an optimistic and largely peaceful culture, there was now cynicism and the thirst for vengeance. While advanced, the Rubicans are no longer a forward looking people, they have no grand designs of uniting humanity under a new banner as they once did. They wish only to punish and destroy the Imperium, as the Imperium once nearly destroyed them.

Minus points for another use of the ever-popular "high tech lost human culture on the Eastern Fringe", I know, but I think I kept away from the "Star Trek 40K" trap. On the table, this army uses the Tau Empire codex but no Tau models, everything converted from other (still GW) sources.


03-01-2007, 19:17
Knights Radiant

Geneseed: Unknown

Author: Brian Bell

Origin: As part of the most receint founding (26th Founding, 738.M41), the Knights Radiant are a relativly new chapter. Founded from unknown geneseed, they owe allegience to none, but the Emperor, himself. During the intial exercises, Tsutomu Ifukube was recognized for his leadership traits as well as for his purity and zeal for the emperor. He was elevated to Reclusiarch. Two other leaders also rose to prominance, Capt. Akira Hirata, and Codicier Ishiro Nakajima. After a few, initial, campaigns, the new (as yet unnamed) chapter was assigned to a joint venture between the Adaptus Mechanicus and Ordo Hereticus. The exploritor vessel Spiritu Reclamitor was sent on a mission to reclaim worlds for the Emperor of Manknid. The first few systems found only the trace of past inhabitation by humans. The 7th system held a thriving world of humanity, Kaiju. The Adaptus Mechanicus, found the world low in the technical scale (having lost all knowledge of nuclear, plasma, and warp technology), but of a mind-set that could easily adapt to the technology of the Imperium. The Missionarium found a local cult, the Shepherd of Mankind, who's centeral character had died and left a warning to look for his rebirth heralded by the appearance of a comet or meteor. The locals took the flair from the airbraking of the exploritor ship as the comet/meteor. The Missionarium was able to reinterpret this belief into the "correct" worship of the Emperor. In a cerimony, the local draped the newcommers, including the new space marine chapter, in bright yellow and orange colors. The new chapter took on this coloration. On the 21st system, Radiant, they encountered the first major opposition. The local populace had kept a technological culture, but seem entrenched and refused to accept the light of the Emperor. The local populace called in the local militia and fortified the Capital city. The missionarium lost 3 delegations. The (as yet unnamed) chapter was set on the plains outside of the city, guarding another delegation of missionarium. Tsutomu, Akira, and Ishiro were talking together while the exploritorium council took a break. The Adaptus Mechanicus were in favor of bypassing the world, and marking it for extermination. The Missionorium wanted to leave a garrison, to bring them back into the fold. While the chapter leaders were talking, all three had the same vision -- an alien force behind the planetary leadership. Tsutomu immediatly devised a plan. The main force of the chapter would make a strike at the flank of the defenders. This however, was a diversion. The Elite and Assault teams would don jumppacks and deep strike into the Capital stronghold. The assault teams found the locals unprepaird for this tactic and quickly took the upper floors of the Senate building. Almost at once they faced several Ensalvers. The assault teams were able to quickly dispatch of them. At once, the militias turned to race back and protect the Senate. This provided the opprotunity the Chapter needed. They were able to cut a path through the militia to reach the Senate building. Reinforcing the assault squads, they were able to break throgh the baracades and destroy the remaining Enslavers. After several hours of exchanging fire with the militia, the Chapter was able to present evidence, of the Ensalver's influence. The remaining Senate, was reformed and declared the Imperial forces as liberators and the Space Marines 'Knights Radiant'. The main city was left in the hands of the Missionarium and a chaple of Sisters of Battle, as the Exploritor force moved on. The Chapter took on the name Knights Radiant as their chapter name. The rest of the mission proved fruitful bringing over 100 worlds back into the fold of the Imperium.

World: None (petitioned to claim Kaiju and Radiant as homeworlds).

Organization: The Knights Radiant are known to employ elite assault teams

Doctrine: The Knights Radiant take both a measured and quick stike approach. They tend to create a firebase, but then use Fast Attack and Elite elements to disrupt the enemy's plans. While not specializing in close combat (like blood angels), they train equally hard in both firefight and close combat techniques. The Knights Radiant have a disdain for stealth and hiding. They put their trust in the Emperor and believe that they stand presenting the glory of Him on Earth. Let the enemy fear and tremble at the representatives of the Emperor!

Beliefs: The Knights Radiant have a deep, abiding belief that they have a special role to play in the battles of the Imperium. They strive to bring glory to the Emperor, and by doing so, themselves. Many of the Knights Radiant have adopted the "corrected" cult of the Shepherd of Mankind.

Battlecry: Glory of the Emperor!

Chapter Colors: Florescent Yellow and Orange halved. Aquilla and skulls in flat metal. Gold lenses on helmet. Specialists (Chaplains, Apothicaries, etc.) quartered the armor with their traditional colors.Thier chapter insignia is a iconic representation of a silver shield.

Chapter Traits:
Blessed Be the Warrior
Trust you Battle Brother
Aspire to Glory
Take Pride in Your Colors


The unofficial Index Astartes (http://www.cygnusx1.info/sm/ia.asp)

03-01-2007, 20:41
Hmm... Well... I've multiple planned armies - but they're all linked to one thing; so I'll explain first origin of the whole shebang and then get down into the nitty-gritty of the various organizations that make it up.

Segmentum Defiant; also known as the Crysanthimum Worlds League

The entire thing started just before the Horus Heresy - of the twenty Primarchs, 18 where sons of the Emperor, 2 where daughters.

(A note: Both female primarch's legions where of mixed gender - they started as all-male legions crafted through genetic engingeering as all the Space Marines initially were: however after the discovery of each Primarch; geneseed was developed from each; thus by the time of the Heresy each legion found itself mixed beteween genders as opposed to the other 18 legions)

Yumii Agoshi, Primarch of the Red Guard Legion, and Sera Pernim; Primarch of the Bladestorm Legion

The first was found shortly after Leman Russ - Yumii Agoshi, unlike the other Primarchs, never truely came to dominate her world in any particular way. Instead she worked as a loyal retainer for the planetary lord, her lightning quick reflexes and precognitive abilities preventing literally dozens of assassination attempts through the years.

When the Emperor arrived, it took three months to find Yumii, as her psychic powers primarily acted both to warn her of danger and to prevent others from easily locating her, both with their eyes and with their minds. The Emperor did finally track her down; and upon locating her explained the truth of things.

At first she was loathe to believe him - after all she'd had a very good life at the side of the planetary lord; but given a day's time she agreed to go with the Emperor. The lord died the same day she left the planet - an 8 pointed star carved into his hands.

As Primarch of the Red Guard Legion, Yumii proved both astute tactician and powerful warrior. Typically, she would set a plan, and then designate a second in command to operate as the command and control officer so she could more easily lead from the front. In battle the Legion employed an innordinate number of assault troops backed by land speeders and other light vehicles; prefering to get to grips with the enemy and crush them up close.


Sera Pernim on the other hand came to power easily on her own world. She had ambition, drive, and a preternatural charisma that allowed her to manipulate people with incredible ease.

She was found shortly before Rogal Dorn.

As the elected leader of her own world, Sera had the best of everything - and did very little actual governing. Instead she enjoyed the fruits of a verdant garden world and kept the populace pacified with festivals and holidays, cultivating her own cult of personality.

The Emperor's arrival heralded an enormous change for Sera's World - like any spoiled child; Sera did not want to leave, and initially fought the Emperor. The Emperor defeated her easily though; and eventually she relented, realizing there was no real choice to be made in the matter.

She brought to the Bladestorm Legion the same cult of personality she'd used on her homeworld; and while her Marines found little in the way of tactical direction from their lady - they found a fanatical devotion to her and fought with a tenacity and ferocity that few others could match. The Bladestorm Legion's favored tactics involved an overwhelming armored surge of Predator Tanks and Land Raiders followed closely by the Marines who favored bolters and close combat weapons, allowing them to take a position and hold it against even hardened assault troops.


Just prior to the Heresy, on the eve of the Space Wolf assault against the Thousand Sons; another Marine against Marine battle was already in full swing.

The Bladestorm Legion; without provocation, began a bombardment of the Red Guard's Fortress Monastery on Ken III. Yumii had her astropaths attempt to send for help, but the warp itself seemed to have blacked out around Ken III.

The Red Guard Marines did their best with what was at hand - and of the ten thousand marines in the legion at the time only about seven thousand managed to make it to their Thunderhawks and other delivery craft. The Red Guard fleet had been out of system, and with no way to call it back - the Marines would have to engage their brothers and sisters in space with what limited forces they could muster.

Predictably the Bladestorm fleet blew apart a great majority of the incomming light craft, however, psychically shielded a tiny flotilla of twelve thunderhawks broke the line and crashed into Sera's Flagship - the Ultimatum.

Both the Red Guard and Bladestorm where well equipped to fight this kind of action - but Yumii herself proved a decisive factor, as her marines, still psychically warded, appeared to disappear and repear at random, always forging closer.

Yumii and her nine Terminators reached the bridge and prepared to confront Sera... what awaited them was not as expected at all.

Not Chaos... but a previously unknown... thing... had transformed the once lovely primarch into a hulking warp node - incapable of movement. Before the Terminators could attack the rogue primarch a rift on the bridge opened and several dozen strange creatures roared forward. The Terminators fought these new threats - while Yumii, summoning all her psychic fury created a psychic firestorm - something she had never done before, and incinerated Sera without so much as a fight from the latter. As she burned - the traitorous Primarch's marines began to disolve in their armor, becomming little more than a fleshy goop. The scant survivors of the Red Guard returned to Ken III, the Bladestorm fleet now nothing more than a hundred ghost ships.


Upon hearing of the battle between Yumii and Sera; and the unusual nature of it - the Emperor ordered both Primarchs records and legions to be deleted; and communication cut off. The Emperor decision, fueled by the still new betrayal of Horus and the other legions - would have far reaching impact.


The Red Guard never quite understood what happened, but it would be ten thousand years before Yumii would once more speak with an Imperial citizen.

The outcast marines found their sector of space beset with an enormous warpstorm only a month after the battle; and only recently has it subsided.

(To summarize -

Sera was essentially infected by gene stealers - as where her Marines; how it happened I've not yet decided but anyway; the Emperor was basically too busy dealing with the Heresy to think much about it except to assume he'd been betrayed by even more of his legions.

The Red Guard where out on the far eastern fringe of space, near what would be later the Tau Empire - the same warp storms that kept the Tau safe as they developed kept the Red Guard seperate from the Imperium - they colonized almost a hundred worlds and Yumii became the Crysanthimum Queen.

Similarly, Vera, an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, and Kern, a Black Templar who developed psychic powers (thus forcing him to leave the Templar - quickly) eventually found the Crysanthimum Worlds shortly after the duel that saw Vera gain her own psychic power and mutate physically - Vera and Kern tie into the story in that Vera begins to have psychic visions of the Emperor trapped on the Golden Throne - and having found the Crysanthimum worlds begins to believe that the Imperium is essentially holding the Emperor on the throne against his will. Yumii, believing this is what may have caused the communication disruption before the warp storms, allows Vera to recruit a crusade of volunteers.

Thus, Vera's Crusade sets out and begins offering Imperial worlds the chance to join the crusade, or be conquered by it. A surprising number of lesser members of the Ecclisiarchy join the crusade, believing Vera a divine prophet.)

As for the Crysanthimum Worlds themselves - they have a sort of tense truce with the Tau. They refuse to join the Tau empire - but do not have an anti-xeno bent like the Imperium does (after all, the Emperor didn't hate all aliens, he just didn't want humans dominated by them) - the Tau only tried to invade once, and where pushed back with enough force that they've decided its best not to try again soon.

Technology has advanced as well, as Techpriests so long away from the influence of Mars began to actually innovate - thus Power Armor has become somewhat more common (Enough that it isn't just the Marines of the Red Guard who have access to it; though most infantry forces rely on carapace armor instead as its still not THAT common) - Skimmers too have become more commonplace; and a sort of reverse engineered Battlesuit has come intoo use for special operations.

The military branches of the Crysanthimum Worlds League are:

The Skyblade - The primary military, acting much as the Imperial Guard do in the Imperium. Their strategies however tend to focus on mobile warfare, and hard hitting attacks lead by heavy skimmer gunships. Troopers are equipped with Carapace Armor and Boltrifles (They'll use the Tau list essentially).

Colorscheme: Navy blue all around, Symbol - a curved sword held upright by a hand.

The Red Guard - Marines are still created in the Crysanthimum Worlds; though they've not reached their full legion status again since the Heresy, as the more limited resources of the Worlds limits some aspects. The Red Guard are trained directly by Yumii and many have psychic powers of their own - they operate primarily as the royal guard, accompannying the Queen into battle. (uses the Grey Knights list - the project I'm currently working on)

Colorscheme - Red with Bronze highlights; swooping hawk wings in bronze and black on their backs. Symbol - Crysanthimum.

Power Armor Corps - While not marines - the Power Armored Corps are somewhere between the Red Guards and the Skyblade units. They operate as a heavy assault force, using their power armor to march across trenches and through fire that would cut apart lesser infantry. Color Scheme: White with gold trim and blue shoulderpads. (Uses Sisters of Battle list)

Dragon Corps - Relatively new special operations force, the Dragon Corps is named for its Dragon MK1 Battlesuits; designs reverse engineered from the Tau during their invasion. The Dragons are nominally attatched the Skyblade, but tend to operate mostly alone, utilizing small infantry groups as backup. (Uses Tau list - Sometimes with Commander Farsight as General Leander)

Color Scheme - Dark grey with red highlights, symbol - a dragon curled about a sword.

Crusaders: The Crusaders are the people who volunteered to join Vera's crusade to free the Emperor - they are loyal, fanatical, but poorly equipped as most had to bring their own weaponry. Yumii has sent some heavier vehicles to aid the Crusaders, but generally speaking they have to get their gear from the worlds they raid. (Operate as Imperial Guard, lots of Conscripts, Priests, etc...)

Color Scheme - Black and White with red weaponry.

If you are still reading: I think you; that took an age to type! <@_@>

03-01-2007, 20:44
Does anybody read more than a post or two in these threads, or just post their own? o.O

In threads like these - I've found LOTS of people read the stuff; very few actually reply though >.>

03-01-2007, 21:10
+Inquistion Archives
--Piratic (Dark Eldar)

+Subsection: Threat Level

-Threat Range: Galactic
-Status: Active

File 1768.58.8: Kabal of the Razord Vein

This particular group of xenos seem to follow chaos fleets. Reports indicate their ships will follow the chaos battle cruisers to the point of attack, then hide behind local stars while the battle rages. Should the chaos faction prove the victor, they will begin launching raids on local populations attempting to regroup, or flee the area. Should area defenses hold, they will immediately launch attacks on the chaos fleet they were following.

There are occational reports of this sect launching direct assaults on areas known to have a high consentration of psychers. in addition, front line commanders indicate they may be drawn out by, and will seak out any members of the Blood Angels Chapter, should they discover their presence.

Tactically this Kabal seems to be unlike others. If encountered, one will find few of the traditional transports ships, though they are present. Instead, this sect seems to rely on several potent, independt threats rather than one cohesive force. Bodies found on battlefields seem to indicate no common markings amond different types; implying that this may be a loose confederation among different warrior types rather than a structured army.

+Known participants within Kabal:

-Archon: Malaghenia (a.k.a. by battle survivors as **file coruption**tch on the board)
This female seems to be the highest ranking among this sect. Commonly seen on a "Skyboard" along with several xenos known as "Hellions". She seems to have a personal vendetta with psychers of any race.

-Dracon: Shayzeema
This male is near indistinguishable from the "Incubi" warriors that surround him. Eye witness accounts indicate that he may simply be chief bodyguard to the Archon, yet tactic reports indicate he acts independently in battle.

-Haemonculus: Koth'ri
In some instances, regarding small raiding parties, this individual has been sighted leading the sect from a command position. This one seems to rely on terror and brute force rather than cunning. Showing the grotesque walking remains of his victims at his vanguard and terrifying floating torture devices behind them.

-Succubus, Wytch: Salarosa
This female seems to act nearly independently of the rest of the army during battles. Survivors have reported that the "wytches" will only take orders from her, and the Archon herself. It is unknown at this time whether this Eldar is subjugated to or simply employed by the Archon, but reguardless, their goals are one in the same on the battlefield.

++End File++
thanks for indulging me guys, sorry i suck at writing, but i had alot of fun.
p.s. i read all these every time a thread like this pops up.

the creator
03-01-2007, 21:38
nice and simple, my three themed armies;

IG force based around the Helghast in the ps2 game Killzone. chem inhalers, carapace armour, hw teams, independent commisars, grenadiers. charcoal coloured armour, orange tinted glow from the goggles etc...

Necrons based around my own C'tan (yes i can make my own up, only 4 left, pah!) strangely named the creator. He was the arcitype who "designed" (losest sence of the word) the Necron form. Nightbringer crippled him and he fled, to his tomb early, will never "wake" up. his servants complete his work with his guidance from his half dead slumber.

the necrons have red plastic rods, not green (took me an age to find the right sizes etc). Lots of tomb styders and scarabs who build and maintain for him (he is the creator after all, he would have alot of "builder" units).

Nurgle army based around the strict theme of decay. stringy flesh and limbs etc. may post pics...one day....

p.s; woohoo...100 posts....took me long enough...

03-01-2007, 21:52
Squirrel, that's really interesting, I like it!

Mine's not exactly homebrewed, but it's 'themed';


The Third Tau Expeditionary Cadre 'D'Eldi Nan' - 'Twin Winged Sword'
Commander Monty'r O'Anuk - Lit. Bloodied Bird (Refers to bird of prey)

The Third Tau Expeditionary Cadre was first recorded fighting Imperial forces on the ill-fated Nimbosa colony, where under the supreme command of Commander Brightsword it combined arms with many other Cadres to attack the world and then repel a counter-strike by Imperial forces, where its combat doctrines and organisation proved well suited to the format of warfare that Brightsword required. As a result of this experience D'Eldi Nan was committed, along with what is estimated as up to another 100 equally sized forces, to the desert world of Taros to fight a powerful Imperial force designed to secure valuable ore reserves. The main body of O'Anuk's Cadre was deployed to harass the frontal lines of the Imperial battle lines (a strategy that would result in the Tau victory), whilst faster elements joined raiding parties organised to disrupt the flow of supplies to forward enemy units. Despite taking heavy casualties in both the Imperial assault on the Iracunda Isthmus and the final Tau attack on the Space Marine rearguard at the landing zone, the Cadre left the newly christened T'ros victorious and highly estimed for their skill by other Fire Caste commanders.

Under command of Commander Shadowsun O'Anuk led D'Eldi Nan straight into another series of warzones, as the Third Sphere expansion kicked off as beleaguered worlds, sapped of reinforcements due to Imperial commitments during the 13th Black Crusade, where indoctrinated into the rapidly expanding Tau Empire. Although their battles are too numerous to list in detail, there are two that stand out. The first occured against an Ork column (although using such organised terminology doesn't accurately describe Orkish manouveres) on the world of Fi'rios. O'Anuk and a contingent of rapidly moving Battlesuit armoured warriors outflanked the swarming horde, before attacking the side, driving through and disappearing before returning to repeat the tactic. The Orks, although fighting bravely overall, as a whole broke, allowing rapidly Devilfish deployed Firewarrior teams to ambush divided units piece by piece, with long range support provided by roaming Hammerheads and Broadside Battlesuits. Another less glorious incident however also occured, this time on an Imperial world. Believing the defenders to be have nothing more than a poorly maintained PDF force O'Anuk led a small strike team to take the capital, accompanied by further strike teams from other Cadres. The strike teams encountered heavy resistance as soon as they landed, and soon discovered that many of their systems were poor suited to the cityfighting required. PDF forces, knowing their terrain well, cut off individual sections of the strike force and bombarded them from hidden positions in the buildings. Although O'Anuk himself escaped the carnage many of his warriors were slain, and Earth Caste estimates put the casualties as high as 75&#37;. Although the planet was eventually taken by a far larger combined force the initial attack remained a bloody stain on the Cadre's history.

The most recent major engagement that D'Eldi Nan have been involved in occured on the doomed world of Medusa V. As warp storms moved upon the planet O'Anuk's Cadre was chosen to safeguard the hidden Tau research stations, not only due to their impressive combat record but also their experience fighting many of the enemies expected to be present. Unfortunately the first foe they met consisted of an unknown host previously unrecorded in Tau archives (referred to by Imperial archivists as 'The Necron(ytr)'), which proved to be a potent threat. Nevertheless, rather than be daunted by the unyeilding threat he faced O'Anuk modified his tactics and the Expeditionary Cadre won a series of stunning victories, on more than one occasion annihilating entire detachments of enemy forces whilst taking barely any casualties themselves. The fighting climaxed in a narrow valley in the Charybdis crest, when D'Eldi Nan were deployed to defend a pass whilst the Earth Caste evacuated their facility. Before them lay an entire legion of metallic warriors, their only defence a river and its single bridge. One advantage lay on O'Anuk's side however; whilst he could bring his full force to bear the enemy would have to contend with the narrow gorge and the bridge. This allowed O'Anuk to protect the area long enough to buy time for the Earth caste, although at severe loss to his own forces. As the tide of reinforcements continued to pour in from the Necron side O'Anuk recieved the signal ordering him to evacuate the area. A single Firewarrior squad held the bridge against a last ditch attack led by the Commander of the Necron contingent and his elite bodyguard. Although their stoic defence led to the slaughter of every single member of the party, it allowed the remainder of the army to board Orca dropships despatched to lift them to safety. As the last Shas'la fell O'Anuk activated the explosives fitted to the underside of the bridge, tearing the Necron Commander apart in a fiery explosion and avenging the fallen. Although arguable, some analysists have stated that was it not for this defence hundreds if not thousand of Tau may have been killed.

Combat Doctrine

The very essence of D'Eldi Nan's combat doctrine lies in its name; Twin Winged Sword. The successful strategy that has been developed and honed by O'Anuk consists of a primary elite force of warriors, usually armoured in XV8 Battlesuits and accompanied by Hammerhead and other light skimmer support, streaking ahead of the main battleline and driving into the weaker enemy side, inflicting heavy casualties before disappearing back into cover. Meanwhile the secondary force of the Cadre use convential tactics, acting defensively even in offensive battles to draw the enemy towards them and stretch their opponents lines even further. It is in the secondary force that the static elements of O'Anuk's army is normally deployed; Broadside Suits, Fire Warrior teams and other units inflicting damage on the advance whilst remaining firmly dug into protective cover. Occasionally a tertiary section, far smaller than the primary and secondary, will be deployed on the opposite flank from O'Anuk's flanking team. This will consist of stealth armoured warriors which will harass enemy units, not inflicting heavy losses but enough to distract troops and further the 'divide and conquer' strategy.

A noticeable missing piece to O'Anuk's army are Kroot and Vespid allies. Although by no means Xenophobic or in denial of the obvious merits of both additions, O'Anuk prefers to operate purely Tau forces for a simple battle reason. His tactics primarily involve mechanised assaults along with static defence - things that neither Kroot nor Vespid are inclined towards. Other Shas'os often look down on O'Anuk for his dogma, yet none have yet recognised where going against it could have achieved a better result - for they all know that if he needed them, he would use them.


The Third Tau Expeditionary Cadre was founded in the Third Sphere expansion (although not referred to as 'Third' due to this), and was originally based on Tau as a rapid response garrison to protect the system. However, after its deployal on Nimbosa it was decided that it would be better suited to accompany Expeditionary forces on the borders of the Empire - hence the naming of it as 'Expeditionary Cadre'. They first recieved the addage 'D'Eldi Nan' after the crushing of Ork forces on Fi'rios, and have kept the name ever since as a reminder of their short yet colourful history as well as their modul operandi.

Imperial Forces who engage the Third are advised to hold firm, engage from a distance and most of all watch their flanks.

Rogue 7
03-01-2007, 22:52
First off, Norminator, great background there! My tau don't have anything so glorious- they're a scout cadre from Ksi'm'yen that make heavy use of stealth, speed, and kroot auxillaries (The blue claw kindred)

My planned Space Marine army, on the other hand, has the following background.

The Red Dragons Space Marine chapter was founded in M35 in the Malfurus system. Their recruiting worlds are Malfurus II and III, while their chapter keep is located in the upper atmosphere of Malfurus IV. The chapter is a descendant of the Salamanders chapter and has inherited a large number of their traits, including a love of close-ranged firefights and a strong connection to the citizens of their homeworld (Malfurus II and III in this case). The Malfurus system is located on the eastern fringe, near the Tau empire (Gee, THERE'S a new idea). After its creation, it was left alone and isolated by a series of warp storms (Perhaps the same that isolated the Tau) In the meantime, the chapter grew, and in M37, Suppressed a Khornate heresey caused by the warp storms.

The heresy was spawned by a powerful psyker, known simply as the reaper, who gathered a strong cult following powerful enough to make a play for the government of the planet. At this point, the Dragons intervened, and at this point the true nature of the heresy was apparent when a bloodthirster ripped itself from the fabric of reality through the portal provided by the reaper. This bloodthirster annihilated the 20 marines who had been sent to the Senatorial building to destroy the uprising, but they managed to send a distress signal as they were destroyed. The chapter master, He Without A Name, called upon a squad of Terminator Veterans to assist him in the destruction of the cult. They teleported into the senatorial building and attacked the bloodthirster just as he finished his throne of skulls and brass in tribute to khorne.

The terminators attacked savagely and quickly wounded the bloodthirster witht their punishing powerfists, but this only enraged the beast, as it struck out with its giant axe, cutting down two veteran battle brothers. At this point the chapter master intervened, striking a powerful blow with his powersword. THe bloodthirster turned on him, striking him to the ground and raising his axe to deliver the fatal blow, but a veteran brother, seing his captain in peril, dove in front of his master and took the blow, displaying a surprising amount of agility for a terminator. This gave the master the time he needed to rise and deliver the final blow. With the death of their leader/god, the cult collapsed, and the marines set out to purify their world with flame and steel.

After this event, there was no further incedent until the warp storms receded. Upon regaining contact with the Imperium, the Chapter was informed of the resurgence of the Tau empire and the actions of Abbadon the Despoiller. Having a deep-seated hatred of chaos, like all good marines, the Red Dragons immediately sent their Third Company, in the Battle Barge Purging Flame to assist in the destruction of the foul chaos legions.

The chapter had had limited contact with the Tau empire, and thier years of isolation meant that they were not as xenophobic as other Space Marine chapters. The Malfurus system, recognizing their small size and the ability of the Tau to wipe them out, formed a tenative truce, which allowed for peace and not much else. The Tau recognized that Malfurus would be a tough nut to crack, and that they had limited capabilty to endanger the Tau, nor the inclination, so the two agreed simply not to wipe each other out.

About 50 years after contact was restored with the Imperium and the Purging Flame was sent to the Eye, an inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus and several legions of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers arrived in-system. He determined that the system was not properly reverent to the God-Emporer, and used his Storm Troopers to enforce the proper reverence. He also noted that the Red Dragons were too much involved with the native popuation to be trusted, and ordered their elimination. The Purging Flame was destroyed, but as it was under attack, it managed to transmit that the agents of the emporer were firing upon it back to its homeworkd, and so the chapter had warning when the fleet of the inquisitor appeared to destroy their keep. The fleet was repulsed, and the Inquisitor and his forces destroyed. At this point, the planetary government, along with the Dragons, made the decision that hey would no longer be allies of the imperium of man, and went rogue, forming an independent system.

03-01-2007, 23:07
My Space Marines are just a Raven Guard company, nothing original.

My Orks however are quite unusual. They are a FreeBoota warband led by a GIANT WarBoss pirate (he uses the Ogre Maneater model primarilly). However, the real leaders of the horde are the little unusually intelligent Snotlings that sit on his shoulders.

I was originally going to incorporate my Hobgoblin models as a special breed of snipers and infiltrators, but eventually I decided to make a very small Fantasy army out of them.

The WarBoss is surrounded by 4 Nobz in Mega Armor (one is the old design making his comically smaller than his companions).

I have a Mek Boy and a Runt Herder with two attack Squigs as well as numerous Gretchin (incorporating some Goblin models and some Snotlings that I have cut do 2 per a base).

There are 3 primary Boyz squads.
1) The young bloodz (made out of the leaner, smaller Gorka-Morka Orks) are Orks who really haven't had much of a chance to prove themselves. They fight their best to get the honor of being raised into the prestigious squad (#3)
2) The old bloodz (made out of 1st-2nd edition Orks), Orks who have been around for a very long time (for an Ork) and haven't really proven themselves. Some have survived a lot of battles, others have managed to avoid fighting. Being in this squad is somewhat shameful and the only way out is to prove oneself so they fanatically try to gain a little bit of glory.
Each of the above is led by a FreeBoota Kaptain model.
3) The Big Boyz (made out of current edition Orks), this is the squad everyone wants to be a part of. These are the Orks that have really proven themselves. They get the best guns, the best food, the most teeth and the first pick of any loot. However, while they are rewarded for their hard work the Orks of this squad tend to get lazy and complacent and the more ambitious ones slowly become threats to the Boss himself. However, the lifespan of an Ork in this squad is short and brutal as they are intentionally thrown into the bloodiest, most dangerous battles. This squad really functions more to inspire the other two squads to fight hard than they are any kind of special elite unit themself.
In addition there are a number of random 'heavy weapon' Orks that just split themselves up between the squads.
I also have a pair of Trukks with MekBoyz utilizing forcefields, a Zappa gun and a looted Basklisk for heavy support.

Right now I am working on a pre-heresey Space Marine. He is from a "legion" unknown, but because it is not one of the Emporer's.
They hail from another Empire that rivaled the Emporer's back in the pre-crusade days. The Empire was led by a man named Empire Liu Zhang. He was known as 'the immortal emporer' too, but it was said that his immortality was quite different. Instead of living forever, the Imperial soul would be reincarnated into each successor Emporer.
This Empire was far vaster than the Emporer's own and greatly exceeded it in terms of people, art, and technology. A lot of the old Imperial technology that no one knows how to use any more was originally created in this Empire.
After creating his first batch of Space Marines the Emporer attacked the larger Empire. He was throughly trounced throughout all the battles and the Dark Angels came face to face with Liu Zhang's own Elite Royal Guard, a legion of his own Space Marines called the Imperial Dragons. After the defeat the Emporer was forced to vow to never attack Liu Zhang's empire again.
However, the crusades continued and in fact over time the two empires had a tenuous alliance and trading pact which meant that the true Space Marine legions often encountered the Imperial Dragons. As the Emporer began gathering Primarchs, Liu Zhang found an unrivaled tactician and honorable warrior named Sun Jin to lead his legion.

However, a plague took the royal household and Liu Zhang and those prepped to be his successors all died. The empire fell into the hands of his great niece Liu Mei who was only 14 when she ascended to the throne. She would be reknowned for great beauty, especially as she grew older, but she was also petty, insecure, tactless, impatient and self-centered. Her temper evened out after about a decade and her skills grew, but by that time the invincible planetary empire was rife with disloyalty, corruption and disarray.

Seizing upon this chance the Emporer decided to reinterpret the vow he had made to Liu Zhang. Although by the local religious beliefs the same soul that the Emporer had made the vow to was still within Liu Mei and ruling the empire, the Emporer decided to declared those beliefs invalid and invaded with nearly the full strength of his forces led by his Space Marine legions (he had 12 by then).

This time the battles fell easily to the Emporer's favor and he hit the royal planet Draconis in less than two years. As the White Scars laid seige to the palace, Liu Mei realized she lost and decided to deny the Emporer the honor of claiming her. She had Sun Jin assist her with suicide after which he committed ritualistic suicide himself after telling his legion to not follow his example, but to continue to serve and protect the people of their fallen empire.

The Emporer himself was dismayed at the loss of Sun Jin as it seems it was part of his plan to draw the warrior into his fold. The victory nearly doubled the size of the Empire although much of the gained territory immediately errupted into civil war between those willing to bow down to the Empire and those still loyal to their fallen Emporer and believed he would return.

The Emporer gave an unusually respectful and honorable death ceremony and created large tombs for both Liu Mei and Sun Jin. The surviving Imperial Dragons were split in half. Many decided the best way to protect their people was to continue to resist the Empire while others felt that there was no honor in continuing a lost battle and causing more casualties.

For his part the Emporer welcomed the Imperial Dragons that wished to serve him and he took possession of Sun Jin's geneseed as a prize. The legion was never replenished and so their numbers slowly dwindled away over numerous battles. However, the Imperium brutally pushed its ways upon the people of those planets. Their art and technology was stolen, destroyed or buried, they were forced to adapt different clothing styles, serve under leaders made of the invaders and their religion, culture and history was systematically purged over several generations.

As for the Imperial Dragons last one in Imperial controled either well before or near the beginning of the heresey and all records of them were sealed or purged. Every now and again there are sights of orange-armored Marines with dragon eblems on their chests rather than eagles and similar armor modifications amongst the ranks of Chaos cults or armies apparently serving Tzeentch, however such rumors are unsubstantiated and only the top Inquisitor Lords, the Chaos Marines and the Imperial Custodians likely have any information to identify these oddities.

As for the geneseed itself, it is rumored to have been used to spawn a few successor legions. These legions tend to follow themes of dragons or flames and be quite unorthidox. They also seem to be more often than not somehow mutated or cursed, likely because the original geneseed is not pure like those created by the Emporer himself.

03-01-2007, 23:36
Well, my Space Marine chapter (who I finished last weekend, and have yet to see battle until Thursday) are called the Crusaders. Red and Bone quartered armour, BT badge, blue helmets. Codex chapter.

Originally based on the Eastern Fringe, three companies went off to stop a Chaos incursion. Unfortunately, while this happened, Hive Fleet Leviathan descended. Despite a valiant effort, the chapter, and henceforth the planet were consumed.

Upon returning to their homeworld (or what was left) the three Captains took an oath to go on a crusade, with the three companies splitting the resources they had, and travelling in different directions.

Their crusade would continue until the chapter was once more at full strength.


After incurring the wrath of Asdrubael Vect, the survivors of the Kabal reformed under the Leadership of the Sybarite known as Aurticia.

Now the Kabal of the Night Walkers strike terror into the hearts of millions, as Madam Aurticia leads her warriors into more and even more daring raids, including contributing to the success that was Medusa V...

04-01-2007, 00:13
The Imperial Hammers Space Marine Chapter

Colors are Snot green, with Dark Angels Green on lower legs, kneepads, elbowpads, andtrimming their shoulder pads. Main Shoulderpad field is Enchanted Blue. Individuals with Terminator Honours paint sections of their faceplates (usually their respirator units) gold.

The Chapter has always given it's captains extreme leeway in selecting their squads, and some inter-company friction over the centuries has seen to it that each chapter is a complete specialized combat force unto itself. As such traits vary from company to company. First company is one of the more balanced, having only Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients (sometimes) and Have Pride in your Colors (always, though often voluntary for fluff reasons). Other notables are the heavily assault and Bike oriented 3rd Company, the primarily Terminator 6th company, and the mechanized 8th company.

Fluff as I wrote it originally. I always sorta planned to have an Eldar army one day, hence the Gaer-Veil craftworld. Not sure if I'm gonna re-write that or not though.

The Beginning

The history of the Imperial Hammers has, somewhat, been lost to the mists of time. Many of the more detailed records of the early years of the chapter were destroyed in the Heresy of Cypria during the Age of Apostasy. What is known has been recorded mostly from the memories of the various venerable dreadnoughts serving amongst the chapter's battle brothers, particularly Master Ex Machina Kaladan.

It is known that the chapter was created during the Third Founding, and was one of the first successor chapters to the Salamanders after their devastation at the Dropship Massacre. The Salamander geneseed used was bolstered by some small contributions from the Ultramarines, but overall the chapter's genetic history traces almost entirely back to the Salamanders. It is also known that from its earliest days the Chapter maintained unusually close ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus. After their creation the Hammers were granted the ruined forgeworld of Cypria.

Before the Horus Heresy Cypria had been one of the premier production centers for Space Marine powered armor, both standard and Terminator. This, both naturally and unfortunately, made the world a major target of the traitor legions during the Heresy. Confronted with elements of the Word Bearers and Emperor's Children only the timely intervention of four companies of Dark Angles kept the world from simply falling to Chaos. The fighting was fierce, and nearly every Forge on the planet was destroyed or rendered inoperable, both sides determined that if they could not claim the world they would prevent their foe from gaining the power it represented. When Horus fell the traitor marines on Cypria fled to the Eye of Terror, but not without first landing a terrible blow. As they departed the system the Word Bearer battle group used their ships to alter the course of a large asteroid passing through the system. The Dark Angles did not have any ships capable of destroying or diverting the asteroid, but managed to evacuate slightly more than half the planet's populace before it made landfall, utterly destroying the planetary capital of Cypricus and plunging the planet into a century of unnatural winter. When the Imperium returned to Cypria they found a small population living deep in the battle scarred forge-hives. Shortly afterwards the Imperial Hammers founded their Fortress Monastary in the center of the crater where Cypricus had once stood and took possession of the world.

Their first order of business was to begin repairing and reactivating the world's forges. Many had to be rebuilt from scratch and Chapter Master Kaladan, first chapter master of the Hammers, decreed that the world would diversify, with the new forges capable of building many different items rather than the single precious commodity which had made the world such an obvious target in the past. Working closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus the world was returned to a productive state, they even discovered two forges, deep in Therian Hive, capable of producing Lance technology. Apparently having been set up by the Cult Mechanicus just before the Heresy to do research into making the powerful weaponry viable on a vehicle, or even man portable, scale.

The First Waaagh

However, the prosperity Cypria was experiencing was not to go unmarred. Deep in the mangrove swamps of the world's still abandoned southern continent a dark threat was stirring. Unknown to any, one of the small asteroids pulled down into the atmosphere by the world killer the Word Bearers had turned on the planet had contained a large deposit of dormant Ork spores. Spreading its deadly payload across the southern continent as it crashed to earth the spores quickly grew into Orks in the darkness of the nuclear winter. Unknown to the colonists on the northern continents the Ork tribes spawning in the south were slowly forming into a powerful Waaagh. Approximately two centuries after the founding of the Imperial Hammers contact was lost with the first of the equatorial islands. Scouts sent out to determine what had happened where wiped out by the green tide, but not before getting their report transmitted to the Hammers Fortress Monastery.

The Hammers met the Orks as they landed their rough boats on the southern shores of the populated northern continent. Armed with weapons and technology scavenged from the ruins of the hives which had once dotted the southern continent the Orks proved a challenging foe and nearly a third of the Chapter's numbers, including Chapter Master Kaladan, fell before the greenskins were driven back into the sea.

Kaladan was found three days after he fell defending the entrance to one of the most densly populated hives. Barely alive with more wounds than the apothecaries could count Kaladan was rushed back to the Fortress Monastery in a stasis field. Even with the advanced equipment in the Monastery Kaladan was a lost cause and in a final act of desperation he was interned in the steel confines of a Dreadnought. A new Chapter Master was selected and Kaladan became the first Master Ex Machina, a council of former Chapter Masters interned in Dreadnoughts who serve as advisers to the Chapter Master and occasionally as leaders on the field of battle, where their millenia of experience makes them formidable foes.

Slowly the southern continent was cleared of Orks as the Forge-hives there were reclaimed and repopulated. However, Cypria's polluted mangrove swamps have, to this day, remained infested with feral Orks. And those were far from the only greenskins the Hammers were to face. Situated as it is near the western Halo Stars Cypria has routinely come under the predations of the Ork Empires in those sparse regions of space, the beasts drawn as much by the prospect of battling space marines as for the world itself.

The Cyprian Heresy

After the Orks the next major challenge to face the Imperial Hammers came during the age of Apostasy. What exactly happened on Cypria during this time is unclear, much of the Hammers' forces were battling offworld at the time. It is known that there were uprisings of Heretics in nearly every Hive on the world, while little interaction was had with the main conflicts of the Age of Apostasy and the Reign of Blood itself. It appears that the Ruinous Powers in fact used the disorder running rampant at the time to attempt to advance their own designs on Cypria.

What is known is that once the Imperial Hammers extracted themselves from actions against the forces of Vandire and returned to their homeworld the faithful had taken up arms in defense of their world and driven the Heretics from all but one Hive, quickly cleared out by the Space Marines.

The Legios Aspirant

Although the rebuilding of their world after the heresy would take many years, the success of the people in the name of the Emperor emboldened the populace, and many wished to continue to fight for the Emperor rather than return to the forges. Unfortunately, Cypria had long been exempt from having to raise Imperial Guard regiments, its tithe covered by the material put out by the planet's forges. Undeterred the people turned to the only military force they were familiar with, the Space Marines. Within six months of the end of the Cyprian Heresy the Imperial Hammers' Chapter Master had received over four thousand petitions from individuals seeking to join the Space Marines.

This, naturally, caused a great stir within the Marines. Unsure of what to do Chapter Master Janus sequestered himself with the Council Machina for several days. Debating what should be done about the requests. Obviously they could not be allowed to join the Imperial Hammers, none were young enough to become Neophytes, and were even a portion of them young enough it would swell the ranks of the Hammers far beyond the traditional thousand battle brothers. At the same time Janus was loath to subject his world to the uncertain vagary of Imperial Guard recruiters. While his faith in the Emperor was absolute, his faith in His functionaries was not and he had seen worlds nearly stripped of able bodies in an attempt to bolster some hopeless Imperial Guard campaign on the far side of the Galaxy. However, above both those issues Janus feared the people. Images of their recent victory against the heretics was still fresh in their minds, and while he had no question in his mind that the Hammers could quell any uprisings which came about, such a quelled uprising would cost many lives and be a greater tragedy than the Cyprian Heresy itself.

Finally after four days of constant debate and deliberation Kaladan himself proposed a compromise, quickly approved by the council and enacted by Janus himself. A new organization would be founded, the Legios Aspirant. Induction into the Legios would begin as early as age eight, and of those any found suitable and promising would be taken into the Imperial Hammers themselves. The other could continue to serve the Emperor as warriors of the Legios. The Legios would be under the supervision of the Imperial Hammers, but would have its own command structure and hierarchy, with battlefield and campaign level decisions lying with the Legios commanders. They would often be attached to detachments of the Imperial Guard, though they would be able to be attached to the Hammers themselves if the situation merited it.

Within 5 years the Legios was fully active with a force nearly 10,000 strong and was seeing its first action alongside the Imperial Guard. And while service is completely voluntary, whenever not on active duty any member of the Legios may choose to retire and return to Cypria, the size of the Legios has grown steadily since M36 when it was founded, and during the 41st millenium numbered on average 40,000 active souls divided into eight 5,000 man regiments.

The Waaaghs Replaced

Much of the action the Legios and the Hammers saw over the two millenia following the Cyprian Heresy was within a few weeks travel of Cypria itself. Ork activity out of the Western Halo Stars skyrocketed during these years, and the Hammers slipped easily back into the tactics they had grown used to before the Heresy. Of particular trouble to the Hammers was an Ork known as the Grand Demolisher of Ventrica. As charismatic a leader as Orks can be expected to produce, the Grand Demolisher waged war across a dozen worlds with enough Orks to make a Primarch nervous. The Hammers and the Legios turned back the green tide on every world they appeared, only to be faced with them again on another. Finally as M39 dawned there was a subtle shift in the Orks presence. The span between incursions increased and when the Orks did arrive they were often using large amounts of salvaged Eldar technology. The last incursion by the Grand Demolisher of Ventrica took place in 165.M39, and in 166.M39 the reason for the change made its appearance in the form of the Gaer-veil Craftworld.

Unlike most craftworlds, however, Gaer-veil was not a place of peace. They had staved off the awful predation of Slaneesh, but at cost nearly as great as that of the Dark Eldar, for they had made a pact with the Blood God. Under the banner of Khorn blood crazed Eldar assaulted world after world, collecting skulls and blood for their dark lord. While the presence of the Legios and the Hammers blunted their advance into Imperial space they were undeterred and continued to hurl themselves against the Imperial Forces.

Modern Day

The Imperial Hammers and Legios Aspirant continue to stand watch over the western edges of the Imperium. The Eldar of the Gaer-veil craftworld continue to harangue the faithful and Ork waaaghs continue to seek glory among Imperial Stars. In addition the forces of Chaos continue to try and press the boundaries of their influence westward from the Eye of Terror. Also of concern, on several worlds within the traditional reach of the Imperial Hammers the dark forces of the Necrons have begun to stir. While still far from as great a threat as Chaos or the crazed Eldar of Gaer-veil, these stirrings have made many Hammer commanders nervous, and patrols in systems which have reported Necron activity have been increased.

04-01-2007, 00:54
Some truely excellent stuff here people <^_^> This is the whole reason I love the 40k game - getting to create 'your own' - I mean... its like an RPG/Wargame rather than just a wargame >.<

Much coolness.

04-01-2007, 01:19
I'm slowly working on my tau, just my pathfinders are done so far, soooo I'm still playing with ideas for them, I usd german grey armnor and a light great undersuits...

I figured it would take less time to get my DH armry going so I want to finish them up. My inquisitor lord would be a "radical". During a battle with a corrupted sister of battle he was baddly wounded and his left arm was torn off, he had the idea of replacing his arm with a "power claw" the SOB used, after all the best way to fight chaos is with their own tools, the claw had plans of it's own however and medled itself to his body. So he strugles to control the claw, and because of the severity of his wounds he can never remove his armor.

His warriors are fanitcly loyal, and stand by him still. The inquisitor also has in his possession two pre-herasy style land raiders. These are the pride and joy of the force.

I am working on an SM chapter based around my husky. ;> So their colors will be black and white, they will have a strong preference for clas and I was comtemplating the possibility of the "counts as unit" basicly a dog back. Naturaly the chapter;s home is a ball of snow and ice.

04-01-2007, 14:02
@Gray_Wolf: check out the Creature Feature to design your own animals/plants, including giant, murderous huskies!

Seriously, good stuff here. I always thought I was a bit of a fanatic going to the trouble of working out pages full of background for my army, but I'm happy to see so many people think fluff is important!

04-01-2007, 15:03
The Dark Watch:

When the Ordo Xenos learned of the Ordo Malleus working on their own Chapter of space marines (the Grey Knights) they decided they wanted one to.
From a unknown geneseed the Dark Watch chapter was created. The marines were heavily trained in seek & destroy mission, and to retrieve alien weapons and artifacts for the Ordo to examine.
For a few century's the Chapter was working perfectly, covertly slaying alien lifeforms on strange worlds. Then they were send to Catarus IV, and after that the chapter was declared Extremis Traitoris. The Inquisitorial Envoy was found dead, shot by a bolter round, amidst a score of dead aliens and dead marines. but the bulk of the chapter went missing.
After this, the ordo decided that using a full chapter of marines was to corruptable a force and started the Death Watch program.
Years later, the chapters battle barge was found in a debris field, apparently abbandoned. any information regarding the deathwatch is ruthlessly sanatised by the Ordo Xenos

The Chapter is currently almost a 100 marines strong, more a company than a whole Chapter. they are, for mysterious reasons, unable to replenish there number. They are hidden away in the holds of a radical Rogue traders Imperial Cruiser, who has a bargain with them to help them with their mysterious curse, in exchange for their fighting prowess.
regardless of their renegade position, they still fight for the empire. they do however have dealings with the Eldar and even the Tau, for their quest for the anwser to the curse lead them to strange places.

Colorscheme: Shadowgrey with a metal left oranate arm (similar to the Deatwatch, offcourse). they prefer bolters and heavy bolters. Librarians lead the army. They were the only Command to survive the Catarus IV incident.

04-01-2007, 15:23
The Templars of Ophelia
My home grown chapter

They started life as a Black Templars Crusade and landed on Ophelia in answer to a distress call. The locals had been suffering through an Ork invasion and up till that point had done a good job in holding it off.

The Black Templars helped finish the job but were so impressed with the courage and faith of the local population their Marshall decided to accept the invation of the local government and stay. They took a new name and became the Templars of Ophelia

Things were great for a couple of hundered years with the people and Marines living well together. The planet had a high tech base and were able to supply the MArines with everything they needed while a new Chapter went a long way in protecting the population.

Well, as is so often the case good things come to an end. The Chapter Master recieved a call for help from a neighboring system and dispatched most of the Chapter to help. It turned out to be Chaos trick, and when the Chapter had left they attacked the planet.

The attack was devistating with most of the major cities destroyed and population killed. Only the capitial, which was defended by the only remaining company of the Chapter, held out.

Finally the CHapter master relised his mistake and returned defeating the Chaos attack but finding his home in ruins. The Chapter feels that the attack was a sign from the Emperor that they had sinned in some way and they now send one company out every 100 years on a crusade in oder to atone for their sins.

My army is the 4th Company which is just starting out on its crusade of forgivness.

04-01-2007, 18:00
++Incoming transmission++
Someone.... please respond...
The... station is under atta++corrupted++ids. We need++corrupted++ iate assisstance. The creatures app++corrupted++om nowehere.
Casualties... *gasp*++corrupted++ We canīt++corrupted++get away...
Please... help us... They are coming. No... not like thi...

++Transmission interrupted++

My lord, this transmission was picked up by an imperial strike cruiser on itīs way to Bakka. An orbital station appearantly was attacked by a small Hive Fleet codenamed as Scylla. It is a splinter from Leviathan which broke of before Leviathan engaged the Ork empire of Octavius. This small fleet has been a scourge in the systems around Ultramar, but never in the domain of the Ultramarines itself. The Hive fleet has often been reported to engage in battles with another Xenos race known as Necrons. The Hive fleet is easily recognisable because of the bright scales the creatures have. The colors most often seen are bright green on the scales and somewhat darker purple for skin. A strange thing about these particular Tyranids is that their leaders often show signs of individuality instead of being, like all the others, part of the Hive Mind. On several occasions, different leaders has been seen in what best could be described as a discussion. In these cases, the leaders simply stare at eachother while the smaller beasts stop and await the leaders decision. This kind of behaviour is very strange for the Tyranids as it implies that there is something wrong with the Hive mind amongst these particular Tyranids. It might be possible to exploit this against them in battle.
In battle, these Tyranids usually have large hordes of smaller creatures governed by a few, but powerful synapse creatures.

The battle of the Cartage outpost

The strangest occurence regarding these Tyranids was the battle of the Cartage outpost. Positioned in a remote system, the outpost was far away from any help when it was attacked by a large Necron force. As to make matters worse, the scanners of the outpost showed a Hive fleet exiting from the Warp just outside of orbit. The Hive fleet, identified as Scylla, quickly began the invasion.
At the Cartage outpost, the defenders had held for hours against the Necron attackers when finally the entrance to the base was torn apart by massive Gauss fire. Suddenly the Mycetic spores of the Tyranids began to crash amongst the Necrons. The Necrons turned to fight their new foes, but as the fighting against the outpost had drained their forces and the Tyranids outnumbered them greatly and constantly got reinforcements, the Necrons were soon defeated and phased out. The defenders of the Cartage outpost prepared to sell their lives dearly to the Tyranids.
Instead, the horde held of and only a single large creature, identified as a Hive Tyrant, walked calmly into the base. It immediatly went towards the commander of the force, a colonel Jenkins. The defenders stared amazed when the Hive Tyrant stopped in front of the colonel and started to stare at him. Interrogations with the colonel has revealed that the Tyrant actually communicated with him. According to Jenkins, the Tyrant told him to leave what it called the "hive" immediatly with whatever means they had, or perish.
This is an incredible event, as this Tyrant actually gave its opponents a chance to escape. For whatever foul reason, it was going to do something to the planet, and did not want any intruders.
Could this have something to do with the frequent encounters between these Tyranids and the Necrons?

There you have my Hive fleet. I know the Cartage bit is a bit wierd for Tyranids but I really like to give my leaders indiviual personalities. A hive tyrant with a personal agenda is a good example of that.