View Full Version : Favorite Battle Suit Composition

04-01-2007, 21:57
As the title says, what is your favorite battle suit composition for your Shas'o?

04-01-2007, 22:29
I'm currently making a Tau army-list (not building anything yet), and I'm planning my Shas'o.
Current buildup:
Plasma rifle
Fusion blaster
Shield Generator
Stimulant injector
HW Multitracker

Is this of any use?

04-01-2007, 22:38
Well, the fusion blaster forces you to get within 18" (jump in 6, shoot 12, jump back out 6") Guess that's fine if you want to use the rapid fire on the plasma rifle. In such close quarters the shield generator is almost mandatory, as is the stimulant injector, and the HW multi-tracker is needed to fire both weapons at once.

I suppose he's heavy tank hunting? Otherwise it's a fairly dangerous load out. If he was medium or even light tank hunting, you could get the same number of shots at greater range (24") with missle pods and plasma rifle. Sure it may only be str 7, but both fire at 24", giving you 30" birth between you and the enemy.

How often are you gonna face a Monolith or Land Raider by the way?

04-01-2007, 23:17
A plasgun, a shield gen, a drone controler and a dawn blade :P

Now serious he has that assault 5 thing that i call wellgun (<- derived from hellgun, of cause), a plasgun, a shoot-two-weapons-system(don't know the english names) and a hardwired drone controler with two shield drones. I have played him just two or three times so I can't rate him effectively. My former one(old dex) had a missile magazine instead of that ass5 gun, therefore he was more effective vs tanks.