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09-01-2007, 20:04
Ok This log is now a WIP. I have posted a few pictures to start. I need to work on my camera skills. However, most of the pictures are in focus.

I hope to draw such esteemed presences like DeadleyHeadley, SpikeyJames, and Other high falootin' individuals.

C&C please. Let me have it.

29-01-2007, 16:30

Marshall. More to come after I get this whole image posting thing down.

C&C welcome as usual. Please no down right negativity.

Dominus Ex Machina
29-01-2007, 16:38
I like it, could you post a pictue where you can see his banner? I like the sword, his base is very good and the white robes are nicely done, I'll be watching...

29-01-2007, 16:45
One Banner Coming up.

In all respects I borrowed design from a DoW banner that I got from some website ages ago. If this is you post a reply and I'll give out the props yo.


sorry for the large images.

Next time i'll resize in PS before hitting up Photobucket

29-01-2007, 17:14
nice work mate, i like him alot :) you are a brilliant painter.
if you are interested i have the ltd. edition Castellan Draco...? for trade.


29-01-2007, 18:00
I do not remember seeing this model. Do you have a picture

29-01-2007, 18:08

that;s him. he was special ed for the release of BT's


29-01-2007, 18:28
Blast, well done BT to put mine to shame! I like the banner, no over the top and not to drab - well executed to boot! The base looks fantastic, is that a premade base or is it your own work? Oh and the figure is nicely done too, simple but effective.

29-01-2007, 18:49
To Scholo: Thanks for the link

@ Phox: thanks for the accolades mate. i'm humbled by your words. He placed second in the local store Competition. The guy who won was a former GW Employee and a phenominal painter to boot. An yes the base is my own work.

More pics of my finished BT to come.

29-01-2007, 19:08
Ok. Here are some shots of my Emperors Champion. This is the First BT model I painted and have learned a few things since. I desire to re-do him but don't want to until I am finished with the rest of my BT.


C&C welcome.



29-01-2007, 19:27
I like the base it looks good but doesn't take away from your commander.

29-01-2007, 20:40
Could you tell us how you did that base please?

29-01-2007, 21:08
Base was simple.

Covered a 28mm with Greenstff, smoothed it out with a round pencile shaft. Then cut the lines for stone with a razor blade by slightly wiggeling it side to side. the short lines were a little trick here. then placed the 28mm on top of a 40mmm and used cut pieces of plastic card to represent the tumbled stone around the 28 mm base. I then filled in the areas where there was no GS or PC with GE sand. I mounded some sand around the 28mm base to make it look like it had piled up against the stone floor he is standing on.

Inked the sand with flesh wash (I like the color better than just brown), then heavy dry brush of beastial brown then progressively light dry brushings of Bleached/ Beastial.. bleached, bleached/skull white.

The stone was heavily dry brushed with Fortress grey then I inked the lines black and left some light ink in the indentions. then progesively lighter dry brushes of Codex grey and skull white.

Then I glued the static grass on. I ut some on the stone to show it growing through the cracks.

That is the first time anyone has asked my advice!!!

30-01-2007, 17:41
More Pics...this time Grimaldus.

i tried to change my light source to a "natural" lighting bulb. I think i change the photos a little.



I am going to try and get some better photos some time in the near future

30-01-2007, 20:05
hey not bad at all, like everyone said your commander is awesome and you EC looks really good same goes for grimaldus

30-01-2007, 20:12
wow, i have always loved Grimaldus and you'rs looks great.
keep up the good work :)

PS - posted Trade earlier on

30-01-2007, 20:15
Thanks guys the Pic really dsen't do him much justice. I need to get some daylight pics in here.

Scholo- I saw it. I am sending it out after work via fed-ex.

31-01-2007, 16:05
Ok I just wanted to post My High Marshal


High Marshall Kitty. ON a break from her rigorus "Feater toy" Training.

She is armed with 4 power claws... I have battle scares to prove it.

31-01-2007, 16:18
Heh, I like when people does that - posting pictures of their dogs or cats and comment it rules-wise. :)

Good black templars, I must say; though Grimaldus' Crozius Arcanum could be darker - it might look better then.


31-01-2007, 19:23
WIP update

Company Champion

31-01-2007, 20:05
looking sharp there mate, the termie pad is a great addition. the power sword loks great, if you want it too look shiny, try mixing a touch of ink with some PVA and water and paint that on, it's the second last layer i use on lenses.

do you use spacers under the feet?


31-01-2007, 20:20
I'll try the PVA Water INK Thing on some lenses before I use it on a larger area.

No Spacers ..I feel that an 8 foot tall super human wearing armor and carrying a full combat load would make some indentation in the ground so I like the slightly sunken foot look. However, I use such a small amount of basing sand that there is little "sinking" going on.

Pic up dae in a moment as well.

31-01-2007, 20:24
Pic Update...

Here is my Assault Squad (10 man)
First 5


Second 5


"SGT" Shots



Can you read the shoulder pad benediction?

31-01-2007, 20:26
suffer not the unclean to live?

they all look awesome.

31-01-2007, 20:34
DING! Schoolcormorant is the winner! Get that man a Kewpie Doll!

Another Question...Can I change the name of my thread?

31-01-2007, 21:44
probably, i think you need to PM an admin and tell them what yuo want. i don't think it happens instantly but it ought.


01-02-2007, 16:24
thanks SC I am going to try that.

01-02-2007, 21:50
This maybe a little self promotion or beggary but could I get a little more C&C please. I would like some feedback on either my painting or picture taking techniquews.

01-02-2007, 22:11
Posting pics of my Ven. Dread "Dirge"


I know some parts are out of focus but that is the price you pay for detail upclose i suppose. I was happy with how these came out regarding brightness. No PS needed to lighten things up. Also I think the Background is much better.

Thanks for the views and posts.

01-02-2007, 22:14
looks really good, you've gotten all the details in (i.e. the wires and stuff)
good work mate, the highlights are nice too, do you do the 2 highlight thing thats 50:50 codex grey/chaos black, then codex grey alone or just straight codex grey?


02-02-2007, 03:05
I try to do the 2 highlight way if there is suitable space for it other wise I do just the first layer of 50/50. Thanks for the ego boost Schoolo hope sicarius works out well for you.

02-02-2007, 09:36
Ow man, I feel humble! You are a great painter. I love the way you did the sword on the termie. I forgot to make my powerweapons stand out, and when my brother told me I wanted to disappear, but of course I didn't. And I just love your venerable dreadnought :) , all those tiny details you painted. You must be a very patient painter.
The bases are just awsome. And they make my fingers itch to try it out.
Only... I can't see your EC and Grimaldus :cries: . Any idea how I can make them appear? Because I'm just dying to see them.
About you're pic's. They are good. I don't know if you have a digital camera (probably, but you never know) but if you do, it has an option for landscapes I believe. Maybe that will make the whole image sharp. But I'm not sure it will.

02-02-2007, 15:15
@ Les: thanks alot. I thought some of your own painting was spot on i.e. the Plasma gun and the Black sword were well thought out and executed.

02-02-2007, 16:23
Very good venerable dreadnought.


02-02-2007, 16:24
Just more pics of stuff that is done

EC , jump Chappy and Grimaldus. I am reposting because the original pics were crap and the EC is starting to get some parts redone. I took away alot of the bendictions on the armor and am planning on doing his laure crown in green ( I think it looks better plus it adds more color).


C&C for any would be appreciated.


02-02-2007, 16:26


I am also trying to figure out a new base for him...maybe add something to the current one. Keep in mind I like subtlety but feel free to give suggestions.

02-02-2007, 16:31
Now the Jump Chappy. This is the most recently finished fig. I entered it in a NY city wide Comp and recieved a few votes. The winners were some very nice figs done by some awesome painters.

My GF asked if the fire was where he stepped and since he was a Chaplain if the flames were traces of the emperors power being left in his footsteps. My jaw dropped at her imagination in regards to my "Little guys" as she calls them.

Any how enjoy


02-02-2007, 17:10
:eek: (omg), they are awsome! I really like the nickname you gave Grimaldus :p, I want see his face when he hears it :D. Ow, and do you plan to paint a black cross on the JC's shoulderpad or do you leave it white? Just curious. The big shield is a nice gadget for the EC btw, I can see him fending (is that the word?) of blows with it.

We want more :)!

02-02-2007, 17:34
My GF asked if the fire was where he stepped and since he was a Chaplain if the flames were traces of the emperors power being left in his footsteps. My jaw dropped at her imagination in regards to my "Little guys" as she calls them.

*nods head in 'duuuude' fashion*

they look cool, the emperors champion is brilliant, i love that model... i may just have to paint it for it's own merits.
the jump pack chaplian is nice and the crozius handle is nicely shaded and highlighted, somehting which looks cool when done right.

keep it up mate :)


02-02-2007, 21:43
I just finished redoing my EC. I will post pics tomorrow due to lack of quality lighting at the moment.

I'll post before and after shots.

03-02-2007, 16:13
So here is my before EC


Next Post will be updated

03-02-2007, 16:16


03-02-2007, 16:17
Closeup of his Black Sword

I redid this in order to show an inner glow.

03-02-2007, 16:38
wow, that's cool! I thought the first look was fantastic, but now it's even better! I really like the partly golden helmet. He looks much fiercer now.

03-02-2007, 18:57
The redo is faar better - a clear progress!


03-02-2007, 19:05
sorry to be tardy to the party ;) oh yeah, i'm down

it does look good, perhaps a coat of Red/Yellow = orange ink would make it look flamier, apart from that it looks cool, i really like the shield, it's almost as if they forgot to put it in the blister.

how did you paint the laurel? (the green i mean) it's really nice

03-02-2007, 19:12
Ah, very true SC! I wasn't too sure about the red carvings on the sword, but the rest was well enough to make me ignore it. The laurel was maybe made with Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, Dark Green Ink+Black Ink and Goblin Green - it looks very much like the laurels on my brother's Charge Marine models I've painted.


03-02-2007, 21:33
Thanks for the support guys. As far as the "innser fire" thing goes I might hit it with a very light wash of yellow/firey orange because i did blood red then fiery orange first. I think in person it looks good right now. Or did you mean to ink the whole sword?

As far as the laurel goes it was Dark Angels then a mix of Dark angels/Goblin/ then goblin then minor nicks with a goblin/bleached bone mix. I am rather proud of that myself.

03-02-2007, 21:50
Ah, that's the laurel.

I suppose SC meant the carvings of the sword, or at least I seconded it based on firing up the lettering.


dave is the best
05-02-2007, 15:31
They are amazing. I wish i could paint like that. Your dreadnough is my faviourate model youve painted.


05-02-2007, 15:43
Thanks dave. I am also going to do some conversion arms for it. I was goiing to Plastic card up an arm with Las cannons and an arm with Missle launcher on it.

Ps if anyone vieing this has a set of 5 termi arms (2 assault cannons 3 storm bolters 4 power fists and 1 Power Sword) please PM me I'd like to get them i am also perusing the Bitzbox.

05-02-2007, 16:26
So i did the whole "orange" thing like you guys said and now I feel it is too orange. I think I'm going to do a very watered down red inking of it to get a red/orange fell. Pics when I am done.

05-02-2007, 17:12
woohoo! I broke 1k views.

dave is the best
05-02-2007, 17:14
woohoo! I broke 1k views.

LoL:D anything to boost up your comments:D

05-02-2007, 17:20
Another Bump post

pic of my BT Sword Brethren. I know I need to redo the skin tones. I did these when I had no Idea how to do Hummie flesh.


Comments would be appreciated.

i'm still waiting to see some of the big boys trolling my log.

05-02-2007, 17:30
those are ******* sweet, the red is perfect.
mate if you are interested in a guide for flesh let me know :)


05-02-2007, 17:34
Sc; thanks for the compliment on the red. I have flesh down now. I just need to get to touching these guys up is all.
Oh and a pic of Grimaldus' servitors.


dave is the best
05-02-2007, 17:35
i'm still waiting to see some of the big boys trolling my log.

What do you mean big guys:cries: Arnt me and Sc good enough for you:cries:

Just joking I know what it feels like:D

Great work.


05-02-2007, 17:42
@ Dave: When i posted that i hoped no one would take offense (not saying you actually did) but then I said they would know who I meant. And I do Think of SC as one of the big guys (anyone with a log that has over 200 posts is large). I don't know if you have any other posts dave. If you do link them up kid. I'd love to check them out.

dave is the best
05-02-2007, 18:11
I had a eldar log

I still havnt finished that army.


06-02-2007, 08:43
The BTs look sweet mate ,The bases look cool,Plus You need to gives use TUT on how you painted the cat ,It looks real ,my cat smoke who looks just like yours ,to see her you would think there were family :) (i will find some pics of her to prove it)

06-02-2007, 10:02
The sword brethren is lovely (and I've always loved the models and the idea) although the skin tones tend to suffer on them, but the servitors have too much exposed skin to make up for it easily. Could you try to make it more like the Assault Marine in your avatar?


06-02-2007, 14:59
@ DH: thanks for the Visit Deadley! I was hopoing you would stop by. You are the reason I started this log. I took me about 3 days to go from start to finish of yours.

@ Voro: The servitors I think will stay they way they are. I wanted them to have waxy palid tone to signify that these used to be people but nolonger have any humanity left to them. They are simply machines doing a job.

06-02-2007, 19:22
Pic update...
I finished doing a marshall that I needed to go back and redo. I think I may try and redo his highlights as they came out a little to bright in my opinion. Tell me what you think.


C&C please

07-02-2007, 17:09
Couple of things:

I am converting two speeder assault cannons to use a terminator assault cannons. Any suggestions as to how to go about this? I was going to use terminator arms and cut off the stormbolters and work in some GS to get a good effect.

Next I have a photo (not great) of an almost finished Company Champion. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


dave is the best
07-02-2007, 17:20
They look really cool, I love the pose on the mashall.


07-02-2007, 17:23
that powersword is awesome, how did you et the effect?!
he looks really cool mate, keep up the good work

as for Ass cannon conversions, you could get them from BWbits ($10) each, nuff said
but the other assault cannons may be a bit short. i really can't see a conversion myself but i'm sure you'll manage. otherwise get them from BWbits or somthing.

PS - has Draco arrived yet?
PPS - i got to post ass legitimately
PPPS - and again
PPPPS - that'll do

dave is the best
07-02-2007, 19:13
that powersword is awesome, how did you et the effect?!

I agree and second the request for a tut.


07-02-2007, 19:21
Thanks for the comments SC and Dave. As far as the P Sword goes it is simple. You paint it blue highlighting out ward from midnight up to ice then just line the edge and ridge in Skull white with a touch of blue in it...kinda where you would just notice a blue tinge. Then you take that same white and do quick, light, line at angle from the ridge to the edge. Try not to make them all the same intesity it gives it a better look. The Co. Champ's sword is not nearly as good as the picture makes it look. The Termie Marshall's is much better.

PS SC I have not received Draco yet. But no problemo yet.

07-02-2007, 19:42
These are some better pics of the Co. Champ.
I think.


dave is the best
08-02-2007, 07:21
That is really cool. I reakon some of your best work.

08-02-2007, 12:39
Wow! That's really good work! I love the marshal, although the highlights might be a bit light. It only really shows at the eyebrows though, at least I think so. And as all the others I went OOOOOOH! when seeing the powersword. Only wondering what he's looking at :p.

09-02-2007, 14:53
That is a good question. I don't thnk I ever looked at it that way before. I may have to reposition his head.

I have also decided to go with Termie Stormbolter hands minus the SB itself and using some GS to convert the LS ass cannons so it looks right on a Terminator. I hope it works. I will take pics as I progress. I am at my folks house in Florida for the weekend and will start work on said termi arms when I get back to NY and my bits come in from battlewagon.

09-02-2007, 16:58
i like him, i think it looks like he's guided by a divine light (or voices in his head) it all depends on how you see it i guess.
i like him anywho, but o course its up to you if you change him or not.

looking forward to more updates :)


15-02-2007, 19:29
So I tore some pics off of Photobucket and now have dead pic space on the log. I apologize for the inconveniece. If anyone would like to see some thing that was removed posted back up let me know.

02-03-2007, 18:09
So I only converted one LS ass Canon for the Termie as I was having GS troubles. I did get the sceond Term AC from a DA sprue that kid at my local GWS had. It looks very nice. I will try and snap some pic later on after I get out of work or tomorrow when the sun comes out to play. I also have the majority of the work done on a set of about 7 marines I use as command squad members I'll post pics of tem as well.

02-03-2007, 20:01
looking forward to seeing this :)


03-03-2007, 15:49
First pic update is the Marines

Hit me up with some c&c


The power fist guys are a little unfinshed on the heads and everyone esle needs some basing done with the exception of the one fist.

Let me know what you think. ACs coming next

03-03-2007, 15:53
And now the two ACs. It took a little time doing the GS canon due to my limited exposure to working with it. However I think It came out decently and it should look nice after being painted up. I like the fact that the two different ACs give the feel that this is a crusade fleet that has been out for a long time and has had to scavange for the proper equipment.



03-03-2007, 15:58
this is you're best stuff so far. the colours are good and the robes well done, the cannons great and i would go with you on the scavenge thing. if you look at any SM artwork the batlefield is like hills of wreckage.

cool stuff - keep it up.


20-03-2007, 21:34
Hey just to let you know your eariler pics dont work anymore. SO could you like Open a Photobucket account and sig the link? But great job man.

21-03-2007, 21:57
Looking good man! Keep it up.

22-03-2007, 18:14
thanks guys. I have been busy with work and my GF recently and have gotten very little work done on my models. I'll try to get some work done soon.

28-06-2007, 21:03
My first update in a long time. THis is a WIP of my Black Orc unit Champ.



28-06-2007, 23:18
where the hell have you been :p missed ya' !

that black orc is hawt, the armour looks amazing, well done there, you're even better than ever !


29-06-2007, 14:24
Thanks alot SC. I've been busy playing Hockey and working. But I have recently built my HW marines and a Razorback/Rhino, all decked out in BT regalia of course. Also painted a pretty fine looking Gandalf the Grey as well. He is porbably my best job to date. I'll try to get a pic of him soon (later today).

03-07-2007, 17:20
Little update with Pics of Fantasy

Blackorc Boss...Slight conversions to head (used the standard) and axe chain (replaced skull with Flagellant head)


and 3 Fanatics unbased


03-07-2007, 18:47
Here is Gandalf. I love this model. Sorry for the size they won't change no matter what I do in photobucket


05-07-2007, 18:47
Here is another Fantasy update: Forest Goblin Spider Riders. I have one done completely and the rest are about finished just the bases and some minor highlights to go.

Full unit of ten


Completed model (needs some grass on the base)

05-07-2007, 18:50
CLose ups of Command group


Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think or what I could do a little different.

In 40k related business I am going to convert some Legion of the Damned marines. I was thinking about hacking and patching together VC zombie limbs with Space marines. Also was going to use some GS to do FLames on shoulderpads and armor. I might even attempt the bones on the armor like the metal LotD marines have.

05-07-2007, 19:44
that ork looks awsome. All except the Mold lines on the right foot. But that is pretty good.

05-07-2007, 21:02
EC: thanks. He does have a tiny mold line on his knee still now that you mention it but the foot is just painted with a highlight there and from the pic looks like he has a mold line.

06-07-2007, 15:22
So now I'm trying to figure out what to do about my Tau. I have some here,


that were my first models I ever painted. Granted I knew nothing about paintg then. Then I have some revamped fire warriors here,


these test models are slightly unfinished but I like the way they look more than my "Team America world Police" originals. So if I scrap the original color scheme what would be the best/most popular way to strip them? I've seen many opions about this but would like to creat my own database to start from. Also what do we feel about the "laser tag" tau as a friend calls them?

09-07-2007, 19:16
Another quick Fantasy update. Black orc standard bearer almost complete.

C&C would be welcomed.


09-07-2007, 19:46
Wow srsmith, that's looking awesome! I love the freehand on the banner, and the metal is very neat. The colour scheme for the Tau is kick-ass, I'd throw in some light colours as well to set them off.
I like the rest of your Fantasy Orks as well, and that Gandalf is absolutely beautiful. Your Black Templars are also really cool and after that the pics are gone.:(
Anyway absolutely loving your work, wish I'd been following from the start!:)

09-07-2007, 19:49
thanks for stopping by and also thanks for the comments. As far as a lighter color to offset the tau what should I do? You're advice would be highly valued. As would just about anyone's for that matter.

09-07-2007, 19:56
thanks for stopping by and also thanks for the comments. As far as a lighter color to offset the tau what should I do? You're advice would be highly valued. As would just about anyone's for that matter.

I wouldn't do anything major, just some little things like the eye lenses and gun scopes, do them in a nice bright, contrasting colour like red, it helps make the models come alive.

10-07-2007, 20:30
Black Orc Bannerman all done except a dull coat.


10-07-2007, 20:38
i like this mini, having looked through your log i feel this is one of the best mini's you've shown us so far. your painting style is well suited to fantasy it seems.


10-07-2007, 20:55
@ Spikeyjames:
Thanks alot. Thanks for stopping by. I do paint a little better with my Fantasy stuff. I think it is because I'm into painting the green flesh. I have to admit that my skills with the Black power armor is on the middling side. Practice, practice, practice...right?

10-07-2007, 21:08
no probs:)

yeah keep on practicing, it's always good.


13-07-2007, 19:43
THis is my current project.


I am also in process of modeling the Orc heros from the new plastic kit. I'll post some pics of them next week. I am heading to the Shore house this weekend with some friends. Good times all around hopefully.

13-07-2007, 19:44

nice start bud. :)


13-07-2007, 19:47
Right? What you sent me that in February maybe and I finally get started on it yesterday. Shoot I only just primed him a week ago. Man I am a lazy git.

18-07-2007, 20:08
I had a malfunction on photobuckat and lost said pics :( HOwever I am going to take new ones someday soon. There is an old saying from Imerial Rome..."There can be benefits to political back stabbing. How ever the real thing tends to have a much more lasting effect."

18-07-2007, 20:10
Also here is a new project for me to work on. I just finished assembling my Orc General box (Mounted and Infantry).


18-07-2007, 20:23
They look great, I'm sure you'll do a mighty fine job painting them! The one on the Boar'll look particularly good when up against a Dragon or Giant, giving them the 'come get some' look!:cool:

27-07-2007, 16:07
Well I seem to be following the usual pitfalls of GW hobbyists, I have just received more models (2 Goblin Spear Chuckas and 4 Squig Hoppers) in the mail without having finished anything else. BTW Spear Chuckas are as pain to build. I almost had to break down and do some pinning on them to get the drawing levers to stay. Good thing I did not have to. I should though since I have a nice dremel stylus and tones of paper clips for the pinning. I am merely a lazy git with no ambitions but to play.

Ass a side note I had a game fantasy yesterday and got wipped by a 1500 point unit of Khorne knights, warriors, besatmen and hero. On a plus side 2 fanatics wipped out 6 knights on one turn, the one they died in. Alas hopefully the addition of spear chuckas and some hoppers will help me out.

No pics of anything as the camera is on loan.

There once was a marine who was templar
Who's deeds and honor were exemplar
As he polished his armor
he smiled like a charmer
and said all other marine chapters are sub par

06-08-2007, 15:21
UPdate to Drako. I have done most of the base colors. I need to get the SM Commander backpack/Cape bit so he will fit in with my sword brethren and their swirlly capes. Any one have that bit I could get from them? I'd pay a little for it.



C&C welcome.

06-08-2007, 15:44
There once was a marine who was templar
Who's deeds and honor were exemplar
As he polished his armor
he smiled like a charmer
and said all other marine chapters are sub par

:DDid you come up with that yourself? It's great!:D

The Templar is awesome, great work on the powersword, really cool effect while retaining the dark scheme.

06-08-2007, 15:54
As for the Limerick yes it was all me. And the PS paint job was taught by a former local GW store MGR in NYC Lou B. Thanks for the comments HM. Looking forward to your stuff since your back from Holiday.

06-08-2007, 16:32
so glad i sent him to you, a good home :)

like the limerick heres mine
there once was a man from trucking up the cars...[++are you mental?++]



06-08-2007, 16:43
SC, lets try and keep that kind of filth on your log. I'm trying to run a kid friendly establishment here.

The furthest I allow a limerick to go is...

The once was a man from Gnu.....

Wait that's no good...

the once was a man from Nantuckett....

Nope still no good.

The once was a plumber who lived by the see...

Yeah that one is full of innuendo and no outright filth.

07-08-2007, 15:54
Some I'm close to finished with Drako. I still need to do highlights to the black and base him. I may also paint a litany on his right shoulder and right lower leg in the front. I need to do the plate on the bolter as well to show some lettering in gold. I tried but I forgot to lay down some black to give it depth first...duh.


C&C Welcome from any and all. (I know he has a mold line or two but I did not realize it until I had base coats down..and I'm a lazy git).

08-08-2007, 20:50
O_O Dude, that's awesome. Really clean brushwork, and the skin and detail to the head is great. Dig the powersword too. I think the robes could do with a bit of shadowing within the recesses.

I'm gonna be a hypocrite and tell you to finish it already, because I can't seem to update my own log with anything yet. :D *subscribed!*

15-08-2007, 03:00
Arsonist:: Thanks for the comments and I think I will give him a very light wash in the recesses of his robes.

Also here is the almost finished model I did for the "summer of luvin' warseer mini exchange"


15-08-2007, 07:53
That's pretty sweet. Excellent job on blending the colors on the helm and the cape. ...How'd you do it? :D

Again, really clean brushwork, srsmith, and nice work on all the gems. I'm sure the owner will dig it.

15-08-2007, 10:29
Excellent work on Asurmen, the red on the helmet and cape is magnificent. What're you going to do with the banner?

15-08-2007, 14:10
@ HiveMinion:: I was thinking of just trying to do what he has on his pole on the GW store site. Or I may find a pattern I like in the back of the Eldar codex. Who knows.

@ Arsonist:: I based it in Mechrite Red from the foundation set and then blended it up using blood red to blazing orange and then to alight mix in of sunburst yellow.

Also If anyone has ideas for the back banner for Asurman let me know.

16-08-2007, 00:20
awesome painting :D

nice stuff as ever Smith, i like the cut of you're gib.


PS - if you were to do a BT project thread you could call it "when blacks attack" it's kind of racist until you realise it's actually about BT, which would give you shock value, just a thought that i doubt you'd hadyourself.;)

16-08-2007, 00:46
PS - if you were to do a BT project thread you could call it "when blacks attack" it's kind of racist until you realise it's actually about BT, which would give you shock value, just a thought that i doubt you'd hadyourself.;)

Is this a side effect of your ear/blood pressure meds? Back to your painting, SC!

16-08-2007, 08:29
Hey, this is looking pretty cool in here. That Asurmen is amazing, I love the blending colours on the helm, it's really striking and befits him.

And your black orcs are terrific, so bold and neat it works really well.

16-08-2007, 19:25
Is this a side effect of your ear/blood pressure meds? Back to your painting, SC!

Arsonist we believe this is a natural occurrence in SC. No medication is needed.

Hey, this is looking pretty cool in here. That Asurmen is amazing, I love the blending colours on the helm, it's really striking and befits him.

And your black orcs are terrific, so bold and neat it works really well.

Luke.. Thanks alot for the comments. I'll have to swing by your log and check it out if you have any. I didn't even check to see yet. I almost said "swing by your stuff" just now. D'oh I did it any way and "swing by your log" has a rictus like innuendo to it as well.

On with the replys.

awesome painting :D

nice stuff as ever Smith, i like the cut of you're gib.


PS - if you were to do a BT project thread you could call it "when blacks attack" it's kind of racist until you realise it's actually about BT, which would give you shock value, just a thought that i doubt you'd hadyourself.;)

Stop using sig worthy quotes. Or am I going to have to start bumping your older quotes for new ones? And thanks for the idea on the BT log. It would draw more views most assuredly but the Mods would most likely close it till I renamed it.
And like Arsonist said get to work you lazy (i know you are sick) git.

Cheers SR

20-08-2007, 15:36
So I finished the base for Asurman.


Keep in mind it is my first attempt at GS'ing wraithbone.
And yes that is a magnet in the base....guess how he gets mounted.

Here are base + fig pics


I just need to do a banner for his pole now.

C&C welcome as always.

20-08-2007, 17:16
Small update requesting tips and comments. This is my first attempt at doing NMM. I want to do my termie squad this way and I do like how it came out in the first go.


Any C&C would be helpful and welcomed.

20-08-2007, 17:49
Well I can't be of much help regarding the NMM 'cause it's way out of my league, but it looks damn fine too me, maybe a bit too brown, how about some yellow thrown in? Could be the pic though!

Regarding Asurmen, he looks stunning, the base is great and the old skool scheme really fits the model. I may have said that already but what the heck!:D

22-08-2007, 19:22
Well I can't be of much help regarding the NMM 'cause it's way out of my league, but it looks damn fine too me, maybe a bit too brown, how about some yellow thrown in? Could be the pic though!

Regarding Asurmen, he looks stunning, the base is great and the old skool scheme really fits the model. I may have said that already but what the heck!:D

As to part 1 of your reply
Thanks I htink it is a little too brown as well but I tried for it on Asurmen as well but that went too yeloow

Maybe a mix of the two and I'll have it right.

As to part 2
Thanks. I finshed him today (banner wise) and it looks serviceable but just so. No one would help me out with ideas so I just went for it.


06-09-2007, 16:48
My log is currently on hiatus as I have left my models behind after my move (at a friends house awaiting transportation. I left good old New Jersey and have moved to Sarasota Florida where I may now partake of my second most favorite pasttime "Fishing." Well I am also getting married in October "27th to be exact" and will have more time following said nuptuals. Wish me luck as i hear marriage is hareder than winning th Golden Deamon.

06-09-2007, 20:13
Congratulations on getting married mate, that is awesome. Don't worry, I hear marriage isn't that hard, just say 'yes' and kiss the chick...err, bride.;)

The finished Asurmen is fantastic, the banner finishes him off nicely.

Oh, and yay for fishing!

15-07-2010, 19:39
It's like a hole in here. So deep and dark. I have not posted in a Looooooonnnnnnnngggg tiiiiiimmmmmme. I have some new stuff painted up but no picture takey thingy to get the photos up with. Will post as soon as I get my hands on one.

Peace out Beaches.