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Some guy (UK)
07-01-2007, 15:26
I think it was Brandir who used to start this thread every month. Either way, it stopped, so I thought why not resurrect it?
For those who have never seen it before, the idea was that you took a moment to think back over the last month, as to what you have spent on this hobby, GW or otherwise, and as the year goes on, keep a record, and post the previous months purchases on the correct edition of this thread.

My spending
I am counting my year as April 06 through to April 07.

Purchases from the last five months (including Jan 07):

September: £0

October: £0

November: £0

December: The Two Towers journey book (£12)

January (2007): Kasrkin squad (£20), 40mm round bases (£4), Kasrkin troops blister (£7), Paints- red gore and scab red- (£4)


April- £0
May- £54
June- £4
July- £26
August- £88.80
September- £0
October- £0
November- £0
December- £12
January- £35

Year Total (from April 06) so far: £219.80

Predicted purchases for this month:
Legion of the White hand (LOTR): Ebay £43
Forgeworld Cadian parts: £60

Anyone else :)

07-01-2007, 16:42
I always liked these threads although I rather lost track there for a bit but here is where I left off:

January: -
February: -
March: $33 CD
April: $64.50 CD
May: $218.26 CD
June: $65 CD
July: $47 CD

Since then I don't recall buying anything in Aug.. I bought a Rhino off of someone here on Warseer in Sept.. Nothing in Oct. and I bought two Haradrim Raiders in Nov. and a White Dwarf, a can of Purity Seal and some Tamiya Thinner in Dec..So far, nothing in January. So my revised list looks like this:

January: -
February: -
March: $33 CD
April: $64.50 CD
May: $218.26 CD
June: $65 CD
July: $47 CD
Aug: -
Sept. $25 CD
Nov. $38.76 CD
Dec. $27.36 CD*
2006 total: $518.88 CD

Jan. 07 -

*not including the non-GW spending.

07-01-2007, 23:12
Ouch this is a hard thought.. also painful on the bank balance...

Adeptus Arbites squad
Necromunda scum

Chaplian Grimraldus and Retrinue
3 blisters of servitors

SoB Immolator
Sister repentia blister
SoB Cannoness
Vindicare assassin and a priest (ebay win)

Witchhunters Inquisitor
Heroic basing kit
2 vajello paints
Striking scropion squad

I dont want to think about cost, so lets just say around the 200 quid mark, that way if its less then great I've under spent and if its more then I dont realise!

What does the next three months hold? Well I ill be ordering tomorrow...

3 Boxes of Kasrkin
3 special blisters
100 Cadians
6 imperial guard psykers

Ill also likely be getting...
Forge world tech priest, servitor and inquisitor brass etch
2 more boxes of Kasrkin
Elysian snipers
Steel Legion sentinel (to complete my squadron)
More adeptus arbites

Surprisingly if I wrangle it right it'll cost the same amount as the last three months, and seeing as though I'm on a bit of a recruitment drive... not at all bad

08-01-2007, 00:24
i've just splashed 200 on a new empire army .....however it wasn't real money as it was entirely paid for using money made selling other GW goodies on Ebay. This was i have successfully convinced myself i have gotten hold of a free army :D

The boyz
08-01-2007, 09:39
I have spent 59 on GW products over the last month or so. I bought,

1x Witchhunters codex,
1x Battle for Macragge box set,
1x Sister of Battle blister.

I might order a thew more bits from GW to finish of my IW, not sure yet though. I have been thinking about getting into WAB, particulalrly the English Civil War side of it, so I might order some stuff from Renegade miniatures.

08-01-2007, 10:34
Starting for the new year as I'll never remember the months I missed doing this last year.

This month


Privateer Press
Dire Troll £20
Trollblood Champions £28
NQ 10 - £3.50

Probably get a Fell Caller and a Winter Guard Command.

4 Cry Havocs - £28
Cadwallon Floor Plans £13

My expenditure recorded last year was:

Privateer Press Mar - Jun £514.95
Rackham Mar - Jun £12
Games Workshop Jan - Jun £418.00

Privateer Press is probably missing another £300 from various sources.
GW is missing £150 on Eldar.

08-01-2007, 15:22
From November 2006 to Jan 07

November: Firewarrior Squad 18 pounds and a bottle of Reaper Boltgun metal
December:Skyray 25 pounds, Bretonnian BSB and about 5 bottles of paint.
Jan: Tau XV 15 Stealthy 6 pounds and Marine Codex 12 pounds

Total for the past few months including paints: 68 pounds

08-01-2007, 17:40
Hmmm I kinda lost track of this myself

I know December was:


1 BOFA Hill Trolls
2 Warmaster Marauders
1 Warmaster Chaos Warriors

Total €42

Which have yet to be delivered :mad:

Non GW:

Copplestone 10mm Horse Tribes
4 x Cavalry
5 x Infantry
4 x Archers
1 African elephant - 25mm scale soon to become a Mumak. :D

Total €92

Lord of the Rings Witch King on fellbeast chess piece (its 10mm scale prefect for BOFA) Cost €20

Total December €154

Now for January I've ordered a Warmaster Araby army :)

1 Character Pack
4 Spearmen
4 Bowmen
3 Guards
3 Knights
3 Camel Riders
3 Desert Riders
1 Elephants
1 Flying Carpets
1 Djinn
1 Hero on Elephant

That little lot set me back €275

And I'll be ordering more Copplestone Horse Tribes when they are released most likely

1 x Mounted Character pack
2 x Royal Guard
3 more Cavalry
6 Horse Archers
1 Infantry

That'll cost about €110

So Januarys total is €385 some of which was paid for by selling an Orc army on ebay and some from a Christmas gift.

And thats me done for the year!!! - in January but thats 2 whole armies to paint up.