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08-01-2007, 05:09
King of the Dead - 100
10x Warrior of the Dead - 150

I was just wondering how tactically possible at this amount of points would a dead army be. I know the main drawbacks are no spearmen. But I figure the main way to play them would be to give lots of open room to maneuver on the board, and not get into tight quarters when armies can stack spearmen against you, especially phalanx forces. I figure in this respect if I can get priority, or have the opportunity after my opponent to move into combat, that I will move round to the back spearmen and make them fight individually against my defence superior forces.

I know this tactic will rely upon me moving after they do, so they cant just move and back up their spearmen lines after i move into the last one, if you get me. And depending on my opponents army, I will most likely be outnumbered. But in that way my forces will be very resilient to archers and enemy attacks, and should hold up in CC quite a bit, but what I must do is just get as many of my opponents into combat as possible, and never double up on one enemy model when other are there.

The King will basically cruise around near the warriors until an expensive hero or troll or whatever gets close, and try to take it out with his soul drain ability. I know playing a wholly dead force will be tough, but I am ready for a challenge and any comments from you guys about how to better play them.

Edit: Also I wanted to ask a question, seeing as Dunharrow by itself it hard enough to play, if it would be passable in a house gaming situation to field Dead Marsh Specters representing a different variety of Dunharrow spirit, using their rules. I kinda got into an argument with a friend over this, but I must wanted to know what some of you guys opinions on this would be.

08-01-2007, 11:31
In house games I don't see it as a problem- If your opponent is happy with it though, say it's just a play-test thing.

I find the dead are pretty tough, my only advice would be try not to get out-numbered in combat. The more dice your opponent rolls to kill your precious models, the more likely he will succed.
The king really should be going up against another hero or multi-wound creature. I suppose he would be best used against bat swarms and the like.

At 250pts mind you not many people are likely to have big characters, the dead are fairly stable what with defence and courage.
If I were you I'd set my army up in a formation whereby only one main enemy warrior can attack you, followed by a spearmen. Keep your force together and lessen the attacks your opponent can get.
Another thing to remember is all your army are terrifying. What with evil armies low courage not every charge will be sucessful. Take advantage of this wherever possible.
That's all I can think of, hope that helps.

Palatine Katinka
08-01-2007, 13:45
The main flaw with the Dead army by itself is the lack of Might points. No heroics for you! A competent general, well versed in the use of Might, will run rings around you. Combined with a lack of cavalry, I would expect to see you lose some troops to bow fire as you foot slog towards the enemy lines. You do have high Defence, but will it be high enough? Beware the White Hand. Crossbows and Throwing Spears are that little bit more likely to wound, the Uruk-Hai and Warg Riders could cause problems. If Sharku leads the Warg Riders, you'll never catch them.

08-01-2007, 20:45
Lack of might will make you suffer.

However, one might argue that a terror causing army against a low Courage army would almost be worth the pay off...

09-01-2007, 08:51
I think its good. I was thinking of doing a dead army myself but thinking nah it will be outnumbered. To paint an army of them doesn't take long. I'd say its quite reasonable. Go down to ur local gaming club or GW and get a result :p