View Full Version : 5150 by Two Hour Wargames

09-01-2007, 15:51
Anyone played this? I just got the rules today but haven't had time to wade through them all yet. I've pretty much given up on putting together a 40k force as it's just not worth the expenditure but I wanted some rules for the assorted 25/28mm minis I have. I'll have to rope a friend into trying it with me!

10-01-2007, 09:08
I got these just before Christmas. I bought a handful of em4miniatures plastics for models to go with. (Cheap aren't I?)

My mates will be using their 40k models. I never got into 40k and the rest of the club stopped playing having got fed up with 4th ed. This and AT-43 are triggering a revival of interest in Sci-fi skirmish games.

Haven't figured all the rules yet, though. I bought it purely on a him after reading a review in Wargames Journal!

12-01-2007, 11:25
Have played a few times and i think they're great.

Very different from 40K in a more roleplay type way as wit all of THG's offerings. Can take a little bit of getting used to but very rewarding.

Best of luck.