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04-01-2007, 14:20
I have a draft of a short tree campaign I have written for AeroImp - Eldar vs Ork. Once I have the rulebook I will be putting the final mechanical touches on the tree campaign. Currently I have a short introduction, 'setup' guidelines, and special rules for each scenario with a total of 6 scenarios (one can happen at the 2nd and 4th teir).

My original thought was to create a tree image to guide the players through the campaign and have a scenario packet.
It would be possible to just do the scenario packet that tells you what scenario to play depending who wins.
I recently came up with the idea of doing a website that has links that take you along the path.
The last option is to use the scenarios in the book for all the scenarios and just include flavor text in the tree and reference the book scenario in the 'rules' for the battle.

I have done tree campaigns for 40k before (I have posted them before, did not seem to get much interest) that drew from the scenarios in the rulebooks, but did not include the amount of flavor text that I hope to include in this one.

Defense of An-tar
The Maiden world of An-tar laid in the direct path of the growing Waaagh of the mighty Ghazghull before he invaded Armageddon for the second time. As the Ork teleporter was tested in a campaign, Orkimedes would use this world to test the great Roks that would land tens of thousands of boyz at once and provide a fortress from which to crush the defenders of Armageddon. The Eldar knew of the approach of the fleet before Ghazghull even rose to power and invaded the first time. The years had been spent well preparing for the defense of the world. It was a small splinter fleet that made the attack, Ghazghull not wanting to take his attention away from the path to Armageddon.
The Eldar knew that they must destroy the Roks before they made planetfall, from their it would be a matter of taking a cleansing flame to the remaining Orks. If the Orks could land the few Roks they had succesfully, the few Eldar settlements on the world would have to be abandoned and the warp gates sealed. Preparations were made for the possible evacuation should the destruction of the Roks fail to stop the Orks.

04-01-2007, 14:46
I thinking doing a tree with added fluff based on the scenarios in the rule book would work best. At the very least there would be no confusion as to what/how to play each scenario.