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03-01-2007, 19:37
It seems predominant that when people give me advice I seem to shudder lately when building lists.

I am currently bulding a Adeptus Mechanicus (Guard) and plan on using forgeworld models including 2 Graian pattern hellhounds to which is the forgeworld I am doing.

Now I plan on building a titan support force to guard the titan's feet/flanks.
I plan on including things such as FW scanner, cyclops and probably a hydra(love the model.)

The problem comes when explaining wht I plan on using in my force and the reactions I get all the time with one or two exceptions. Most people tell me I shouldn't waste my money on models I will never use, good luck finding an opponent to face with that, and the one that really urks me- why build that list when you cannot use it in a tournament. I want to start yelling at that last one when I hear it.

03-01-2007, 19:51
I have to say my reaction to that is cool and i wish could face it. i love a good challenge. I have been called mad for asking my opponent to use at least one baneblade as i want to try and blow it up.

03-01-2007, 19:54
I think it's a thumping good idea actually. It sounds really fluffy and it sounds like a force that would actually have a specific role in 40k. Good thinking!

03-01-2007, 19:56
why build that list when you cannot use it in a tournament.

But... why would you? :confused:

:p :D

03-01-2007, 20:14
There are non-tournament games? But seriously, I think it sounds like a pretty nifty idea.

03-01-2007, 20:24
A very nifty idea. Always good to see AdMech armies about, rare as they may be. And, of course, forge world items are one of the things that give such an army it's flavour.

Thinking of actually getting a titan for the force to guard? In some ways, that's an even bigger step than starting an admech force.

03-01-2007, 20:27
1) GT's don't do FW, but lots of RTT's will allow them.

2) I don't know what the scanner is but all the other bits are lovely and I would play against it in a heartbeat.

3) Take your tweeked out AM force into any FLGS and RTT with a good paintjob and friendly persona, and you'll get plenty of games. Only take advice on helpful hints or other ideas to supplement your force (use tank stats to represent Knights or other heavy walkers etc. sort of thing).

Zorz Muaddieb
03-01-2007, 20:36
Hey Globs, I am in NJ I will take you on if you are close enough. :)


Rogue 7
03-01-2007, 21:06
That armylist looks VERY cool, I think. are people advising you not to take the hellhounds? Because everything I've seen says that they rock. A few less-than-amazing choices does not doom an army to failure. back it up with a good core of infantry and tanks, and you'll have an effective list. Oh, and I'm in NJ, too, if you're looking for a game.

Deadly Buddah
03-01-2007, 21:42
If you can aford the fw then hey, more power to you. Its a flavorfull and entertaining list and I think most of the players I know would jump at the chance to fight it.

03-01-2007, 22:36
No, you should get marines instead. They are better!!!

03-01-2007, 22:39
Actually, that list just sounds badass as hell. I would Loovveee to see it on the table, maybe post some pics...please?

04-01-2007, 03:55
I've spent so much money on useless crap, and I feel stupid for doing so. Make sure you're dead-set on this before you rush into it. It definitely sounds cool, but turn it over in your head for a good month before making decision.

And then if you still want to do it, then do it. Regardless of getting a game or not. Use it as a personal test maybe...pit yourself against this ad-mech army and make an army that you will be proud to look at and show off.

And, hell, you can make a regular army detachment from the battalion that you could use to play with at tournaments.

Edit....I'm in MD btw ;)

Chaos Lord Primus
04-01-2007, 04:03
That is a *******' awesome list. If I lived a bit closer to NY I would love to play that kind of list. I think FW should see more use, it's a shame they're rather expensive (even for us 40k players/plastic crack addicts).

That said, as has been mentioned above, FW is allowed in many RTT.

04-01-2007, 04:12
I want to do something ideologically similar, someday.

IG armoured company using the list in Imperial Armour with a small force of "scout" infantry "spotting" for heavy support aircraft. Imperial Navy Ground Coordination team.

And if people ask me why I'd do it, I'd answer simply: "Because it'll look bad ass."

04-01-2007, 04:29
I really like FW models and rules, people don't want to play against them because they don't know what they are capable of. If you can afford to buy FW models then go for it.

04-01-2007, 05:31
Hey Globs, I am in NJ I will take you on if you are close enough. :)


Same Globs, myself and im sure plenty of the guys in my club would love to play you. We game in white plains NY so stay in touch .. hopefully we can get some game on :)

Seth the Dark
04-01-2007, 08:25
Sorry but most FW stuff is over the top and should only be included in massive games.

04-01-2007, 08:43
[[[ That is just pants! I have used many FW models, and they are not so over the top as many think! WD even had a article describing that many of the smaller FW models were no game breakers, and I have seen it so, Marines get landraider command tank,,,,wow, HB's and the ability to make an accurate Resserve roll for ONE unit. or IG tank turrets,,,,,Hmmm, The article said to watch how you play with Monstrosities, Like the Tyanid UBER monsters, or Baneblades, I have killed a baneblade the one time I fought it! or Flyers as they have some freaky rules. But overall, I have played against many Forgeworld items, and honestly,,,,,Most are not that over the top!

Play on! I saw many don't want to plkay with FW on the table due to the fact they won't or can't afford the models,,,I say, if you paid that much for the bloody things, then play them, play them against those with a pair of coconuts between their legs, and have no fear of an odd model or two.

04-01-2007, 09:55
i feel your pain!
i just recently posted a vostroyan list i've been working on, which has a cyclops, long range scaner, salamander scout, exterminator, gryphon (without freaky infernus shells even!), the new thuddgun, and got only two negative responses cause the two guys were unfamiliar with the FW models.
other than the gryphon and thuddgun i already own the models, and my local scene actually like facing less seen models and rules. i really don't get what this aversion to FW is.
yeah a super heavy will rule a game, but when used against another super heavy toting army it's a ton of fun. even fliers are often far from game winners (except for the eldar phoenix bombers, those things are nasty).
if you're ever in the Vancouver, BC area, stop by the comic shop on 4th and Arbutus on a friday afternoon!

04-01-2007, 11:06
[[[ Hey Psycho, I also extend to you that if you are ever in Oregon, come to Tualatin and we can meet at Ancient Wonders, a nice friendly store for playing!

Or if you go to Gamestorm in March, I will be there.

04-01-2007, 11:53
Build the foot of a Titan for it to be deployed around. Just mention to your opponent that the thing is too large to deal with such close assaults, or to be represented by more than a foot, and will thus have no bearing on the actual battle.

I'd play you in a cold second. The hobby should reward those who think through their theme....

04-01-2007, 12:18
BUild the foot and use it as a piece of scenery, like a building. The bigger Titans are supposed to have barracks and defensive positions on the legs for their skitarri guard, aren't they? :)

04-01-2007, 13:50
As an aside, someone did this as a walker using demolisher rules. It might be an excellent knight / heavy walker or other Ad Mech vehicle (they do get all the toys)


04-01-2007, 15:08
Well I have been working on my foot troops for about a month. I have been planning on doing this force for over a year now and am finally getting past prototype phase and am starting to go in full model production.

For those who are interested this is my 2k point list.
0 Choose Doctrines (HQ) @ 0 Pts
Allow Enginseers [0]
Regimental Organisation: Grenadiers [0]
Special Equipment: Carapace Armour [0]
Skills and Drills: Sharp Shooters [0]

0 Choose Doctrines (HQ) @ 0 Pts
Allow Enginseers [0]
Regimental Organisation: Grenadiers [0]
Special Equipment: Carapace Armour [0]
Skills and Drills: Sharp Shooters [0]

0 Grenade Walker (Command Platoon) @ 232 Pts
4 Command Squad @ [102] Pts
Grenade Launcher (x4); Carapace Armour; SharpShooters
1 Junior Officer @ [40] Pts
2 Sentinels @ [130] Pts
Hunter-Killer Missile [10]

0 Imperial Guard Scanner (Other) @ 65 Pts

2 Praetorians (Grey Knight Terminators) @ 153 Pts
Nemesis & Storm Bolter (x2)
1 Praetorian Captain (Grey Knight Brother-Captain) @ [61] Pts
Nemesis Force Halberd; Storm Bolter
#Terminator Armour [0]

2 Techpriest Enginseer (Elites) @ 110 Pts
Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon
Servo-arm [0]

5 Grenadiers @ 176 Pts
Hellguns (x3); Meltagun (x1); Plasma Gun (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak
1 Grenadier Veteran Sergeant @ [21] Pts
HellPistol; Power Weapon; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades
1 Chimera @ [85] Pts
Multi-Laser; Hull Heavy Bolter

5 Grenadiers @ 176 Pts
Hellguns (x3); Meltagun (x1); Plasma Gun (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak
1 Grenadier Veteran Sergeant @ [21] Pts
HellPistol; Power Weapon; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades
1 Chimera @ [85] Pts
Multi-Laser; Hull Heavy Bolter

5 Grenadiers @ 176 Pts
Hellguns (x3); Meltagun (x1); Plasma Gun (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak
1 Grenadier Veteran Sergeant @ [21] Pts
HellPistol; Power Weapon; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades
1 Chimera @ [85] Pts
Multi-Laser; Hull Heavy Bolter

9 Skitarri Assault (Adeptus Arbites Squad) @ 155 Pts
Arbites Shotgun (x7); Flamer (x2); Frag Grenades
1 Arbites Sergeant @ [55] Pts
Brazier of Holy Fire (x1); Eviscerator; Frag Grenades

1 Hellhound (Fast Attack) @ 115 Pts
Inferno Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter

1 Hellhound (Fast Attack) @ 115 Pts
Inferno Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter

1 Cyclops (Fast Attack) @ 25 Pts
Demolition Charge
1 Operator @ [0] Pts

1 Knight (Leman Russ Demolisher) @ 165 Pts
Demolisher Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter; Heavy Bolter Sponsons

1 Knight (Leman Russ Exterminator) @ 135 Pts
Hull Heavy Bolter; Linked Autocannon; Heavy Bolter Sponsons

1 Hydra Flak Tank (Heavy Support) @ 200 Pts
2 Linked Long Barrel AC (AAA); Hull Heavy Bolter

04-01-2007, 15:19
looks like a damn fine list that will be effective on the table top as well as having a nice solid theme behind it. I believe that if an army has even a tiny bit of themeing behind it, it is infinitely better than an army that is built to win. And on the subject of FW minis and rules, my god any one who says they are over powered is a muppet, they cost far more in pts (lets just forget the dollars sign atm as it hurts way too much) than if the thing was designed by GW and they are hardly ever game winners, and im talking titans and super heavies as well as the small things like scanners and cyclops bombs. Use em and to hell with everyone else.

Last point (which i think someone else already mentioned) think it through, dont just rush out and order the stuff on a whim sit down and plan it all out as the FW is far more expensive than normal GW stuff and it might leave you feeling a bit regretful if you fork and then dont really want it.

BTW when its all done post pics!

04-01-2007, 15:20
Don't mind the unimaginative minds and the tournament crazy.

I would even go as far and say don't play them with this army as they haven't deserved to play against it if they don't understand why you built it.
Armies with a lot of effort put into it should be used against people that can appreciate the work you have put into it and try to give you the respect you deserve for it by playing with a fluffy force and in a fluffy way.

And I think there are plenty of people out there that would love to do that. I for certain think its a great idea, and can very well understand why you chose such a force. "Tournament legality" shouldn't matter at all if you choose an army, as the most interesting armies with the coolest fluff often have "tournament legality problems".... see LatD (and, to be honest, I don't really know just how "tournament legal" all the possible combinations of inquisitorial forces and other imperial armies are).

And of course: there is almost none underpriced FW vehicle (maybe with the exception of the new Krieg field artillery), and even only very few that aren't at least slightly overpriced. So whoever doesn't want to play against FW vehicles is just looking for an excuse because he doesn't want to play against an army where he can't just play Plan C without any alterations, or just hasn't any idea of the rules or the pointcosts.

04-01-2007, 16:15
Since I am getting some interest and requests I have decided to take some pics of my foot troopers that I have been working on. New camera just learning how to take close up model shots with it so bear with em.

I have decided to use the forgeworld of Graia as a starting point due to my favorite titan legion- Legio Astraman aka- Morning Stars Legion. I have done up threads to figure out what colors to use for basic Skitarri foot troops and have decided to match the Titan Legion they will be supporting. Tech priests and other non-specific Skitarri forces will probably be basic red paint scheme. All special weapons used will be carried by servitors, also I plan on making multiple servo arms for all my veteran sergeants and rare earth magnet em all for simple swap out.

04-01-2007, 19:37
hell, where in NY are ya bud? anywhere in wny and i might've just found someone to play against.

fw titan versus my force, with their chaos scout titan. sounds fun!