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05-01-2007, 15:31
Hi, Ive made some warband lists. I cant choose between.

Band A:

magister, sword + mace = 83gc
possessed = 90gc
possessed = 90gc
mutant, axe + mace + ST = 73gc
mutant, mace + mace + {mutation} = 66gc
beastman, hammer = 48gc
beastman, mace = 48gc
Total = 495gc

Band B:

magister, sword + mace = 83gc
possessed = 90gc
mutant, axe + mace + ST = 73gc
mutant, mace + mace + {mutation} = 66gc
beastman, hammer + mace = 51gc
beastman, hammer + hammer = 51gc
brethern, axe = 30gc
2 brethern, maces = 56gc

Total = 500gc

Band C:

Magister, sword + mace = 83gc
possessed = 90gc
possessed = 90gc
mutant, axe + mace + ST = 73gc
beastman, hammer + mace = 51gc
beastman, mace + mace = 51gc
brethern, mace = 28gc
brethern, mace + axe = 33gc

Total = 499gc

The real questions here are, what's better mutant, ST + brethern or possessed?
A fifth hero or more henchmen?

I like band B for having 9 men, A has 5 heroes for much cash and C is in between, I think the minimum should be 4 heroes for me.

Also I'm unsure about the mutation for the second mutant (for band A+B), Ive taken 35gc for it, but can free up some gc for another scorpion tail.
I figure a scorpion tail is pretty good, but is a tentacle also a viable option? Im very unsure about blackblood and spines, a weak but expensive hero like mutant is not to be brought in the middle of multicombat. Anyway, it won't be the arm or the hoofs.

Thanks in the advance!

05-01-2007, 16:58
I haven't played Possessed for this reason. They are very tough to get started.

You could probably cope with less than 9 men as long as you took Beastmen because they are tough. T4 with multiple Wounds is amazing.

I think you have to take 2 Possessed at the start because they are so expensive but they are very good for their cost. Do not underestimate the ability to cause Fear. Even on only 2 models it will guarantee charges against Undead and help prevent Skaven ganging up on you in combat.

Blackblood doesn't seem that bad a Mutation, it's not as good as Scorpion Tail but it's cheaper and easier to model (ie. you don't have to!). Also the spite factor of your opponent taking a hit could be fun.

05-01-2007, 22:07
on possessed Black Blood is amazing.

Those models WILL get ganged up on, and for a few crowns every time someone pulls a wound off, anyone in base contact gets hurt!

When skaven try a 3 or 4 on 1 charge and they hurt you only to have 2 taken OOA by their own attacks? Yeah, it's hot! :)

06-01-2007, 09:35
I know it's good, but I don't want to drop a brethern for it.
But does this mean your suggesting band C?

I know the possessed are hard to start out, so I want the single best starting option.
But if you really think blackblood is better then 1 brethern, Ill drop one for blackblood.

But anyway, shall I pick C? Or another?

Wait, what if I take band B and add a blackblood possessed later.
Makes me a good starting warband and I can still pull off the trick later.

Or shall I take both possessed with blackblood? However that seems a bit of an overkill to me...

06-01-2007, 19:32
it's a VERY common tactic to start with only 1 possessed as they're really spensive.

So, if you start with 1, and then the other heroes and henchies, you'd have a very decent band still.

06-01-2007, 20:26
Ive taken that band and played the afternoon.

I faced off some greenskins, we had to play occupy.
The greenskins had a boss, 2 big 'uns and a shaman, some orc boys and 2 goblins + squigs, all with helmets, even the gobbo's.
I picked band B, both mutants with scorpion tail.

I managed to got the charge, I charged my whole band headlong in enemy's frontal orc troops. I managed to kill a Big'Un but the Boss survived the charge.
Then I had a stroke of bad luck, the orcs charged back at me and a mutant was killed, then the boss had alot of luck and manage to kill the possessed in one hit (!), then the tide changed I managed to kill all of his heroes, some boyz where left over.

I kept my magister behind a wall annoying orc troops with word of pain (bad spell) I only managed to knock down a orc boy once...
At the end of the turns I moved my troops in the buildings and barely made victory.

Luckily one mutant and possessed survived, but the other was less lucky... He ended up having a deep wound (2), a leg wound, but he also got hardened.
Also one beastman gor and one brether was killed, luckily the beastman made it, but the brether fell (luckily it was the brether)
I earned 50gc and got a sword from a corpse, I bought a third gor with a hammer.
Because of surviving and making a kill, my mutants both got their advances, one got +1 WS the other a skill (unsure which, please suggest)
The other warriors also got a nice deal of xp, but not enough to get advances.

The enemy lost 2 boyz and one goblin, so Im still lucky I guess...

Im pretty happy with this warband, it's not so bad to start with and I managed to get a win barely, so it is still balanced.
Only Im still unsure which skill to choose for my mutant (the one not crippled), please help me with my decision in trade of this juicy report! :p

09-01-2007, 15:44
ANy idea for which skill to take?

09-01-2007, 16:45
I would suggest onr from Step Aside, Sprint or Jump Up.

Step Aside will keep you standing in H2H. Sprint gets you into H2H quickly without being shot at too often. Jump Up means you ignore the Knockdown result which is great!

Probably Jump Up because it works against H2H and Shooting.

12-01-2007, 14:50
Thanks for the suggestions.
Indeed I think strike to injure wont be as usefull as it is on paper.

Step aside and jump up would be good, but from what I seen in my first game the skill sprint wont be as useful.

Ill propably go with step aside, thanks!

12-01-2007, 19:08
No probs. We're here to help! Step Aside is usually my first choice.