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Ravens Claw
08-01-2007, 03:59
Ladies and Gents
Use this thread to post piccies of all your scratchbuilt AI glory...the following aircraft werre scratchbuilt out of Milliput, Greenstuff and brass tubing...note that theya re still WIP but getting there. There is a Cadian Pattern Thunderbolt and a Necron Scorpion fighter...note that the tail is an optional attachment, which i prefer but in keeping with the general look of Necron aircraft/spaceships it is probably best left ommitted.
Hope that you like it...



08-01-2007, 17:01
Veeeery nice. They look very professional.

Just out of interest, how long does it take you to create one of these?

08-01-2007, 17:08
Any chance of a pic sat next to a FW model? The wings on the Thunderbolts look a little short in comparison to the ones I have sat on my shelf (both 40k and Epic scale).

08-01-2007, 17:29
The detail on these models is great, how long 'til you will have finished them?

Ravens Claw
08-01-2007, 18:40
Hey Gents
Im not exact on the scale dfference between these and the FW models, as soon as mine arrive in the post I will take photos, but they ar considerably larger than the epic models of my friend. The wings were deliberately left shorter as a point of difference between regular T-bolts and these Cadian patterns.
Each aircraft takes me about 6 hours all up so far. The T-bolt is almost completed, the scorpion still has a couple of hours left on it. I will post pics upon their completion...


08-01-2007, 19:23
i feel slightly sceptical but still nice

and i dont just say that about anything

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09-01-2007, 07:55
To give you an idea on the size of the FW models, for the Thunderbolt the wingspan is just over 5.5cm, and the length is 5cm. The 40k TB has a wingspan of 29cm, and a length of 25cm. Given that epic is 6mm scale, and 40k is 28mm, the FW epic TB is very close to scale compared to the 40k kit.

05-02-2007, 00:44
the picturews is gone any chance of seeing them agien

Ravens Claw
06-02-2007, 07:27
Check em out at the Airspace Aeronautica Imperialis forum mate, in the hangar section ;)


06-02-2007, 08:07
Ravens Claw, if you mean in the similarly titled thread on that forum, the pic doesn't show up there either, and the link to your company's site throws up an error.