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09-01-2007, 20:40
Hello sports fans and welcome to a new addition of sports center. We have news from around the league including the acquisitions of some free agents and player interviews, but first scores around the league.

First up we have the Xini Warseers taking on the surging Ulthuan Talon in a preseason match up. Fans across the WBBL paying close attention as many have picked these two to meet up in the finals for the Warseer Cup. First up we get a look at the thermometer as the heat pushes 45 Celsius. Many of the players on both teams would suffer with the heat through out the day, however hydration on the Talons side seemed to be a problem throughout the day.

First drive here, we have our highlight of the night as Alissia delivers a crushing blow to the star skink and injures him. Hard to say if the skink would have made a difference or not but the Xini Warseers did have trouble in the second half with controlling the loose ball... The Warseers after some good ground and pound leave the Talon fans disappointed at the half leading 2-1.

However the problems began to mount in the second half for the Warseers and the Talons manage to capitalize after some sloppy play on both sides. Not sure if the coaches were giving there players a break in this preseason match but surely they will have to correct there play if they want to challenge for the cup. Our interviewer caught up with Azreal after the game...

"Uh... it was a pretty disappointing day, I really think with better weather we would have been able to contain and outscore the Lizzies. I mean we came out strong and really took it to the Warseers but they came back strong and really gave us a hard game *wipes forehead with towel*. There speed and strength really gave us a tough time moving the ball. Uh.. Were going to learn from this experience and come out a lot harder and really give 110% for a full 80 minutes next time and hopefully we'll be able to use this game to get better. Thanks."

09-01-2007, 23:26
Later on in the evening the monsoon rains kicked in and seemed to dampen the Xini Warseers spirits in their follow on match with Athletico Middenhiem. The Xinis tried to push up the pitch in the first half but quickly lost most of their Skinks either to solid Middenhiem blocking or to self inflicted injury. With a block of Guard players surrounding the skink ball carrier the ball was duly stripped and the Saurus were contained. The Middenheim blocking finally failed on the break and the sides went in at half time 0-0 but with the Middenheimers having a 11-8 player advantage.

The Middenheimers tried to make things difficult for themselves in the second half through ineffectual blocking and poor positioning but eventually got the guard players into position and managed to even contain a spilled pass caused by the pouring rain. Middenheim were able to recover and then made a final push to the line to take the lead.

The Xini Warseers were able to make a late push but with few Skinks remaining their push was contained and the Middenhiemers took the match.

Given the Xini Iron Man Titch was only saved by the handicap from a roll on the injury table on at least two occasions the Xinis might be on the look out for fresh talent to bulk out their pool of Skinks.