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09-01-2007, 21:42
I see there is a thread about the next expansion of the game (Metropolis) but thought i would start this general Urban War thread here.

Being pretty dissatisfied with continued GW price hikes i am practically priced out of the game and Im looking to get my sci fi fix wargaming from somewhere else; I have tried Warmachine but wasn't really that impressed, but discovered Urban War today and I am immensely interested in this.

I just wondered what people's experiences are with it; is it easy to pick up and play, what size games are standard, and how much can you go up to? whats it like getting hold of the miniatures? How do the different factions play, and is there a feel of power creep?

I would appreciate any and all info, good or bad.

many thanks in advance


10-01-2007, 03:38
go to massive UW thread already made it just needs a bump these days

I will say I liked void better than UW and Metro
as far as Scifi skirmish I do prefer Rezolution/infinity/dark age
not to say UW is bad or anything Urban mammoth has just been dropping the ball for about a year now IMHO with slow releases and just downloadable copies of the mags available instead of printing eitehr the old ones or the promised combined book
the rules system isnt bad its just not smooth enough for my tastes these days though I will admit infinity isnt much smoother
the factions are different enough though in some cases not massively so
Viridians/triads/VA3A all have many similarities with good basic shooting troops along with good CC option though vasa/triads have less shooting but gain mechs/more cc stuff

Syntha take the least advantage of the newer rules for cal (veteran status that allows extra actions) as all their AI are stuck at the lowest level but their troops are tough with great weapons

Koralon have speed and CC ability and are quite nasty with some neat psychic powers for their leaders (mostly movement stuff)

Junkers/Legion are shorter ranged than the other human factions overall lower leadership as well so their higher cal stuff isnt as effective and Legion are in truth kinda crap in the UW ruleset (especially compared to VOID) as the basically run alot and have trouble doing anything but they are cheap

10-01-2007, 07:25
Thanks for the honest opinion on UW; the 'massive' thread is nowhere to be found; I assume it got so old it dropped off completely.

Any more?


10-01-2007, 07:39
on page 2
and the metro thread

10-01-2007, 07:45
thats really weird; If i go look on page 2 that Urban War thread isn't there :confused: thanks very much for the link though.

I had already read through the metropolis thread :)