View Full Version : Starting a Delaque Gang

09-01-2007, 19:33
If I can get people in my area to start playing Necromunda I might start delaque or my own gang any general pointers would be appreciated. Also what improvements can be made to this list:

Leader:Plasma gun, bolt pistol and maul 220
Heavy: Heavy Stubber, lasgun 205
2 Gangers: Lasguns 150
2 Gangers:Mauls and shotguns with man stopper rounds 170
4 Juves: Mish-Mash of autopistols and laspistols as well as chains and mauls

10-01-2007, 04:38
Looks like a reasonable starting list. I would recommend at least 5 Gangers though. You want to be able to work as many territories at possible. Probably take away some Mauls from your Gangers until you can upgrade one of the Juves. 5 Gangers and 3 Juves should be sufficient. Otherwise it looks good.

Good luck with getting a Necro Posse together. It's a great game.

11-01-2007, 23:47
I'll second what has been said regarding the number of gangers.
Secondly, mauls are a bit of a waste for the gangers, a chain/flail costs the same and you can't be parried if you want the extra CC weapon.
Having said that you are spending 30 creds there which could go to a 5th ganger. Personally I'd like a 6th ganger incase one goes OOA (OK so my current gang started with 5 gangers but that was because I shelled out for a Heavy Plasma Gun - took 4 guys out in the first game and would have been 5 if I could roll a 2+ when it mattered.) Autopistols are the prefered weapon for juves, a 2+ ammo roll isn't a great help if you can't hit in the first place.